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Working closely with a number of betting professionals, industry insiders and full-time backers I have developed a range of profitable betting products and services.

These cover the key betting sports – horseracing tips, football betting advice and expert golf picks – with others, like US Sports, in the pipeline.

And I’ve also got a FREE newsletter that you can sign up to as well (Betting Wages) if you just want to keep up to date with my plans.

Here’s the full list…

Racing Intelligence (Racing)

A network of well-placed industry sources provide shrewd, money-making bets direct from “marked” clients. This information is extremely lucrative and gives you an “in” with serious winning gamblers.  >> click here to trial this service now

Golf Insider (Golf)

Team of traders and odds compilers share betting advice from model-driven golf algorithms covering both European Tour & PGA Tour events each week   >> click here to trial this service now

Top Dogs (Greyhounds)

This winning opportunity is brought to you by Steve Clark, my long-time friend and closest associate in the betting industry.This market offers up to a 50% strike rate, steady winners and regular monthly profits. A “must have” for any betting portfolio. >> click here to trial this service now

Scottish Football Income Booster (Football)

Targeted soccer betting tips on inefficient markets in Scottish leagues which exploit margins and create seasonal profits. Contact me now to reserve a place for the 2020/21 season.

US Sports (NFL, Basketball, Baseball)

Focused on handicap and money line betting on major US sports. A high strike rate, steady yield service currently in the development stage and set to launch towards the end of 2017.

Betting Wages (FREE Newsletter)

Keep up to date with services, new products, membership offers and betting features. Fill in your details in the Contact Form to sign-up.

And as you will understand…

I’m constantly looking at new products, developing add-on services, and working with recently recruited content providers.

So to keep up-to-speed with what’s on offer, make sure you send me your details.

Get in touch with me anytime by phone or email.

My numbers are 01625 315654 (office) or 07752 768094 (personal mobile) or you can drop me an email to