Title: Pro Backer 2, Golf Insider 3

Date: August 28th 2014


When Dave emailed me to say…

“I have just landed a nice double”

He wasn’t talking about yesterday’s Pro Backer winners.

In fact, he contacted me at 12:12, well before I’d even sent you the racing bets, and his full email actually read…

“Great start to life with the new golf man. I have just landed a nice double on Bourdy / Fleetwood in this morning’s 3 balls. Let us hope it’s the start of great things.”

New golf man? Bourdy and Fleetwood?

The new golf man he’s on about is my Golf Insider who I’ve given you the nudge about a few times already.

Now it got even better for Dave, and other Golf Insider members, later in the afternoon.

Another Round 1 3-Ball bet went in when Hennie Otto, who teed-off at 12:50, WON at 2.63 (13/8).

So yesterday’s tipster scores were…

2 winners for the Pro BackerMile House WON 2.5 and Couloir Extreme WON 2.25.

But my Golf Insider beat him with 3 winners (Bourdy WON 2.38, Fleetwood WON 2.25 and Otto WON 2.63.)

I was surprised Dave didn’t come back on to me following his lunchtime email, but another member, David (a different guy) did send me this at 9:18pm last night…

“Matthew I just wanted to say how brilliant your golf insider is! His 3 ball returns are amazing as evidenced by today’s results.”

And he went on…

“I had a bit of an abortive run with Keith [meaning Keith Elliott] but you are spot on with your new incumbent and I am so glad I got back ‘into the water’ of golf betting!”

Are his results amazing?

Well, 63 bets since April 30th…

34 winners

A 53.97% winning strike rate

An ROI of 33.60%

And a £1,795.69 profit to my insider’s personal stakes…

Well, it’s not exactly shabby is it?

Click on the link below and judge for yourself…

Here are my golf insider’s personal R1 3-Ball bets

Kind Regards,
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P.S. If you’re interested in getting involved before the next lot of Round 1 3-Ball bets will be live, drop me an email back to, or call me on 01625 315654, or 07752 768094.