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You can either use the links just below to discover a few basics, or, as I’d strongly recommend, give this introduction a full read from top to bottom. It should only take you a few minutes.

When will I contact you?

How will I contact you?

What will I contact you about?

Now before we go any further…

And before I start telling you all the benefits in store for you as a new Betting Wages member…

Plus what I can do to help you FINALLY start winning serious chunks of extra, tax-free money from betting.

Before I spill the beans on all that lot, I want to quickly talk about a subject close to your heart…

Yes, YOU!

Now the chances are…

If you’ve signed up straight from my website, I haven’t got a clue who you are. I don’t know your name or anything else about you.

On the other hand…

You might already have been on my private database, and I sent you a personal email invitation to get involved with Betting Wages so I do know your name.

Either way…

It’s important to me (and you) that all your personal details are bang up-to-date, and that doesn’t mean I’m being nosy for the sake of it.

So if I’m not being nosy,
what do I want to know?

Well, you’ll soon realise my Betting Wages newsletter is designed to help you, as I’ve already said, FINALLY make serious chunks of extra, tax-free money from betting.

My interest…

Right from the off…

Is to develop a winning partnership with you where I can let you in on cash-generating opportunities I’ve discovered, developed and already road-tested. I’ll reveal more as you read on.


We can’t have a long-running, winning partnership if either I don’t know the first thing about you, or the details I currently hold for you are miles out-of-date.

So do me this small favour right now

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Being able to contact you very quickly by text… or send you a for-your-eyes-only letter… could be the difference between you cashing in one of my new opportunities, or kicking yourself because you missed the boat.

So it’s certainly worth sharing as many of your details with me as you’d like.

Update your personal info here

And please, please don’t worry.

I never sell, share, swap, or rent your personal details.

I have a strict Privacy Policy, and my company (Matthew Walton Limited) is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK (Registration No: Z3287290).

This means I fully support and follow the strict guidelines of the Data Protection Act in the handling of your privacy and personal data.

OK, favour out of the way, let’s move on to the nitty gritty

• When will I contact you?

• How will I contact you?

• And what will I contact you about?

I’ll deal with each one quickly.
When will I contact you?

I describe Betting Wages as my regular email newsletter.

If everything is running smoothly with my business…

And there are no hiccups on the home front (you know what it’s like when you’ve got little kids!)…

Then normally, I’ll be in touch with you weekly.

But there’s a BUT and it’s this…

The full-time betting pro’s on my payroll…

The network of contacts I’ve built up over the last 20 years…

And the fact I never give up trying to help you win serious chunks of extra, tax-free money from betting.

Well, this all means you shouldn’t be surprised if I personally send you extra emails (or maybe even texts if I know your mobile number).

Now I’m not some nut-job spammer intent on blasting your inbox every five minutes.

But if something important is going down that I 100% believe can make you extra cash, I won’t have any hesitation telling you as quickly as I can.

So watch out for extra emails from me outside the normally weekly schedule. Don’t be surprised for instance, if you hear from me two or three times in a week.

My business is completely focused on helping you make money from betting, and with betting on racing and sports taking place 24/7, it’s true the betting world never sleeps!
How will I contact you?

Straight answer…


I might already have other details for you… like your address or mobile number… but the standard format for my Betting Wages newsletter is email.

Now there’s a couple of very important points I want to make when it comes to sending you emails.


You’ll always be able to spot my emails because they’ll be from Matthew Walton.

This means as soon as you see my name, you’ll always know to open and read them. I hope so anyway!

And #2

And this is really, really, really important

Whenever I do take the time to write, I’ll pretty much always send you emails from my personal email address –

What I need you to do…

And this will only take you seconds to sort out now…

Is to add to your address book, or safe contacts list, or whatever other way your email provider has given you to make sure you give my email address the thumbs up.

This is called whitelisting and if you DON’T it…

It could hit you right where it hurts – in your pocket!

Seriously, I’m not joking.

If my Betting Wages emails (or any other emails from me) end up sitting in your spam/junk folder, and you miss the lucrative opportunities I’ll be putting your way…

Well, it’ll feel like a kick in the family jewels… and you know the tears that can bring to your eyes! Ouch.

Getting emails through to Aol, Hotmail and Gmail addresses is becoming more of an issue, especially when they’re about making money from betting.

