How am I rated by my customers?


It’s vitally important that any business, in any sector, makes a point of regularly assessing its own performance.

Not just in terms of the product or service that it provides, but the way in which this is delivered to the end user or customer (i.e. you).

And after working in this industry for over 25 years…

An industry that, I think it’s fair to say, hasn’t always had the best of reputations when it comes to honesty, professionalism and customer service (not to mention the quality of the information)…  I want to ensure that what goods and services I provide, and the way in which I deal with members, and potential members, is as good as you’d find anywhere else. If not better!

So what I did was to create a survey, one that was centred on the key areas of my business, and reflected the way Matthew Walton Ltd performed in relation to those duties.

Because if you’re looking to join a high-stakes golf betting syndicate (like the Golf Insider) or to link up with a professional winning horseracing tipster (like Racing Intelligence), then you need to know who you’re dealing with.

More importantly, you need to be confident that what you’re being told is true, and what you’ll then get in terms of your membership is honest, professional and trustworthy.

Oh, and it’ll make you money as well!!

I wanted to focus my survey on 3 key areas…

    (1) Betting Advice – put simply, how good/profitable are the bets you will receive when you join?

    (2) Professionalism – do you get the sense that Matthew Walton Limited is honest, reliable and trustworthy?

    (3) Customer Service (aka Customer Effect Score)  – are you dealt with politely, efficiently, and quickly?

And what I found in the sample group used for this survey was, by and large, a resounding “thumbs up” for the quality of the bets, standard of service and all-round “customer experience” (one of those new-fangled terms that we seem to have adopted these days).

Each category is from a maximum of 5 Stars, scores are then averaged out for each area of business…

Survey resultsAnd along with these findings…

Here are just a handful of the unsolicited comments that I received

You were true to your word Matthew: Thank you for your swift refund procedure. It says a lot about you and it is all good…  You make a very refreshing change to many of the fly be nights out there :-)

Just wanted to thank you for the decrease in our membership fees. I think it’s fair to say nobody expected that! It is very welcome and shows a very positive side to the service. It’s great to see someone who wants to share with their members the success, not just the subscription fees. The Golf Insider is in top form and I look forward to another profitable year.

What a day with 3 winners. A fantastic way to start my membership. I have to say I’m really impressed with the quality & professionalism of the service.

That’s great, thank you. Its Nice to deal from a guy straight from the hip.”

“Thanks for the email you are a gent and a scholar refunding with no problems at all once i am settled in new employment i will certainly be in touch as it is rare a service such as yours actually sticks to its promises and does what it says on the tin.”

You are fantastic. Solve everything. I paid with your link. Thanks a lot!!!

As I said at the top of the page, there is a requirement for all of us who provide services to monitor our performance and get a regular check on how we are doing.

And if there is no independent assessor who can do this externally, then it falls to us ourselves to make sure that we keep in constant contact with our clients and customers… and make sure that the service they receive, and the products they subscribe to, are the best they can possibly be.

And the betting industry is no different.

In fact, given the various horror stories that we’ve all heard over the years it’s arguably even more important for a sector such as this to be as open and honest as possible, and to repeatedly strive to deliver as good and as professional a service as possible.

Let me have your comments about your experience(s) with me. All feedback – good, bad or ugly! – is always welcome.

And if you have any other experiences of the tipping industry that you would like to share, by all means drop me a line or contact the office.

Get in touch with me anytime by phone or email.

My numbers are 01625 315654 (office) or 07752 768094 (personal mobile) or you can drop me an email to