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Somewhat unfairly, rugby league is seen as the poor relation of rugby union.  After all, both are equally good to watch… and to bet on.

League is the 13-a-side version of rugby (union being 15-a-side) and was first played in the late 1800’s… a breakaway from union, on account of money, for the most part, as the RFU wanted to keep the amateur aspect to the game.

As a result, the Northern Rugby Football Union (NRFU) was formed in 1895.

Ever since there has been a gradual divergence of the two codes of rugby football…  examples being the scrapping of line-outs and rucks in league, the reduction of teams to 13 players and, of course, the principle of professionalism.

Changes which altered the game off the pitch but also on it… league being seen as a much faster paced sport.

Rugby league also started to be played in other countries (Australia formed their own rugby league competition in 1907, New Zealand in 1908) and the sport has continued, side-by-side with union, ever since.

The title of the sport’s governing body changed in 1922 to the Rugby Football League and so the name, and the game, as we know it today came into being.

Today, under the Rugby League International Federation (RLIF), the sport is played in a number of countries worldwide.

Over 25 are given a world ranking by the RLIF but the leading rugby league playing nations are England, Australia and New Zealand… along with France, Papua New Guinea, Tonga and Fiji.

Often, at international level, the home nations play under the combined name of Great Britain but there are internationals played between the individual countries of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Not as widespread as rugby union, but the rugby league World Cup can date its origin back to France 1954… much earlier than its union counterparts (the rugby union World Cup didn’t start until 1987).

And although it might be lesser in terms of spectator numbers and TV coverage, the game has a large and loyal fanbase in the UK as well as a passionate following in Australia and New Zealand.

Australia’s State Of Origin Series being not just one of the biggest sporting events in rugby league… but one of the biggest in the whole country.

Rugby league at club level

Within the UK the game has long been viewed as a ‘Northern game’ with few teams, and smaller fan numbers, in the South – where union tends to take preference.

The games always attracted interest through the rugby league Challenge Cup, the sport’s annual knock-out competition, with the showpiece final being held at Wembley Stadium.

Wigan Warriors (19) are the record holders for most number of Challenge Cup wins, followed by Leeds Rhinos (13) and St. Helens (12).

The modern day game has also enjoyed a significant boost with the advent of satellite TV (Sky Sports) and the creation of the rugby league Super League in 1996.

The top league in the Northern Hemisphere – matched by the National Rugby League (NRL) in Australasia – is the pinnacle of professional rugby league.

Teams compete in a regular season, league format before a knock-out phase produces two teams to compete in the rugby league Grand Final.

Each year the top team from Super League and the NRL meet in the World Club Challenge to determine the ‘best club side of the year’… but played in the UK, the match has tended to favour the home clubs.

What markets are available in rugby league betting?

All the standard markets you’d expect to find… outright match winner, Half-Time/Full-Time, first tryscorer, total points scored in the match and the winning points margin.

Add to that betting tips for the first scoring play, highest scoring half, drop goals even video referee decisions… plenty to go at.

And rugby league bets, like those for union or the NFL, also heavily lean towards handicap betting.

And when it comes to rugby league handicap bets the bookmakers will try and make the match competitive by giving one team a notional headstart, or deficit, in order to create close result.

For example, if the Bradford Bulls (+6) play the Warrington Wolves… it means the Bulls are getting a 6 point handicap start.

So if they lose the match 13-20… that would effectively be 19-20 on the notional handicap result.  And if the Bulls had an 8 point handicap start, they would win it 21-20!

The restricted number of teams that play rugby league is a great help in that backers can quickly get a handle on the form.

There aren’t hundreds of matches to study each week… by contrast to football, for example, the matches in rugby league are few and far between.

Familiarity can be the punter’s friend here, added to good TV coverage and a good variety of markets.

Rugby league is most definitely an untapped source for profits.

I’m convinced there’s money to be made from rugby league betting tips.  Good money at that.  Just drop me a line and I’ll get back to you ASAP with further details.

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