These email providers have a habit of blocking/blacklisting certain types of email depending upon subject line and body content.

So the upshot is…

Definitely add me to your address book/safe list.

To help you, I’ve typed up some whitelisting instructions on my website for different email providers. Just click here for the details.

Now I probably shouldn’t be mentioning this at this stage, but I’m an honest guy so, go on, I’ll say it anyway.

I only ever want to send you emails (or texts or letters if I have your details) if you’re actually interested in receiving them.

If you ever think “Go away Matthew”, it’s not a problem.

On every single email I ever send you, you’ll always have the option to unsubscribe from my Betting Wages newsletter.

Next… tweet, tweet

No, I haven’t got my mum’s budgie in my office.

I’m talking about Twitter.

If you cut out all the celebrity tittle-tattle, Twitter is actually a great way for me to also keep in contact with you.

So I’ve set-up a new Twitter account called @bettingwages.

All you need to do is click here to follow my tweets.


And most importantly…

What will I contact you about?

Before I answer this directly…

Let me just turn it on its head.

I want to start off by telling you what you won’t be getting from your FREE MEMBERSHIP to my Betting Wages newsletter.

Let me be very clear on this.

Betting Wages is NOT about going back to school to teach you how to become a better punter.

There’s no homework, or wasting lots of your valuable time every evening bleary-eyed until 2am going over manuals, How-To guides or figuring out the qualifiers for a particular system.

No. Forget all that because there’s no point. There’s a far easier way.

I describe Betting Wages as your easy shortcut to work-free paydays.


Because it’s aimed right at ordinary punters with busy lives.

Full-time jobs, families, kids, and so many plates spinning there isn’t a minute to spare.

You know what it’s like. You’re probably in the same boat.

And if you are, you’ll know the feeling.

You simply don’t have the time to devote the hours and hours of intensive research, statistical analysis, computer-driven data crunching, form reading, video watching…

And all the other massively time-consuming factors that go into achieving professional, winning edges to winning tax-free money from betting.

It’s just impossible.

If you’re like me, you’d much prefer to spend time with the kids when you get home from work rather than studying formbooks until you’re knackered. That’s no life for anyone. Your time is too precious.

I completely understand. And that’s why Betting Wages is tailor-made for you.

Now for the last 20 years, I’ve been around punters, as well as hard-core professionals who make their livings from betting.

And do you want me to tell you what separates them?

Yes, having the time to devote to developing the skills needed to win is critical…

But that’s not all.

Being knee-deep in all things betting-related naturally brings tons of experience, know-how and expertise. This is truly priceless.

So what I’m trying to say is this…

As a Betting Wages member you can sit back, relax and be the laziest punter ever to walk the earth. I’m never going to ask you to learn anything.

And you know what?

I actually want you to be bone idle because all the donkey work, all the expertise, and all the regular, tax-free opportunities for you to clean-up over the next few months…

Yes, the whole kit and caboodle will be my responsibility and not yours.

Your job is just to read my emails every week.

So now let me answer the question…
What will I contact you about?

Well, every email I send you will be about something different but here’s a flavour of the kind of information you can expect…

FREE Race Trends Cheat Sheets


Damn lies…

And statistics.

You’ve heard this saying many times before.

Me? I don’t believe it. And Ben agrees.

Err. Ben who?

Sorry. He’s a full-time racing professional, systems builder, number cruncher… all round nice guy… and… one of the experts on my payroll. And he’s going to come up with a series of FREE GIFTS for you whilst you’re a member of Betting Wages.

Form boffin. Stats kingpin. Whatever you want to call him, he really knows a lot about racing… and he chews through the formbook like a piranha.

You see…

Some statistics… the right ones… well, they don’t lie!

So what Ben does… amongst a lot of other clever stuff… is analyse race results (especially high profile races at big meetings) going back up to 20 years.

And if you know what you’re looking for… like he does… and you have all the data at your fingertips, you can identify winner-finding trends from past race results.

Examples might include…

A high percentage of winners for a big race may have been a certain age… or had an Official Rating above a certain level… or they’d won last time out… or had previous form over the trip.

Now the two clever bits, and the reason why not just any old Tom, Dick or Harry can do this, are…

1. Importantly, you must hone in on the right trends.

For example, there’s no point knowing 35% of previous winners of, say, the Cheltenham Gold Cup were ridden by jockeys who had red in their silks… who all had an auntie called Flo or Maisie.


