Darts, and how to win money betting on darts


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These days darts is a much bigger game han the one which started out in bars and clubs around the country some 100 years ago.

Through the early part of the 20th century it was little more than a social pastime, something which barely represented a competitive sport…

But that all changed over time, largely helped by developments in television. Notably greater TV ownership and the widespread broadcasting in colour through the late 1950’s.

The first darts tournament to be televised was in the early 1960’s… with the real breakthrough coming 10 years later.

The News Of The World Championship was first shown by ITV in 1970 and some eight years later the first darts World Championship was staged in Nottingham (won by Leighton Rees) before the event moved to Jollees Club in Stoke.

Through this period some of the most famous names in darts won the British Darts Organisation sanctioned World Darts Championship… John Lowe, Eric Bristow and Jocky Wilson.

The event then moved to the Lakeside in Frimley Green where the BDO tournament has been held ever since.

The likes of ‘the Crafty Cockney’ (Bristow) won the title again, as did Lowe and Wilson.

But new names started to come through, such as Dennis Priestley and Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor also winning their first world titles at the Surrey venue.

The BDO / PDC split of 1994

Despite an initial surge in popularity during the 1970’s and early 1980’s the sport began to lose appeal towards the end of the decade. Sponsorship, prize-money and TV coverage were all effected.

A number of the sport’s leading players felt that darts governing body, the BDO formed back in 1973, was responsible.

Eventually a group of 16 players including former world champions such as Bristow, Lowe, Wilson, Taylor and Priestley (plus Bob Anderson and Keith Deller) along with players like Rod Harrington and Cliff Lazarenko created the World Darts Council (WDC).

This move, just prior to the 1993 Embassy World Championship, was the last time darts would be played under one governing body.

Soon after the breakaway group signed a TV deal with Sky Sports and from 1994 began to stage their own world championships at the Circus Tavern in Purfleet (moving to London’s Alexandra Palace in 2008).

And then, after a long legal battle, the WDC became the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) in 1997… and the two bodies have remained separate ever since.

We now have Rob Cross (PDC) and Glen Durrant (BDO) as the dual reigning world champions.

Moving forward under the guidance of chairman Barry Hearn (also of snooker’s WPBSA) the game of darts is once again enjoying tremendous coverage.

Not just on Sky with the PDC… but also on the BDO circuit.

Tournaments are even staged where both sets of players take part, something which would have been unthinkable some 10 years previous.

What markets are available in darts betting?

As with most sports, bookmakers have become skilled at creating new markets for darts betting.

And whilst many punters might think darts is limited to the world championships, both codes playing their annual competitions at the end of December/early January, there are opportunities to make money from darts betting tips all year round.

Standard markets such as tournament winner, individual match winner, correct score betting and handicap bets (player A to beat player B minus a number of sets or legs) are the most common.

However, more specialised areas cover highest check-out, most number of 180’s in the match and highest three-dart average.

Plenty of opportunity for a darts expert to find good value and generate some substantial sports betting profits… on what many consider to be just a game!

Why bet on darts?

It’s an individual sport and so, like snooker and tennis, can lend itself to highly successful betting.

This is because with no external aids, the results are down to the performance of the player themselves.  There’s no horse to fall at the last fence, no racing car to get a puncture.

There’s also no team-mates to blame for a loss, or credit with a victory.

Each player has their own distinct profile and can be judged on their own individual merits. You can see exactly how good or bad they are.

What’s more, the conditions are standard… standing in front of the oche… there’s just one dartboard and three darts.

Form is constant and reliable.

And with a ready supply of stats and historical data, added to the longevity of a player’s career (10 years or more), you can get yourself an in-depth working knowledge of their game… and so the odds relating to their matches.

And this way you can ‘bullseye’ yourself some darts betting profits!

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