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Your personal invitation to transform your financial future

I’m sure you’d love an extra wage packet coming in nearly every month, sometimes to the tune of thousands of pounds.

And if you’re nodding in agreement, knowing this could transform your financial future, let me tell you what’s going down with my Betting Wages email newsletter, and how it can benefit you.

So what’s Betting Wages all about?

I want to start off by telling you what you won’t be getting from your FREE MEMBERSHIP.
Betting Wages is NOT about going back to school to teach you how to become a better punter, or to win money from betting by figuring stuff out for yourself.
There’s actually a far easier way, and that’s why I describe Betting Wages as your easy shortcut to work-free paydays.


Because it’s aimed right at ordinary punters with busy lives, who are struggling to make ends meet.
Full-time jobs, families, kids, and so many plates spinning there isn’t a minute to spare.
You know what it’s like because you’re probably in the same boat.
And if you are, you’ll know the feeling.
You simply don’t have the time to devote the hours and hours of intensive research, statistical analysis, computer-driven data crunching, form reading, video watching…
And all the other massively time-consuming factors that go into achieving professional, winning edges to winning tax-free money from betting.

It’s just impossible.

If you’re like me, you’d much prefer to spend time with the kids when you get home from work rather than studying formbooks until you’re knackered. That’s no life for anyone. Your time is too precious.

I completely understand. And that’s why Betting Wages is tailor-made for you.

So what I’m trying to say is this…

By scrolling to the top of this page and entering your email underneath the big, red arrow…
You can become a Betting Wages member then sit back, relax and be the laziest punter ever to walk the earth. I’m never going to ask you to learn anything.

And you know what?

I actually want you to be bone idle because all the donkey work, all the expertise, and all the regular, tax-free opportunities for you to clean-up over the next few months…

Yes, the whole kit and caboodle will be my responsibility and not yours.

All you have to do is keep reading my emails, and take advantage of your FREE MEMBERSHIP.
Now the Betting Wages emails I’ll send you will cover lots of different areas, but here’s a flavour of the kind of information you can expect…

Private Invitations

When it comes to my portfolio of professional advisory services, I strictly control who gets invited in to win extra money, and who doesn’t!

So many of the emails I’ll send you will be invitation-only introductions and updates to join waiting lists, start your very own 100% RISK-FREE GUARANTEE TRIALS and discover more about the way you can get connected, and copy, the professional gamblers on my payroll.

And obviously…

If one of my services is going great guns, and there are places still available for you to jump on board, then I’ll be in touch to give you the lowdown so you potentially have the chance to profit as well.
The point about you being part of Betting Wages is…

A lot of what you’ll read about will be very hush-hush and won’t be featured anywhere on my website (


I may occasionally ask for your help road-testing new sources of bets I’ve tracked down.

These bets won’t be from any old have-a-go-tipster, or a powerful, winning strategy dreamt up on the back of a fag packet.

I’ll have done all the background checks and monitored the bets in advance for months (sometimes even as long as a year).

So by the time I ask for your help, I’ll be at the point of launching a brand new racing or sports advisory service to add to the portfolio I already offer.

But my final task normally is to invite a select number of Betting Wages members (like you) to watch the bets unfold alongside me in real-time for at least a couple of weeks, and normally a month.

This means by taking part in one of my road-tests, you could easily win a few quid for doing absolutely nothing, plus you’ll be at the front of the queue if you decide you want in when a service officially goes live.

By the way…

You can read about my 7 Point “Seal of Approval” Checklist which I religiously go through before I launch any new product or service. Just click here.

Insider Stats – Sports

For sporting events like the Champions League, rugby World Cup and NFL Super Bowl…

I’ll look to share special, FREE insights from my network of sports contacts.

They’ll trawl through the record books… study the betting markets… and unearth little-known performance patterns and trading angles to generate future profits for you.

So even if you don’t follow certain sports week-in, week-out… these specially researched reports covering everything from tennis, snooker, NFL, football, cricket & Formula 1, will steer you right during the big, televised tournaments.

Tips, hints and tricks

I never give up trying to help you win money from betting. That’s the whole point of me inviting you to sign up for your FREE MEMBERSHIP to Betting Wages.
So anything I come across where I can give you an easy shortcut to putting a few pounds in your wallet.
Well, I’ll personally check it out, and if everything stacks up, you’ll be the first to know.

This could literally be any little angles or loopholes. Examples might include…

  • FREE ARTICLES about avoiding bookies betting restrictions.
  • Clever little staking techniques.
  • Even how to cheekily trade a football market on Betfair so you’re guaranteed to win.
  • If I come across an amazing free bet bookie offer… I’ll tell you.
  • If one of my stable of pro’s discovers something eye-poppingly interesting and cash-generating (and they do… all the time!)… I’ll tell you.into your local racecourse on the cheap, and I know before you do… I’ll tell you.

As you can imagine…

There’s always a lot going on at my end so there will always be some nugget of info I can share with through my Betting Wages newsletter.
Right. If you want in, scroll to the top of this page and enter your email underneath the big, red arrow.
As soon as you’ve done this, I’ll automatically send you a second email with the subject line ‘Betting Wages: You MUST do this now.’
It’s really important you read this second email and follow the simple instructions so you’re definitely opted-in to start your FREE MEMBERSHIP to Betting Wages…
And to make sure you don’t miss the next hot-off-the-press newsletter.

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Matthew Walton

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