So having selected the right trends, and come up with a hit list of upwards of 15 relevant ones (which is what Ben strives for)…

2. You then match them to every runner in a big race.

It’s a bit like a horse-by-horse “marks out of 10”.

Certain horses will have the wrong profile and be rated low.

A dead simple example might be…

Say a major race has a long history of always being won by a 4-year-old, who won last time out and is carrying 9-7 or less… would you want to back a 6-year-old, unplaced on its last start, now lugging 10-0 top weight?

You get what I mean?

It’s the horses whose profiles match up with the dominant race trends who rank highly… and where plenty of winners can be found.

So all the legwork is done for you to give you stats-based shortcuts to pinpointing winners at high profile meetings.

Your Race Trends Cheat Sheets are currently freebies so watch out for the next one.

FREE “Radar Golfers”

My legendary golf betting expert – Keith Elliott – who has been part of my top-class stable of pro’s for 15 years – will occasionally mark your card with golfers he knows are all set to win at jaw-dropping odds like 22/1, 40/1, 66/1 or 80/1.

Even if you’re not a member of the hugely successful Keith Elliott’s Premier Golf service, you’ll still be given selected opportunities to track his “Radar Golfers” plus his Top 10 Golfers To Follow that he releases at the start of each season.

Insider Stats – Sports

For sporting events like the Champions League, rugby World Cup and NFL Super Bowl… I’ve pencilled in a number of special, FREE insights from my network of sports contacts.

They’ll trawl through the record books… study the betting markets… and unearth little-known performance patterns and trading angles to generate future profits for you.

So even if you don’t follow certain sports week-in, week-out… these specially researched reports covering everything from tennis, snooker, NFL, football, cricket & Formula 1, will steer you right during the big, televised tournaments.

Private road-test invitations

These will be very hush-hush and won’t be publicly offered on my website (

Basically, you’ll be given opportunities to try out… just like road-testing a brand new car… new sources of bets I’ve tracked down.

Don’t worry…

These bets won’t be from any old have-a-go-tipster, or a powerful, winning strategy dreamt up on the back of a fag packet.

I’ll have done all the background checks and monitored the bets in advance for months (sometimes even as long as a year).

So by the time I ask for your help, I’ll be at the point of launching a brand new racing or sports advisory service to add to the portfolio I already offer.

But my final task is always to invite a select number of Betting Wages members (like you) to watch the bets unfold alongside me in real-time for at least a couple of weeks, and normally a month.

This means by taking part in one of my road-tests, you could easily win a few quid for doing absolutely nothing, plus you’ll be at the front of the queue if you decide you want in when a service officially goes live.

By the way…

You can read about my 7 Point “Seal of Approval” Checklist which I religiously go through before I launch any new product or service. Just click here.

Tips, hints and tricks

I never give up trying to help you win money from betting.

So anything I come across where I can give you an easy shortcut to putting a few pounds in your wallet…

Well, I’ll personally check it out, and if everything stacks up, you’ll be the first to know.

This could literally be any little angles or loopholes. Examples might include…

FREE ARTICLES about avoiding bookies betting restrictions.

• Clever little staking techniques.

• Even how to cheekily trade a football market on Betfair so you’re guaranteed to win.

• If I come across an amazing free bet bookie offer… I’ll tell you.

• If one of my stable of pro’s discovers something eye-poppingly interesting and cash-generating (and they do… all the time!)… I’ll tell you.

• Even if there’s a deal you can snap up to get into your local racecourse on the cheap, and I know before you do… I’ll tell you.

You get the drift.


My Betting Wages newsletter gives you the opportunity to keep in the loop about the different money-making advisory services and winning strategies I offer. These are all private subscription services.

From the Pro Backer

My No.1 racing service that has been winning ever since it started in April 2011…

To Keith Elliot’s Premier Golf… a service that has firmly held its place in my portfolio for well over a decade.

I’ll tell you when there are new openings to get involved, where you’ll be able to take advantage of your very own 100% RISK-FREE GUARANTEE TRIALS

Or when one of my services is going great guns, I’m sure you’d expect to hear from me so you have the chance to profit as well.

