Title: Asian Handicap Basics – Lesson #2

Date: July 31st 2014


This time last week…

I kicked off my 'Asian Handicap Basics' mini-series by reminding you of the key concept.

You know…

The fact that all Asian Handicap bets don't offer you the option of backing a draw.

And if you remember, the rest of Lesson #1 introduced the first type of bet - Half Goal Handicaps.

Hopefully, if you followed the real-life example I gave you of the £4,000 bet Boris and his partners placed on Algeria +0.5 against Russia during the World Cup, everything made sense.

But if you still feel like you're on rocky ground with this type of football betting, relax. I know it can appear a bit confusing but it's just a case of spending a little time getting a feel for the different bets, placing a few yourself, and then you'll soon be into your stride.

In fact…

So you have absolutely no hesitation in jumping on board for one of the limited FREE TRIALS I'll be putting up for The Gibraltar Syndicate (my new Asian Handicap advisory service), I'll be making sure I give you as much help as possible.

[By the way, launch date has been moved back by a week to Saturday, August 16th rather than next Saturday as I'd originally planned. This is to tie-in with the start of the new English Premiership season.]

Now as part of the hand-holding I'll be providing, I'm going to package last week's lesson, this one and the final Lesson #3 I'll be looking to send you soon (which will cover Split Handicaps) into one handy document to give you an easy 'Asian Handicap Basics' reference guide. And you'll get a copy when you take advantage of your FREE TRIAL.

Also, with every bet I pass through to you that comes in from Boris, I'll give you specific web links straight through to the bookies. It should simply be a case of clicking the links and getting your bets on without you having to waste time searching around for them.

If I can give you one piece of advice at this stage, it's not to be afraid of Asian Handicaps like most UK punters seem to be. They're making a grave error and I don't want you to be in the same boat.

Learn about them with my help, and even if you don't manage to grab one of the limited FREE TRIALS before Saturday, August 16th, you'll be a much more switched on football punter.

Lesson #2 - Whole Goal Handicaps

Like I did last week, let me use another bet from Boris to illustrate how Whole Goal Handicaps work.

A few minutes after 8pm last Saturday, he sent me a bet him and his crew were backing in the Columbian Primera League… didn't I say this was an international betting syndicate!

Junior (-1) 1.85 vs. Uniautonoma (+1) 1.85

They'd put £3,000 on Junior -1.

Now as you already know from Lesson #1

The team with a minus handicap - in this case, Junior - are the favourites to win, and with this Whole Goal Handicap, they had to concede 1 goal to Uniautonoma (who were the underdogs).

Junior won the match 4-2 meaning Boris & Co yet again collected on one of their 'inside information' South American bets. They won £2,550.


A decent percentage of their bets are in South American leagues or cup competitions due to the fact that a key contact in their syndicate is based in Chile.

So why was Junior -1 a winning bet?

Well, you know from Lesson #1 that to settle an Asian Handicap bet, you apply the handicap to the 90-minute score.

You either take it away from the favourite (if, like Junior, they had to concede a handicap)…

Or you add it to the underdog (if you were backing the underdog - in this case Uniautonoma).

Boris and his syndicate backed the favourite Junior -1.

So the actual handicap result for settling purposes was…

Junior 3 Uniautonoma 2

That’s the 4-2 score with the Asian Handicap of -1 deducted for Junior.

But what if the 90-minute score had been 3-2 to Junior
instead of 4-2?

The adjusted handicap result would then have been…

Junior 2 Uniautonoma 2

In other words, a draw.

And it would have meant Boris's syndicate would have got their £3,000 stake back.

Got their cash back?!

Yes, when it comes to Asian Handicap betting, if the adjusted result, after the handicap is applied to the 90-minute scoreline, is a draw, then your bet is VOID and stakes are returned.

This is yet another plus point about this type of betting.

Now let me just turn this example on its head

Say Boris had chosen to back Uniautonoma +1 instead of Junior.

The final score was 4-2 for Junior so the actual handicap result backing Uniautonoma +1 would have been…

Junior 4 Uniautonoma 3

That’s the 4-2 score with the Asian Handicap of +1 added on for Uniautonoma.

A Uniautonoma +1 bet would therefore have lost.

For the bet to have won, Uniautonoma would have needed to either…

•  Draw the match (0-0, 1-1 or 2-2 etc)

•  Or win the game (by a goal or more)

Because in any of these examples, adding on their advantage of a +1 goal would see them win on the handicap.

But what if they'd lost by a single goal?

If the final scoreline had been Junior 2 Uniautonoma 1 and Uniautonoma +1 had been backed, the actual handicap result would have been…

Junior 2 Uniautonoma 2 (you've added the +1 handicap to the goal they actually scored in the game).

So that works out as a draw, meaning a backer would get their money back.

This is where a slight bit of confusion crops up with Asian Handicaps because whilst it's true what I said at the start…

"That you don't have the option of backing a draw"

When Whole Goal Handicaps are applied, the handicap result can turn out to be a draw - when the size of the handicap is the same as the margin of victory.

And as you've just seen…

This means you can sometimes back a Whole Goal Handicap bet, you don't lose, and you get your stakes back. This is another great advantage of using Asian Handicaps instead of sticking with traditional 1-X-2 (home, draw, away) bets.

What about other Whole Goal Handicaps?

Well, you can have any combination of a whole goal.

That can be -2/+2 or -3/+3 or even -4/+4.

They all work in exactly the same way as I've described in the -1 and +1 example above.

I must mention as well…

You can also have a 0 Whole Goal Handicap.

Bookies would use this type of Asian Handicap if two teams were evenly matched.

This bet is exactly the same as 'Draw No Bet' where you're betting without the draw being an option.

If the team you'd backed won the game, you'd obviously win… but if the game ended in a draw, your stakes would be returned.

I was trying to keep this Lesson #2 as short as I could but it's surprising how much I end up writing!

OK. I'll email you again with my final lesson covering Split Handicaps sometime next week, and then you'll be able to pass your Asian Handicap test with flying colours.

Don't break out into a cold sweat. I'm not going to spring an exam on you!

I just hope you'll know a lot more after reading all 3 Lessons, and will be ready to get in early for one of the limited FREE TRIALS to The Gibraltar Syndicate before it officially goes live on Saturday (August 16th).

Kind Regards,
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Matthew Walton

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