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You’re getting warmer!

OK, so you’ve entered your email in the online form to sign up to my Betting Wages email newsletter… what next?

Well, excuse the expression, but you’re within spitting distance.

I’ve just sent you an email with the subject line ‘Betting Wages: You MUST do this now.’

Check your inbox now and see if it’s there.

You see…

So that everything is all above board, I need you to prove the email you entered a few seconds ago is actually yours!

All you need to is click on the link in the email I’ve just sent you.

Then, by the work of some fancy computer magic, you’ll be officially opted-in to my Betting Wages email newsletter…

And we’ll both be off to a great start.

First up…

I’ll know you’re actually interested in me helping you FINALLY make serious chunks of extra tax-free money from betting.

I’ll start spilling the beans about how I’m going to do this for you in your very next email AFTER you’ve clicked on the link in the email I’ve just sent you… if that makes sense!!

Plus when it comes to me…

You’ll know I’m not some nut-job spammer intent on blasting your inbox every five minutes. No way. Not on your nelly.

In fact, I’ll only ever be in touch when I’ve got something really worth sharing with you.

Normally, my Betting Wages email newsletter will be fired out to you weekly but also watch out for extra emails I’ll personally send you.


Have you checked your inbox for that email I keep banging on about?

Go. Skidaddle. Find it now.

Kind Regards,
Matthew Walton



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