Title: Win £412 at The Open. Read this before 6:30am

Date: July 14th 2015


The Open Championship

Starting at 6:30am (UK time) tomorrow morning

Really is the perfect tournament to start your NO-MONEY-DOWN, 100% MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE 6 WEEK TRIAL of the Golf Insider Tournament Winners advisory service.


Well, it's because of these 5 reasons…


#1  The original favourite, Rory McIlroy, is out with injury.

#2  Jordan Spieth, the new favourite, offers limited betting value, and is also up against it because no player has ever won three "Majors" in the same year since 1953(!).

#3  So the door has been flung wide open for another world class player to lift the claret jug…

And right now my insider is ready to tell you the players that all his calculations, statistical models and all-powerful value machine, have pinpointed as the only ones who can realistically win…

And with one of them, you could be flush with £412 after celebrating a HUGE 66/1 WINNER.

#4  Bookies are in hot competition with one another so they're offering enhanced each-way terms. This means you could get paid out up to 3 EXTRA PLACES putting the odds even more in your favour.

#5  The fact is…

If my insider repeats what he did at this year’s first two “Majors” – the US Masters back in April, and last month's US Open

Then by snapping up your NO-MONEY-DOWN, 100% MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE 6 WEEK TRIAL, you could be about to win a packet by the end of this week.

Now with those 5 rock-solid reasons, there should be absolutely nothing holding you back from putting your name down right now before you're shut out of this winning opportunity.

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