How to make money betting on tennis


It’s an ever-growing sector of sports betting amongst regular punters.

And it’s an area of hugely increased activity for sports trading, on betting exchanges like Betfair.

Make no mistake… tennis has become a sport of major interest (and opportunity) for shrewd betting operators.

So if you’d like to increase your success rate, and your bank balance, then getting your hands on some profitable tennis betting tips could well be the answer.

And don’t think that tennis betting is all about the four Grand Slam tournaments.

Far from it.  Tennis is played all around the world, at all times of the year.

Yes, you’ve got the major events…

There’s the Australian Open and the French Open, along with Wimbledon and the US Open… but there’s so much more besides.

You can pocket some easy money every single week of the year with tennis betting… there’s tournaments from Buenos Aires to Bangkok, Stockholm to San Jose, Monte Carlo to Melbourne.

If you’ve got the right tennis betting information, you can make yourself a tidy profit through all 12 months of the year.

But wait a minute.  Maybe you don’t know Federer from Ferrer … or Wozniak from Wozniacki.

No problem.  Here are some free tennis betting tips to help you find a few winners on the ATP Tour (men) or the WTA Tour (women).

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Ok then… let’s hit the court!

1. Check whether a player is in good current form.

The obvious starting point but for most tennis tipsters it’s a question that needs answering.

Now your player doesn’t need to be winning tournaments left, right and centre to be classed as being in ‘good form’.

It’s more a question of whether they’re playing up to their usual standard, are they beating players they should be beating… only losing out to guys who are much better than them.

But even if they are losing… are their matches close?  As long as players are competitive (breaking serve, forcing tie-breaks, winning sets) then that’s often enough to show that they’re playing well.

And don’t forget, sometimes you can learn more about their form through a 6-7 4-6 defeat by a top player… than if they simply beat some no-hoper 6-3 6-2.

2. What’s their form like on the surface?

Tennis is played on three types of court… the most common is hard, then comes clay and then there’s grass. In fact, there used to be a fourth surface used on tour (carpet) but this has been dropped in recent years.

These surfaces differ markedly in terms of speed, bounce and player ‘mobility’.  And that means not all players will play to the same level on the same surface.

Some players are better on hard courts… some of the girls do best on clay.  And so on.

Therefore, it’s always worth a checking the type of court a match is being played on and how good your chosen player is on that surface.

A player’s strike rate (winning percentage) can fluctuate by up to 20-30% from surface to surface.

This is a very important consideration in selecting your tennis betting tips.

3. Have they got any previous tournament form?

This helps to determine whether a play can perform well in the prevailing conditions.

Most of the time, tennis tournaments are played (a) on the same surface (b) in the same location and (c) at the same time of year… so if a player does well one year, they should, in theory, be able to do well the next.

So previous form in an event would suggest they’re well-suited to the court conditions, seasonal climate, they can play well early or late in the season…

Look for players who make a habit of returning to events year on year, and do well whenever they compete.

4. Previous tournament form… Part 2.

This particular issue relates to the world rankings.

Simply put, the rankings work on a rolling 12 month calendar… so if a player does well in a tournament one year, they need do well in the same event the next year, otherwise their world ranking may suffer.

So there’s a real incentive for players to try and repeat (or even better) their result one year to the next.

This will maintain, or even increase, their total of ranking points which gives them higher seedings in future events.  And a higher seeding next time out will help them to perform better, and therefore get more ranking points… and so it continues.

5. Assess head-to-head records with opponents.

Because tennis is an individual sport you can get some very handy ‘form’ by looking at a player’s past performance record.  Either against the actual player they are due to meet next… or against another player of a similar style or standard.

This can often be the basis for profitable tennis match bets as well as successful outright tennis betting tips.

The key is being able to understand this previous form i.e. placing the necessary importance on the right things… checking the surface conditions, how well the players were playing at the time, even how old they were or how long ago these matches took place.

And you’d also be surprised how often players have a habit of beating others who are much higher in the rankings… they have some kind of ‘indian sign’ over them.

This is another crucial consideration in selecting profitable tennis bets, both in match bets as well as outright bets.

6. Never mind the form… is your player 100% fit?

It’s a punishing schedule that the players follow during the season.  They’re active right through the year… and then the off-season lasts about three weeks!

Each match can last anything up to 3, 4 or 5 hours (and they could play four or five times in a week), add to that practice sessions, fitness training, travel to and from tournaments…

Players constantly complain of illness, injury and general fatigue.

So beware of players who come into events after a punishing schedule.  Also note guys who have retired/withdrawn from their previous tournaments… have they fully recovered before playing again?

The top players tend to pick and choose when they play, but the guys further down the rankings tend to play in more events… and that can (adversely) effect their performances.

7. Sponsors exemptions, wild-cards and qualifiers.

There are various sub-plots to every tournament.

Some players are playing at the invitation of the sponsors… you’ll see these guys marked down as [SE] or Sponsor’s Exemptions.

There are also players who are allowed in at the discretion of the tournament organisers… these players are wild-cards [WC].

And there are players who make it into the main draw for an event having made it through one, or more, pre-qualifying rounds.  The qualifiers… posted as [Q].

Each of the three categories deserves special attention, because even though most of these players fail to win tournaments (or many matches) on occasion they can cause a surprise at big odds.

8. Players in action on home soil.

There’s a lot of evidence, and a lot of statistical data used by tennis betting experts, to support the theory that players perform much better when playing in their native country.

Of course, there is the counter-view that the weight of expectation can bring with it undue pressure… making a player ‘freeze’ on the big occasion.

However, the positive effect of receiving passionate and partisan support, being able to play in familiar conditions and being comfortable in the surroundings… it all goes to improve performance.

So look out for Spanish players in Spain, Americans in the US…

9. Do they have a winning mentality?

As an individual sport, it’s quite easy to see which players are the fighters and which guys seem quite prepared to wave the white flag.

Some players have what you might call ‘bottle’ and others don’t.

Sadly this isn’t something which you can easily pick up from thumbing through the formbook… it’s more readily spotted by watching players in action.  Seeing how they react in certain match situations, what’s their body language like, what do they say in press conferences…

You want to be on the guys who are going to give it 100%, whatever the circumstances, and aren’t going to throw in the towel as soon as the going gets tough.

10. Are they getting too old?  Players past their best.

Men generally start their career on the ATP Tour around the age of 19 or 20 and then play through to the early 30’s.

As for the women on the WTA Tour, it can often be earlier.  Starting out at 16 or 17 and generally ending their playing years by the time they reach their late 20’s or maybe 30.

Now with modern innovations in training and equipment, diet and fitness these limits are being extended… we now see players performing better, for longer.

However, tennis is still a highly physical sport and there is an inevitable drop-off in a player’s performance as age takes its toll… talent will only take them so far.

So look out for players who are starting to feel their age!

Ok then…

If you follow these free tennis betting tips… there’s no reason why you can’t find plenty of winners, and bag yourself a tidy profit into the bargain.

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