How I got to where I am today…

Here’s your opportunity to find out about me and my 30 years in the betting business.

Read about my personal background, betting experience, time spent working for the US President Joe Biden, and the way I now work round the clock for your benefit so you can cash-in on the betting opportunities I’m going to start putting your way as soon as you sign-up to my free mailing list.

And not forgetting as well…

I’ll also reveal my 7 Point “Seal of Approval” Checklist which I religiously apply before I launch any new product or service.

So here goes…

That’s me opposite.

The picture was actually taken a few years ago, on my wedding day, along with my youngest son Eli.

I’ve another boy as well, Isaac, and an older daughter, Charlie, who lives in Australia.

And just to complete the family line-up there’s my wife (Susie) and cat (Sybil).

I went to Manchester Grammar School and Brunel University… have previously worked in politics, TV and radio… I’m a member of MENSA, a lapsed Freemason and a very average drummer.

Now not all of this background information is relevant, but I firmly believe that in business it’s good to know who you’re dealing with… so you’re more than welcome to get in touch any time and ask me anything you like.

What is probably more relevant, and what has brought you to my website, is my betting background, and what I can do for you now you’ve hopefully already signed up to my Betting Wages regular email newsletter.

[By the way, if you haven’t, just click here and enter your email address on the contact form that you’ll see on the right-hand side].

And as for my working life…

In the early 1990’s, after leaving university (where I spent time working for Joe Biden, then US Senator now US President), I travelled all over the country with my radio kit covering football matches for the BBC.  After all, sport was something I’d always had an interest in… and to get paid doing something I loved was a bonus!

I worked for the “Beeb” for 6 years on a freelance basis, made a lot of contacts, and gained loads of experience in the sporting world as well as the media. Learning work and life skills I’ve never forgotten, and still use to this day.

And it was also during this time that I started at The Winning Line.

My role then, aged 20-something and still a bit wet behind the ears, was to help a professional gambler launch a new betting advisory service.

And from this launch in late 1992, and from when I joined in July 1993, it developed a fanatical following and almost legendary status, and for many years was Britain’s No.1 racing service, both by subscriber numbers and the impact it had on the betting market.

Big names in the betting world all wanted to be involved…

  • Mark Coton (founder of the Racing Post’s Pricewise and the National Association For The Protection of Punters).
  • Keith Elliott (author, gambler and renowned golf betting expert).
  • Patrick Veitch (now a multi-millionaire professional gambler and a man the bookies fear).
  • Dave Nevison (on-course pro, author and broadcaster).
  • Nick Mordin (journalist, author, and betting system guru).
  • Even Lester Piggott couldn’t resist sharing his racing knowledge… the great man was also on the payroll.

Now the explosive success of The Winning Line flushed out other experts…

Tipsters, industry insiders and professional backers.

They all came knocking on my door. They all wanted to work for me and my associates.

It wasn’t exactly a Eureka! moment but it seemed obvious at the time.

And so for the last 25 years…

The next step was to set-up new advisory services, completely separate from The Winning Line, matching professionals who made their own living from betting with ordinary punters willing to pay for top class bets.

And so, ever since the mid-1990’s, my business life (and if you asked my Mrs she’d say it intrudes on family life all the time as well) has been based around one simple aim…

To help you, and other punters like you, cash-in by simply copying the winning professionals I recruit for your benefit.

And nothing has changed to this day.

Now without blowing my own trumpet

I’m proud of my long-standing reputation within the industry, my professionalism and commitment to pulling up trees trying to help any punter who wants to (you included) win money.

It keeps me awake at night figuring out the next move for us.”

Even if we go through a dip in the results, we’re in this together marching forward side-by-side.”

You might think they’re a bit cheesy, but these are the kind of comments I’ve said over the years to members of my subscription services.

You see it’s really very simple…

My reputation is on the line every time one of my services gives a bet. If members don’t win money, I go out of business!

Well, I’m still around after almost 30 years so that must tell you something.

I see it like this…

By having a good look around my website, signing up to Betting Wages

And perhaps going on to officially join one of my subscription services…

Like the Racing Intelligence or the Golf Insider service…

You’ll be putting your faith in me.

Let me explain why.