As you can imagine…

There’s always a lot going on at my end so there will always be some nugget of info I can share with through my Betting Wages newsletter.


I’ve given you plenty of background information so you can start enjoying, and making money, from your new FREE MEMBERSHIP to Betting Wages.

The only missing piece of the jigsaw is you don’t know anything about me, my background and the way I work round the clock for your benefit so you end up cashing in on all the betting opportunities I’ll be putting your way.

And not forgetting as well, I also want to reveal my 7 Point “Seal of Approval” Checklist which I religiously go through before I launch any new product or service.

So click here to discover about yours truly!

Now before I start winding this up (stop yawning at the back!!)…

If you ever want to contact me, my office number is 01625 315654.

I might not always be around but if you don’t speak to me, you’ll be in very safe hands chatting to my colleague, Steve.

If I’m out and about visiting existing contacts, or tracking down new ones, take a note of my personal mobile number – 07752 768094.

And you already know my email address –

Whack this into your address book before you forget.

In fact…

Why not drop me an email now. Say hello. Tell me anything you want (even a joke!). I’m interested.

I want to know something about you, just like I personally know many subscribers to my private services.

I’m on first name terms with so many of them.

Truth be told…

I love seeing new members become old friends, making money alongside me.

A word of warning

Despite all my considerable efforts to get you winning through Betting Wages, and the private subscription services you’ll be offered, never lose sight of the fact that horses aren’t machines!

Sports results, as you know, can be unpredictable.

Losers will happen. I won’t sugar coat this fact.

The blunt truth is only around 2% of people consistently win over the long-term.

Now I’m confident I can help you get into this upper echelon of 2% winners, as you’ll see over the coming months, and all you’ll need to do is copy the professionals on my payroll.

Maintaining discipline…

Being patient…

Staking sensibly…

And not getting too emotional.

These are all traits you’ll also need to follow. But don’t worry. I’ll help you.

Stay committed to make
the most money

I’ve seen it with my own eyes for the last 20 years.

What separates amateurs from professionals is the confidence and determination to stay the course. Like the Grand National, you have to be able to last out until the winning post.

And like any other form of speculation and risk (say, the stock market), short-term betting results can be volatile.

The trouble is…

When there’s a few bumps in the road, the classic route most punters take is to bail out.

And what happens when they quit…

The results for a particular service, or strategy, swing upwards, and they miss the boat.

It’s a bit like being in a supermarket. Your queue isn’t moving so you change checkouts. Then the one you’ve just moved from starts going down, and you wished you’d stayed where you were.

Get my point.

It’s for this very reason I actively encourage anyone who signs up to any of my private subscription services to stick with them through thick and thin for at least six months.

I would point out that most of the time, I do generally offer monthly subscriptions so you’re not boxed in and can quit at any time.

It’s not only about staying the course, spreading your risk is also critical

You know the expression…

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.

If you want my opinion…

The more eggs you can put in different baskets, the more opportunities you’ll have to squeeze money from the betting world.

This is one of the major reasons I’ll offer you different opportunities to spread your risk through a diversified portfolio of different subscriptions.

But be ready and quick off the mark…

When I give you the opportunity to sign up for one of my private subscription services… especially a new one… don’t sit on the sidelines and think about it for too long. Places tend to be strictly limited and they disappear like a rat up a drainpipe!

Price-sensitive betting information is powerful when it’s kept in the hands of the few… not the many! And it’s for this reason I keep a very close eye on membership levels.

Just to say as well…

My established private subscription services like the Pro Backer or Keith Elliott’s Premier Golf service scream quality.

This means you’ll very rarely (if ever) be offered a free ride on these services.

But whilst I’ll always ask you to pay an upfront subscription, I believe in giving you a fair crack of the whip.

This means you’ll also have the HUGE BENEFIT of your very own 100% RISK-FREE GUARANTEE TRIAL so you can try out services knowing I’m giving you a set of stabilisers to see you through your first month.

If you’re not 100% SATISFIED… no problem… you can have your subscription back.

OK, I’m going to wrap this up in a few seconds so…

Get on your marks, get set… Go!

I’ll be in touch again by email very soon.

If you haven’t already done it… click on the link below to confirm all your other details…

Update your personal info here

And remember how important it is that you whitelist my email address right now –

OK. Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings.

It really is great to have you on board.

Kind Regards,

Matthew Walton



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