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This site will help you cash-in on profitable betting advice, and enjoy tax-free rewards, by hooking you up with winning professional gamblers and successful full-time backers
As you’ll have already guessed, my name’s Matthew Walton and I just want to say “Hello” and offer you a warm welcome to my website.

Now as I say in the short video above (please watch it if you haven’t already) you’ve come here because you’re interested in betting, but more importantly because you want to make your betting pay.

I know I can help you.

I’ve worked in the betting business for 25 years, and during this time I’ve made a load of contacts and gathered a wealth of experience, all aimed at one ultimate goal… to become a winning professional gambler.

So whether you bet for fun, or on a semi-serious basis, if you like horseracing or football, or golf or tennis, or if you’re a big stakes punter or a part-time backer… I know I can help you.

Because what I can do is put you in touch with industry insiders, full-time gamblers and successful money-making operators who you can bet alongside. Following in their footsteps, looking over their shoulders, cashing-in on their expertise… so when they win, you win.

Click on the image opposite to watch a short video where I reveal the secrets of how you can become a winning professional gambler…

What you need to do…

Very little. Almost nothing in fact.

All you need to do right now is to enter your details into the Contact Form above.

Because you can see who I am, and you can easily get in touch with me through email ( or by using either the office phone number (01625 315654) or my personal mobile (07752 768094)…

I’m very easy to get hold of!

But I don’t know anything about you… where you bet, what you like to bet on, how often you bet, why you’d like to win money…

So to get started all I’d ask you to do is enter your details into the Contact Form
above. I’ll then email you back and we’ll take it from there.

Simon B.

“thank u for your quick response. it's always nice to see a service where people don't hide away and are willing to speak to their customers“.

Gillian N.

“Thanks very much Matthew for understanding - your customer care is marvellous, yes, I may be back on board in the future.”

But what I’m not going to do is promise you the earth, and I’m not going to tell you that you’ll be a millionaire tomorrow (and you’ll notice the only services you can join on the site right now are through low-cost, short-term trials… I’m not interested in fire-sale tactics and “get-rich-quick” schemes).

I’m simply going to start the journey of taking you from where you are right here, to backing your first few winners… and then many more winners after that.

So if you want to win. I know I can help you.

Having spent 25 years in the business I can tell you these offers just aren’t worth the time of day… and anyone who offers you an unbeatable system or a foolproof method of making money overnight isn’t telling you the full story.

YES!  You can make money from betting, and you can start doing it today, but only if you have the right information… and all my years in the industry have given me access to this kind of profitable betting advice from full-time backers and clued-up industry insiders.

What you’ll get in return…

Once you’ve filled in your details I will send you a quick note to confirm receipt… and then we can get to work!

You will then be eligible to…

  Receive FREE reports and betting articles aimed at improving your betting

  Access private Q&A’s conducted with industry insiders and winning gamblers

  Share in exclusive bookmaker offers and other affiliate marketing products

  Qualify for special membership offers and money-saving deals

All of these benefits (and many more!) you’ll receive 100% FREE OF CHARGE when you enter your details into the Contact Form and hit the “Click To Submit” button.

James R.

“I just had notification from Paypal that you had refunded my subscription. Thank you for your prompt attention. You are a gentleman.”

Jeff L.

“Thanks Matthew, much appreciated - certainly a comprehensive answer, impressive customer service :-)”

What I must stress as well…

Your details will not be passed to any Third Party (I’m registered with Data Protection and follow their guidelines to the letter), you will also not be subject to random phone calls or repeated text messages.

And if at any time during our working relationship, because that’s what it is, a partnership between me and you, there’s a comment, question or even a criticism that you want to make… please do get in touch. As you can see I’m very easy to find and to speak to in person, and if you make contact I make a point of replying to all correspondence.

When it comes to making money from betting, I know I can help you.

So fill in your details.

I really look forward to hearing from you, and let’s start making some money together!

Your next move…

If you’re itching to get started, and want to bet today… then I’d suggest two services which both have a proven history of profit-making and are operated by industry professionals who are, in my opinion, second to none in terms of their cash-generating potential.

In terms of horseracing tips you should check out  Racing Intelligence.

And another goldmine for profit, the sport of Golf, read the lowdown on this money-spinner, the Golf Insider.


Enter your details into the Contact Form (if you’ve not done it already), take a minute or two to watch the short video I’ve recorded (if you’ve not already watched it) and then sit back… I’ll be in touch.

And in the meantime…

If you need to get hold of me for anything, to ask a question or raise a point, then my office number is 01625 315654 or you can try me on my personal mobile 07752 768094.

Or send me an email to

Because when it comes to making money, I know I can help you.

Kind Regards,
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Matthew Walton