It will feel like you’re betting with a loaded dice

When you get involved with me, I can assure you I’ll have done everything possible to load the betting dice in your favour.

What I mean is this…

The experts I have access to are extremely secretive, and nearly always want to remain behind-the-scenes.

Some of them are well-known figures within the betting industry who swear me to secrecy, and make me sign contracts and confidentiality agreements that include gagging clauses so I’m not allowed to reveal who they are.

The upshot is…

You’ll probably never be told who’s providing you with some of the free information I’ll share with you in my Betting Wages newsletter…

Or exactly where the bets are coming from if you’re part of my subscription services.

Don’t worry. Trust me. I’ll have tracked down top drawer experts. Guys who successfully bet for a living. Shrewd operators who are seriously ‘in-the-know’.

So the information I give you on a plate… even all your free stuff… will come from genuine, living and breathing experts.

Now for the last three decades, I’ve gone through the same rigorous 7 Point “Seal of Approval” Checklist before signing up a professional to my team, and potentially launching an advisory service.

By using this checklist, I know… and more importantly, so do you… that I’ve dotted as many i’s and crossed as many t’s as possible.

I don’t settle for second best, and I don’t expect you to either.

7-Point ‘Seal of Approval’ Checklist


1. Finding the experts

Remember, I’ve been doing this for the best part of 30 years.

I know many industry insiders – racing people, journalists, former colleagues etc.

I know how to open the right doors… and if I can’t do it directly, I’ll always know someone who can.

With my ear to the ground, I’m always on scouting missions. I search high and low for the very best information sources. And I make it my business to only sign the very best talent.

But that’s not all…

I know a fair bit about racing and sports myself, and in the past, I’ve often been asked to share my betting expertise.

  • I’ve appeared on TV (Sportsxchange and The Betting Channel).
  • I’ve written for respected betting publication, Betting School.
  • I’ve appeared on podcasts for the likes of Smart Betting Club. (listen on Spotify here)
  • And for four years, I also penned a weekly column for the world’s biggest betting exchange, Betfair.

So all in all…

When I go headhunting for a new betting expert to become part of my stable of professionals, I’m always taken seriously. My emails are always answered and my calls are taken.

They know I’m not messing around, and they know they’ll have to deliver the goods otherwise their P45 will be in their hands!

But it isn’t always me doing the chasing though.

Having been involved with all the big names – Mark Coton, Patrick Veitch, Dave Nevison, Nick Mordin, Keith Elliott… and yes, even the great Lester Piggott… my personal reputation is second to none.

I have form analysts, professional backers, system builders, Betfair traders and all manner of other experts, constantly knocking on my door… wanting to prove to me the effectiveness of their various systems, selection methods and strategies.

[And if you fall into this camp… if you currently run an advisory service, or you have a proven, winning system, or know of a loophole you’re exploiting right now (and can prove it to me with rock-solid evidence) then click here so you can get in touch with me.]

In fact, if you keep reading your Betting Wages newsletters, you’re bound to spot an opportunity where you’ll be invited to try out a new tipster.

So you no doubt realise how much time and effort I put in to making sure you have a profitable experience of Betting Wages, and my subscription services like the Racing Intelligence or the Golf Insider service.

2. Doing all my background checks

No matter who I’m dealing with, I never take any reputations at face value.

I check out credentials, do as many background checks as possible and go through a huge amount of research, investigation and legwork.

I email and speak to them, and if the initial signs are positive, I arrange to meet them face-to-face to see the whites of their eyes!

Why do I do all this detective work and due diligence?

Because I have to sleep at night knowing whoever is potentially going to be supplying the bets for a new advisory service is top-notch, professional and 100% reliable.

3. Going over the results with a fine tooth comb

I’m often presented with lists of past results, and it’s my job to make sure everything stacks up.

I spend time checking every bet because it’s essential there are no errors, or fudging going on, or miscalculated profit figures.

Obviously… the results MUST show a long-term profit.

But I’m also interested in the pattern of past results.

Does one big winner account for a large percentage of the overall returns? Are there long losing runs which will test a backer’s patience, and betting bank?

Many times, when you delve a bit deeper, things don’t always seem as they first appear!

4. Start to follow the bets

When I finish doing all my due diligence… and I’m happy with the credibility and quality of past results…

It’s time for the acid test.

