Snooker… and snooker betting tips


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Whilst ball games, such as billiards, have been around for several hundred years… snooker is a relatively new addition to the list of modern day sports.

Initially borne out of the popular game of the day (billiards) snooker was first devised and played in the late 1800’s by British Army officers in India.

Over the next 50 years the sport gradually grew in popularity, although still remaining very much in the shadow of its more widely played predecessor.

However, the development of snooker took a major step forward in 1927 when the first World Snooker Championship was played.

That was won by Englishman Joe Davis… who went on to win the next 15 world snooker titles, through to 1946.

He remains the game’s most prolific winner with Fred Davis and John Pulman (both 8) coming next… before the first of the modern players, Stephen Hendry (7).

This tournament remains the top prize, the World Snooker Championships being played at Sheffield’s Crucible Theatre, it’s home since 1977.

Multiple champions include Ray Reardon and Steve Davis (both 6), Ronnie O’Sullivan (5), John Higgins (4), then John Spencer, Mark Selby and Mark Williams (all 3 wins) and Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins (2 wins).

To date the world title has only been won by players from the UK and Ireland plus one from Canada (Cliff Thorburn) and one from Australia (Neil Robertson).

Recent developments in snooker

Under the control of the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) the sport has been heavily promoted across Europe and the Far East.

A number of ranking tournaments remain on the calendar.. including the prestigious UK Snooker Championship along with the Welsh Open, German Masters, China Open and World Open.

There are also smaller satellite events, part of the Players Tour Championship… with these PTC tournaments still going towards the world snooker rankings for each player.

Invitational events also provide an interest with the Masters at Wembley being the most popular plus the snooker Premier League.

Other innovations, created to a large extent by the input of world snooker chief Barry Hearn, are tournaments like the snooker Shoot-Out.

The focus is very much of re-inventing snooker… making it a faster more dynamic sport for live spectators and TV audiences.

There has also been a concerted effort by snooker’s governing body to promote the game in new countries… especially the Far East where the emergence of players such as Ding Junhui and Liang Wenbo have carried on from previous stars such as James Wattana and Marco Fu.

What markets are available in snooker betting?

Whilst many punters might think that placing bets on this sport is limited… there are in fact a lot of markets available for snooker betting tips.

The most popular opportunities are, quite understandably, in outright tournament bets and individual match bets.

However, snooker handicap betting is very common (players starting with a notional headstart or deficit in frames e.g. backing player A to beat player B conceding a 1.5 frame start), correct score bets, who will lead after the first four frames… and which player will make the highest break in the match.

And, of course, will there be a 147 break in the game.

A professional snooker tipster will look to find value in any betting list… and with the bookmakers continually introducing new markets, there is the increased chance that they will make a mistake in pricing up.

That’s when profitable snooker tips can be found!

Why bet on snooker?

Snooker, very much like tennis, darts… or golf, is an excellent sport to bet on.


Because if isn’t a team sport, it doesn’t depend upon any other external performance aid (i.e. a strong running horse or a lightning fast F1 car) and its playing conditions are generally standard.

This means the form upon which snooker bets are based is very reliable.

And it’s this reliability of form which enables any snooker betting expert to determine where the value lies in any particular market.

Cross-referencing the form with the available odds in the bookmakers lists makes it much easier to locate bets.

And the fact that players have a career of 20 years (think how long the likes of Judd Trump or Mark Selby are going to be around) you can get to know their game, all their strengths and weaknesses, inside out.

You’ve also got a sport which runs for most of the year and gets a fair bit of coverage on TV.  Plenty of time to study the form!!

That’s what makes it a good sport to study and why you can make yourself a tidy profit from snooker betting on the green baize!

There’s money to be made in snooker betting. And if you’d like to join in…

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