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28 November 2019 - 15:42, by , in News, Comments off
The secret to success. Diversification. Why portfolio power can increase your long-term profits I recently received an email from a member (Liam) who asked me this… “I have a question about my betting. I’ve been punting for as long as I care to remember, and I keep track of all my bets and have had more »
26 June 2019 - 15:55, by , in Betting Blog, News, Comments off
Why happy punters are winning punters How the 98% of losing backers can cheer up, and start making money The other day, whilst spending a few minutes surfing around the internet, I put the following statement into Google… …are humans naturally optimistic… And the first response which flashed up before my eyes in a mere more »
16 May 2019 - 13:09, by , in Betting Blog, News, Comments off
What’s better, strike rate or profit? Which is more important… the number of winners or amount of cash. This is something which I have thought about, spoken about, and written about A LOT! Because over the many, many years I have worked in this business the two most common questions I get asked by new more »
2 April 2019 - 11:55, by , in Betting Blog, News, Comments off
Emotion: Is winning worse than losing? The dangers of over-reacting to success and failure I was reading an old web article the other day… And this was the headline… “When losing hurts worse than winning feels good” Odd, you might think. Because we all bet to win, and when we do back profitable horseracing tips more »
28 February 2019 - 9:44, by , in Betting Blog, News, Comments off
Risk: Why winners twist. And losers stick. To act is to achieve when it comes to betting, as well as life… Mark Twain, he of Huckleberry Finn fame, once wrote… “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did”  The point being, life, more »
5 October 2018 - 14:27, by , in Betting Blog, News, Comments off
How much data is enough? Crunching the numbers to find a profitable betting syndicate… If you’re sending a rocket to Mars, it makes sense to study a few facts and figures before you commit to lift-off. But if you’re thinking about joining a betting syndicate, one that specialises in horseracing tips or professional football advice, more »

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