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Many thanks for getting touch, and let me offer you my hand to wish you “a warm welcome aboard“.

You’ve now taken the first step in becoming a winning professional gambler, by tapping yourself into the range of industry professionals and full-time backers that I have at my fingertips.

Contacts that I’ve built up over my 20+ years in the industry, and people who I’ve put through their paces, studying their background, methods and results, in order to create a range of profitable betting services.

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But if you’re itching to get started, and want to bet today…

Then I’d suggest two services which both have a proven history of profit-making and are operated by industry professionals who are, in my opinion, second to none in terms of their cash-generating potential.

In terms of horseracing tips you should check out the Progressive Profit Plan.

And another goldmine for profit, the sport of Golf, read the lowdown on this money-spinner, the Golf Cartel.

Both of these are well worth a look.

But let me just say this before you decide your next move…

“If you want to make your betting pay, and make money alongside some of the professionals that I deal with… you must be prepared to put your money where your mouth is. Just like I’ve had to do in order to recruit them in the first place. And if betting services to you are just a cheap, disposable and temporary interest, you might as well walk out the door now. Anyone can offer you free betting tips, but very few can offer you the long-term profit-making services that I can put before you”.

The two services above, and the others I offer, are all operated along these lines. But you can at least sample the bets on short-term monthly subscription at highly competitive rate. Which I think is perfectly fair.

So if you’re still with me – and you should be! – just do one thing before you get on with your day…

Put these two email addresses in your Contacts List as you’ll need them clear in order to start receiving information from me.

They are… matthew@matthewwalton.co.uk and matthew@matthewwalton-mail.co.uk.

Make sure these are both white-listed and given the all-clear by your email host.

Ok, I’ve said enough for now. Thanks again for getting in touch and I’ll write to you again soon.

And if you need anything in the meantime, just call me on 01625 315654 or on my personal mobile 07752 768094 or click on this link matthew@matthewwalton.co.uk to send me an email.