Breaking rules and making mistakes is part of life.

We all do it.

But what separates the people who succeed and win the star prize from those who end up empty-handed and losing out... is they recognise the mistakes they’ve made, and don’t make them again.

As the famous Irish playwright, and someone who wasn't averse to the odd wager, George Bernhard Shaw put it...

And it’s no different when it comes to making money from betting.

Because how many punters make mistakes?

And then keep repeating them time and time again.

Well, look at these figures...

Just the other day I read that Ladbrokes were on course to record an eye-popping £50,000,000 profit last year...

Paddy Power recently posted an annual surplus of £105,000,000...

And Bet 365 have just weighed in with an eye-watering £448,000,000 gain in the last 12 months

Numbers which would suggest quite a few punters are making more than the occasional betting boo-boo!

But all these accident-prone punters need to do… to turn themselves from constant losers into consistently winning professional gamblers

Is recognise the mistakes they’re making and change their habits. Simple.

And very often this change from loser to winner can be as easy as one "quick fix".

So what are these mistakes?

Well, in 25 years of working in the betting industry I’ve seen first-hand pretty much every money-costing clanger there is to drop.

And these mistakes simply drain cash out of your betting account.

But do you know what the most frustrating part of it is? These betting blunders are 100% avoidable.

With little or no effort punters like you can stop themselves from hitting the "SELF DESTRUCT" button and start winning money…

Potentially up to the tune of £59,131.

And this life-changing solution comes from the "3 GOLDEN RULES OF BETTING" and why you shouldn’t make the mistake of breaking them.


A successful gambler waits for bets, and he’s also prepared to wait for profits.

Because no good ever comes from rushing in, and over-betting, when everything isn’t just as it should be.

It’s like having two bets on a day when there’s only one good opportunity on offer, or getting stuck in because you’ve gone 4 or 5 days without a bet and your money is burning a hole in your pocket.

And all those times you make a case out for a "sort of bet" when there’s a nagging doubt in your mind over the price or the trip or some unknown horse in the field.

So while the patient backer waits and wins, and the impulsive punter jumps in... and loses!

This rule goes hand-in-hand with the first one, and it’s discipline.

Don’t have an extra few quid on a so-called "good thing" just because you’ve won on the previous race and you’re feeling flush. Pocket the money and walk away.

Or if you’re a keen follower of 3YO’s, why start looking at a 2YO race just because you’ve read an article or seen an interview that highlights a horse you previously knew nothing about. Stick to what you know, don’t get drawn in.

And when it comes to the last race on the card - "the Get-Out Stakes" - and you're down on the day. Don't chase your loses. Wipe your mouth, keep your money in your pocket and wait for tomorrow.

Discipline means sticking to your guns and remaining focused on the long-term objective of making money and not getting bored, over-confident or distracted along the way.

Back the right bets.

Patience and discipline will only take you so far, but if you’re backing the wrong horses in the first place you’re never going to get anywhere. And the best strategy or staking plan in the world is never going to make you a winning professional gambler.

So what you have to do is get on those money-making bets which allow your patient and disciplined approach to reward you with the biggest returns.

But locating these carefully selected, well-researched and strikingly good value bets can be easier said than done.

On the one hand...

It can mean hours and hours of painstaking research, form study and watching races over and over again, hoping to find a winner. But just ask yourself, seriously, have you got time to do this?

Which means on the other hand...

It means latching onto somebody who is already winning money, and copying their bets.

And this might well be easier than you think…

£59,131 PROFIT and a 27.96% ROI

Now these figures don’t happen by chance.

They come from a tried-and-tested method based on meticulous research, a "forensic level" of information gathering and astute investment by a full-time operator who sticks like a limpet to a rock-solid betting strategy.

It’s a profit-making plan that pays him a year-on-year, luxury lifestyle affording "betting salary".

An income which saw him turn his back on a lucrative business of his own 10 years ago and become a winning professional gambler.

And it’s this field-tested process of betting on horses which through the harvest time of profits this year’s racing, has provided him with a tax-free cash lump sum of £59,131 via this Progressive Profit Plan.

So what is the Progressive Profit Plan?

In a nutshell...

The profit plan is based on a core strategy of backing unexposed, progressive horses on the upgrade.

Something which any shrewd judge will tell you is the best way to make money backing horses.

