How to bet… and win!


There’s so much to remember when to comes to horseracing tips.

When exactly is the next meeting at Newbury racecourse… what are the each-way place terms for a 13-runner handicap… where best to get a free £50 bet on this week’s big race.

Same goes for sports betting…

How do you work out a (+0.25) Asian Handicap line… what’s the percentage chance of success for a tennis player at odds of 8/13… where can you get hold of the player profile for an unknown South Africa golfer.

And very often, if you don’t remember these sort of things (or you get them wrong) then it’s going to cost you money.

Worse than that… it’s going to cost you winnings!

That’s why I’ve collected a number of free betting tips to answer these questions… and a whole lot more besides.

Jargon-busting explanations, all manner of weblinks, sport-by-sport form guides and fixture lists… all things which you have come across in the past. But probably can’t quite remember where.

Because, it’s much easier for you to look them all up in one place (don’t forget to bookmark this page) than to waste time searching around the internet to find them scattered here, there and everywhere.

Here’s what you can find out…

Asian Handicaps
A mystery to some football backers but an absolute goldmine to other clued-up soccer traders. And once you understand the basic principles (which aren’t that difficult) these bets are an excellent method of boosting your football profits. All explained in simple terms… read more

Betting Terms
A glossary of betting terms to explain some of the weird and wonderful language used in this business. Many of the words you’ll have heard before, some will be quite familiar. Either way, add to your betting voabulary! It’s your A to Z guide… read more

Ready Reckoner
Settling bets, accounting for deductions, learning about how each-way terms differ from sport to sport. In other words, making sure you’ve got the right amount of money in your pocket when your bet is settled! It’s all covered here… read more

Racecourse List
If you need any contact details, track information or upcoming fixture lists, then this is the place to start looking. A comprehensive, course-by-course guide to every single racecourse in Great Britain & Ireland. Where to find your next winner… read more

Useful Links
Whether you’re looking for results, fixtures or performance data. Working out your bets, seeing how they’re getting on, or chasing up the results after the event. All the major sports are covered and these links point you in the right direction, whatever your interest… read more

Bookie Offers
If the bookies want to give you free racing bets, you should take them! And on a regular basis they will present you with free bets or cash incentives to bet with them. Don’t miss out! This list tells you where to go for the best deals… read more

All very useful information.

Information which should help your betting and improve your results.

Because the more familiar you are with all aspects of betting (on whatever sport it happens to be) the more money you can make.

It’s an education which brings with it plenty of rewards!

So start studying…

And if there’s anything else you’d like to know about betting, or if there’s anything which you think I’ve missed, by all means drop me a line and I’ll add it to the list.

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