How YOU can work with me


I’m always on the lookout for new products…

Those which are reliable, genuine, thoroughly tried and tested and, of course, profitable. It’s this kind of product which I could introduce to my own select number of members… and trusted beta-testers.

People who want good information but, like me, demand a very high level of performance.

So if you think that you have something which might be of interest…

By all means contact me at the office on 01625 315 654.

Alternatively drop me a line with some further details to

I’m more than happy to receive offers and suggestions… and should they prove acceptable, then I’ll certainly consider some form of joint venture.

Whether it’s horseracing tips… and that can include your own form-based bets or genuine ‘inside information’ or system/method selections.

Or it might be soccer betting advice or expert golf picks.

It might even be a publication, betting manual or piece of computer software.

I have the ability to monetise your product.  But only, and I must stress this point… only if it meets my own very high standards of performance.

What I’m looking for…

In over 20 years working in this business I’ve come across all sorts of ‘get rich quick’ schemes, half-baked betting systems, flawed staking plans… and nothing like this will be entertained by me or, more importantly, by my members.

So make sure all your results are verified, preferably by a third party, that all bet selection methods are robust and consistent and that, above all, the product or service shows a sustainable and achievable level of profit.

If that’s something which you have to offer then, as I say, I’d be interested to hear from you.

By the same token…

There are products and services of my own, on this site and within my own personal betting portfolio, which can offer significant added value to your website or database.

So get in touch

I manage a number of betting tipsters, form analysts and horseracing system developers and, with their input, I can deliver a wide variety of content to suit your requirements.

Once again, if you’d like to discuss this option, by all means get in touch.

The services I operate, and the contacts I deal with, have been rigorously checked to ensure that all content is of the highest quality.  Similarly, their results are all marked down in black and white, proofed to a well-respected, third party, industry watchdog.

My business stands or falls by the quality of betting tips I provide and, therefore, you can rest assured that I have down all I can to guarantee the best possible information.

I’ve certainly done my homework!

So if you would like to discuss any possible collaboration, or sharing of information, then by all means get in touch.

Call me on 01625 315 654 or email

I look forward to hearing from you.


Get in touch with me anytime by phone or email.

My numbers are 01625 315654 (office) or 07752 768094 (personal mobile) or you can drop me an email to