It’s called a ‘proofing period’ and it’s where a new professional sends me their bets, in real-time, exactly as if I was a paying subscriber.

As you can appreciate…

It’s critical I put potential new sources to the sword. I want to see with my own eyes how good they really are. Can they actually make money and stand the pressure when they’re under the microscope?

Normally, real-time proofing lasts months, and even as long as a year. There’s no precise timeframe, it’s just as long as it takes for me to know we can move to stage

5. Start using my own money

Before I even ask you to consider stumping up your hard-earned money to join one of my subscription services, I must know you’re in safe hands.

So I have an R&D development fund where I keep money in a Betfair account to road-test bets. I see this as part of my homework, and many, many times over the last 25 years, I’ve lost my own money monitoring bets.

But I’d much rather lose my own dough (don’t worry… it doesn’t happen very often) than let an unproven source loose on you.

6. Recruit beta-testers.

Once I’ve seen enough of the bets unfold in real-time over many months, and I’m 100% confident everything is looking positive, I quietly invite a selected number of Betting Wages members (and existing members of my current subscription services) to also see the bets with their own eyes.

This is all part of the continued proofing period… but this time round… there are more of us watching what happens.
Beta-testers help me to validate whether a new source of bets is worth taking on. And for their help, they get free access to these bets for a limited time (anything from a fortnight up to 3 months).

7. Go live!

Most wannabe tipsters don’t make the grade.

But those who end up proving to me, and my members, they have what it takes to become one of the professionals on my team… well, they sign on the dotted line and get my “Seal of Approval“.

And it’s at that point, when contracts and agreements are exchanged, that I invest Matthew Walton Limited’s money to secure their expertise… exclusively for all our benefits.

A new advisory service is then launched, or it could be a tried-and-tested system is offered to you, and it becomes part of my official portfolio.

I would also point out…

I always try and give my content providers medium to long-term contracts (e.g. for at least a full season) so they know where they stand.

But I believe in giving you total control and complete flexibility when you get involved in any of my subscription services.

Boxing you in to a fixed contract just isn’t fair in my book so you’ll generally be offered monthly terms giving you these standout benefits…

  • No fixed contract
  • No long-term commitment
  • Easily manage your own cashflow
  • And the ability to potentially fund your subscription out of your winnings

But your ultimate fail-safe is your very own 100% RISK-FREE SUBSCRIPTION GUARANTEE.

This means if you’re not 100% SATISFIED at any point within the first month of a subscription…

I personally GUARANTEE I’ll refund your first month’s subscription in FULL and WITHOUT ANY QUESTIONS.

If you’re not happy with the way a service is run…

No problem…

You can have your subscription back.

If you’re not happy with the type of bets…

No problem…

You can have your subscription back.

If you’re not happy with the results…

No problem…

You can have your subscription back.

In fact, it all boils down to this…

Within the first month of a subscription, you can contact me by email or phone and ask for a refund, and you don’t even need to give me a reason why you’re quitting.

Your 100% RISK-FREE GUARANTEE TRIAL is rock-solid, so you can sign up to any of my services with MAXIMUM CONFIDENCE.

So as you can see with my 7 Point “Seal of Approval” Checklist

I’m prepared to invest as much time, effort and my own money on discovering, developing, road-testing and launching the best information sources I can get my hands on.

No stone is left unturned and no shortcuts are taken.

And even if a service or strategy doesn’t pan out exactly as the professional supplying the bets or I had originally expected, I always know that along every step of the way, I’ve done everything in good faith.

Just one final comment as well…


I’m here to help you generate tax-free returns from betting.

That’s the crux of why I’m still doing this 30 years down the line.

And hopefully, you’ll also have plenty of fun along the way, otherwise life has a habit of grinding you down.

Whether you’re looking to supplement your pension…

Make extra cash on top of your full-time job…

Or build up a few tidy nest eggs…

I know I can help you.

Whatever your reasons, I have your best interests at heart, and you can be 100% sure I’ll always be trying to pull up trees to help you win money.

OK. I’ve given you a lot more information about me and the way I operate for your benefit.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Get in touch with me anytime by phone or email.

My numbers are 01625 315654 (office) or 07752 768094 (personal mobile) or you can drop me an email to