Developed and refined over many years it’s a proven method of backing horses that targets improving runners which are ahead of their rivals… and which are also ahead of the assessor… and ahead the bookies for that matter!

Now for this to work to best effect, the focus of the profit plan is on a tight-knit circle of "A" list trainers. Why? Because these trainers have the best facilities, the best horses and produce the best results.

And targeting a select number of top racing yards means the plan produces a very consistent set of results year-on-year.

So what does this mean in terms of the bets you will receive…

So the focus is 100% on value with bets all 12 months of the year.

Backing well-bred, highly-rated horses which always run "on their merits" and return regular long-term profits.

Ok, Matthew, sounds interesting but
can I see some proof of the figures?

I’ve been personally monitoring these bets since March 1st 2016, and this is why I know the figure of £59,131 is bang on the money. Because I’ve seen it generated bet-by-bet right before my own eyes.

This represents all the bets on the profit plan.

And the graph below shows the steady and cosnistent accumulation of profits over this time… delivering a substantial profit and a huge overall ROI (Return on Investment) of 27.96%.

And let me address one point that I'm sure has just entered your mind... namely, how can I expect you to bet to £500 stakes!!

The simple answer is... I don't.

I fully understand that the average stake of the service is well beyond the reach of most punters...

But what I also know, and you'll realise as well, is 113.52 points profits to level stakes means that even backing to a fraction of this amount...

Putting on just £50 or £100 and you'll still be pocketing the thick-end of ten grand over a 12 month period.

So there's no doubting the value of these bets, even to small stakes.

[And if you want to look at the figures in more detail by all means drop me a line and I’ll send you a full breakdown of the results]

And if you drill down further...

The numbers for this time last year show and even higher rate of profit making (just as you'd expect at the busiest and most profitable time of year).

Taking the 6 months from April 1st to October 30th and you can see a mightily impressive record of success.

This works out as a level stakes profit of 55.26 points for Summer 2016.

Then spin the clock forward 12 months...

And take a look at the results generated so far this season, starting from the same date in the calendar (April 1st)...

As you can see, another year of rock-solid, reliable profit-making for "Newmarket" with another five-figure profit already banked.

So who's the genius behind the plan who comes up with all these winning horses..?

A man I refer to as "Newmarket". Simply because that’s the nickname I’ve given him on my phone.

He’s a full-time professional backer, based right in the heart of racing’s HQ in Suffolk, which explains the name "Newmarket".

A semi-professional punter for over 20 years, he made the switch to backing horses for a living once he realised he could make more money from betting than he could working a regular 9 to 5 day-job. And since making this career change 10 years ago he’s made a profit each and every year, including this one.

In his mid-late 40’s (maybe I’m being a tad generous here!) he’s experienced, level-headed and has a rock-solid way of betting that comes from many years spent developing his skills and refining his methods. As he told me...

Due to his prominent position in the area where he lives and works I’m not at liberty to share any more personal details, in fact I’ve signed a confidentiality agreement to this effect.

But having met him and dealt with him now for a number of months, everything stacks up… his character, working background and betting success put him among the top professionals I've ever come across in over 20 years in the business.

How did I meet him..?

I’ve been in this business since 1993, and during this time I’ve built up a wide network of contacts…

Back then it was made up with a host of familiar industry names like Mark Coton, Dave Nevison, Patrick Veitch, Lester Piggott and Nick Mordin. These days it’s a more sensitive network of contacts including odds compilers, proprietary traders, betting analysts, system designers and full-time backers.

I’m always on the lookout for new content.

Checking forums, placing adverts, joining professional web communities, monitoring proofing services, talking to people (both inside and outside of the industry). The work never stops.

At any one time I will have half a dozen people actively proofing bets to me, several more on a waiting list, and then numerous others that I’m in contact with via email or telephone.

But when you kiss enough frogs, and kick over enough stones, you eventually find what you’re looking for… and I did when it comes to "Newmarket".

We first started emailing in February 2016, and bets started to arrive in March (beginning with Maverick Wave at Kempton on March 9th).

Our first full-time working agreement was signed not long after a face-to-face meeting at "The Pheasant" in Keyston on June 12th and since I've been personally backing all his bets, and paying him a full-time retainer for exclusive access to his information.

