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02/04/15    Fully protected strategy for 150/1 winners
26/03/15    Racing opportunity if you’d love £18,770
03/03/15    Forget £2,252. Expect £2,467 if you’re quick
24/02/15    Christopher Columbus and your £2,252
18/02/15    150/1, 200/1, 300/1 – Punting dreamland on a plate
17/02/15    Your shortcut to 150/1 winners-of-a-lifetime
02/02/15    Milk this bookies dark secret for £8,155
27/01/15    REVEALED: The bookies real Achilles heal
15/01/15    Urgent £20,101 reminder before you’re pushed out
14/01/15    Latest stealth tactic breaks 2 months silence
10/09/14    Try Mystic Meg before it’s too late
08/09/14    An early heads-up after latest 125/1 winner
03/09/14    A lesson in £473.83 winnings every week
31/08/14    A 20/1 punt on the next Leeds manager
29/08/14    Pro Backer 2, Golf Insider 3
27/08/14    Why I was wrong about The Gibraltar Syndicate
21/08/14    Controversial and sexist? Yes, but it WILL make you money
13/08/14    An £8,794 final reminder before it’s too late
12/08/14    The Gibraltar Syndicate: Your 7pm alarm call
10/08/14    A peep at their £85,399 profit before 7pm Tuesday
08/08/14    The Gibraltar Syndicate – Your final lesson
05/08/14    Broaden your horizons by £6,225 betting on this…
31/07/14    Asian Handicap Basics – Lesson #2
28/07/14    You’ll love this betting joke punchline
24/07/14    Why it’s back to Asian betting school for you
20/07/14    Only match-fixers should bet like this…
16/07/14    I’d better come clean before 80/1 Open bet
15/07/14    Your £977 starts at this MEGA tournament
10/07/14    Football news from Donny!!
08/07/14    Are you as keen as Les to win £243.18 a week?
07/07/14    The REAL TRUTH about this bookies blind spot
02/07/14    No bookie will admit this
28/06/14    The latest on Boris & Co
12/06/14    Football Update: Why you should say ‘Yes’
11/06/14    Your World Cup gift from top football tipster
23/05/14    How the scientific way will make you a winner…
17/05/14    Discover the scientific way to win…
09/05/14    How social media gives you free winning bets
03/05/14    Why I’d be wary of this weekend’s Guineas favourites
29/04/14    Potential risk-free profit at the Worlds
18/04/14    Why I’m opposing this 11/10 good thing
08/04/14    Take this open door invitation to profit
01/04/14    Why betting on the National is a non-starter
18/03/14    Here’s your personal Budget-busting lifeline
07/03/14    Your stress-free shortcut to Cheltenham winnings
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11/02/14    Promise me this FREE GIFT stays hush-hush
30/01/14    A few betting gems after the Oz Open
24/01/14    Discover the secret behind tomorrow’s 14:25 race
09/01/14    A cure for wallet ache… from Australia?
11/12/13    A 5 horse gift from Paul Ferguson
05/12/13    A betting lesson in patience
27/11/13    This 7/1 bet can’t be ignored
20/11/13    Could this 55/1 backyard golfer prove my theory?
08/11/13    This beats a solar eclipse hands down!
22/10/13    Only 18 spots left. Get your name down quickly
20/10/13    What’s so special about next Saturday?
11/10/13    Cesarewitch Cheat Sheet predicts double-figure winner…
03/10/13    This ‘good guy’ will turn your betting into a money-maker
27/09/13    Your £19,153 dream opportunity starts at 2:10 today
25/09/13    Give this money-printing machine a go 100% RISK FREE
23/09/13    This software could be a winner. What’s your view?
21/09/13    This Ayr Gold Cup freebie could pay you 14/1…
17/09/13    Before I shoot off to London…
11/09/13    Here’s your first Betting Wages freebie…

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