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American Football arrived late on the scene in terms of professional sports.

However, despite the American Professional Football Association only being formed in 1920, the game has certainly wasted little time in building its reputation.

The NFL is now one of the biggest sporting enterprises, not just in the USA but all over the world.

Back in the 1920’s just 11 teams formed the original league (from cities such as Buffalo, Detroit and Chicago) but as the government of the sport changed, becoming known as the National Football League in 1922, the number of participating teams grew rapidly.

Teams sprang up in other major American cities over the coming decades and eventually through a merger with the rival American Football League (AFL), ratified on June 8th 1966, the modern structure of the sport came into existence.

Now, through various re-brandings, relocations and expansion franchises the sport is split into two sections, the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC).

Both the AFC and NFC are further divided into four sub-divisions (North, South, East and West) each containing four teams… making for a total of 16 teams in each conference and 32 NFL franchises overall.

But given the size of the US, some of the divisions include teams which are separated by hundreds (if not thousands of miles). For example, the Seattle Seahawks and St. Louis Rams both play in the NFC West, the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins are both found in the AFC East.

How about the Super Bowl…

Through the regular season (traditionally played on Sundays, starting in early September) where each team plays 16 games and the post season play-offs… these teams are reduced down to just two, the respective conference champions.

And it’s these two teams who then contest the Super Bowl.

This match, for the Vince Lombardi Trophy, was first staged in 1967 when the Green Bay Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs.

Currently the Pittsburgh Steelers (6) have the most Super Bowl wins, followed by the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers (both 5) with the Packers and New York Giants (both 4) next in the NFL Hall Of Fame.

No team has lost five Super Bowls but the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos along with the Buffalo Bills and Minnesota Vikings have all lost on four separate occasions.

The next championship match will be Super Bowl XLVII.

Each match also comes with the prestigious Super Bowl MVP Award (Most Valuable Player)… 49ers quarterback, Joe Montana, being the only player to win the trophy three times.

The season has been traditionally rounded off with the Pro Bowl which is played between two representative teams of the AFC v the NFC. However, recent reports suggest the annual all-star game, normally held in Hawaii, is under some threat.

What markets are available in NFL betting?

One thing’s for sure, you’ll never be short of bets when it comes to American Football as NFL betting has a whole host of markets on offer.

That’s probably because the sport is so stats-based and the game produces all manner of different plays and scoring methods… that in turn create all sorts of betting opportunities to the astute pro football backer.

And this, to a large extent, covers off the fact that there are only 32 teams in total who play the professional game, competing for just one annual trophy.

American football tips cover the Super Bowl winners, conference champions and divisional section-toppers.

Match bets cover the outright winners, Half-Time/Full-Time, points margin of victory and there is money to be made in trading on NFL handicap lines (very much like rugby union and rugby league handicap betting)

More than that… first touchdown (TD) scorer, first scoring play, total passing or receiving yards on offence, total tackles or assists on defence… the list is endless.

The best part of 200 different markets can be found on a NFL game… that’s a lot to get stuck into!

Why bet on American Football?

One very good reason, as above, is the mind-boggling choice of markets when it comes to NFL betting tips.

You can find a speciality market to suit your own particular expertise, just as you can trade certain bets that will guarantee you a high strike rate, a certain number of bets per week or any number of big priced NFL winners.

Handicap betting is also a very useful option… being able to make money even if the team you back ends up losing the game.  How about that?

And another factor which always makes US Sports such great betting mediums is that after the regular season, the play-offs begin.

These are played on a knock-out basis, as the top six sides from each conference battle it out to find one eventual Super Bowl champion.

This format so often produces shock results… the best teams don’t always win, form goes out of the window, it’s all about who plays best on the day.  That can produce some major US Football bets… and winners!

Make no mistake, NFL betting can make every Sunday a payday.

Want to get involved with NFL betting but don’t know where to start?  No worries, I’ll show you.


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