More than a year on, my working relationship with "Newmarket" is stronger than ever and I have total and utter confidence in his ability to make a long-term profit.

And how are the bets selected on
the "Progressive Profit Plan"..?

The bets are carefully chosen through a variety of different factors, but the four fundamental elements to the plan’s output are…

  Studying performances on the gallops – there's no better place to see horses
    and assess their ability than on the Newmarket "limekilns" whilst they’re out

  Eagle-eyed race-watching – everything is studied to the nth degree, with races
    watched over and over again to determine the underlying trends behind the

  Meticulous formbook study – my old boss always used to say "all the answers
in the formbook" and constant reference is made to the Bible when
    selecting bets.

  Information from the right sources – as you can imagine, there’s good
    information and bad information. The key is knowing who to listen to and
    who to ignore!

And through this tried-and-tested method a hand-picked number of bets are selected, around 25 each month.

There are no short-prices, and certainly no bets at odds-on. Each and every advice you receive has a clear value-edge factored into its price (and a minimum odds are advised with all bets).

Most bets are confirmed early morning with updates sent out to you at 11:00am.

So let's just take a moment here

There's been a lot of information put in front of you, but this is important, as you need to know all the facts about the "Progressive Profit Plan" before you sign-up.

And to get everything clear in your mind, here's a recap.

This is what you've learned about the Progressive Profit Plan...
These 10 money-making facts.

(1)  It’s a proven method of backing horses that over the past decade
       has made aprofit each and every year… that’s 10 straight years of

(2)  The profit plan has been created, and is constantly being refined, by
      a full-timeprofessional backer who has used it as a way to pack in his
      day-job, quit the rat-race and make his living from betting on

(3)  It has returned "Newmarket" – the man behind the plan – over
      £59,000 since March last year, and it shows a 113 points profit to
      level stakes

(4)  The plan, like all good ones, is simple. It targets improving horses
      on the upgrade. Horses which have the scope not only to win, but to
      keep on winning.

(5)  The vast majority of bets come from a small circle of A-List trainers
      which guarantees reliable performance and consistent profits.

(6)  These horses are selected by a rock-solid methodology which
      combines gallop reports, race-watching, form study and top-quality
      information to maximum effect - i.e. backing winners.

(7)  Bets are exclusive to the flat, but they include All-Weather racing as
      well as the turf. In fact, some of the most successful months have
      come during the Winter.

(8)  Throughout the year there will be an average of 25 bets per month,
      at an average price of 7/2, returning a strike rate of close on 35%.

(9)  No bets at odds-on. A small number each-way. No doubles,
      accumulators or forecasts… this is professional betting!

(10)  All bets are sent out via email and SMS text message. The
        standard message time is 11:00am.


What you need to do TODAY and why…

There's a temptation with this kind of exclusive, professional and highly profitable information to "go big" and "go long" in terms of subscriptions.

Because I have no doubts whatsoever that...

(a) this guy makes himself a substantial annual profit from his bets

(b) he will make YOU a sizeable long-term profit as well


I also understand the everyday issues that people have with cashflow, or the pressures they feel due to having a lengthy contract around their necks, or peace of mind they like to have when they know they're 100% in control of their own subscription.

I get all that, and I take it on board.

So I'm keeping this ULTRA simple

It’s a monthly membership at £75+VAT (£90.00) which means you can bet alongside "Newmarket" from today onwards, and on through the Summer, and beyond, enjoying all the financial benefits that the service can potentially offer for a fixed monthly fee.

And as I'm sure you know by now with me...

This offer will be fully under-written and FULLY PROTECTED with a 100% MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE, so if you’re not happy with the service at any time during your first 30 days I’ll happily refund your £75+VAT (which I’m forced to charge!) no questions asked.

So if this deal hits the spot with you, and you want to start betting alongside "Newmarket", in time for some of the most productive betting months of the whole year...

Starting with this week's Glorious Goodwood meeting...

To secure this monthly option all you need to do to sign-up safely and securely online using your Credit or Debit card is to click on this button…

Credit/Debit card

Or you can use your Paypal account by clicking on this button...

Credit/Debit card

Or if you'd prefer to sort out your new subscription over the phone, call my office now on 01625 315654, or even catch me on my mobile - 07752 768094

I look forward to hearing from... but act FAST!

Kind Regards,

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