Title: Why I was wrong about The Gibraltar Syndicate

Date: August 27th 2014


When I last contacted you two weeks ago…

I fully expected you'd have to wait quite a while before I gave you another opportunity to trial the winning Asian Handicap bets from Boris and his crew…

But it turns out I was wrong.

Because on the back of a 68% winning strike rate since I first invited you to give The Gibraltar Syndicate a go using your special NO-MONEY-DOWN, 6 WEEK RISK-FREE TRIAL

And positive comments flooding in like the ones below, I certainly didn't expect to be in touch again so soon.

"Nice work with this guy. I am not sure how you found him, but if results like this continue, I doubt there is much better around." Laurence

"I am very impressed so far so this looks very promising." Henrik

"The Asian Handicap bets are doing very well!!!!" Alan

"Thanks Matthew – very happy with the service." Abdul

"Cheers for the service so far, really enjoying being a part of it." Callum

But two significant developments within the last week explain why The Gibraltar Syndicate door has crept open for you again


A couple of guys who originally jumped in to secure their 6 week trials - Steven and Martin - have both pulled out for work reasons.

Steven told me…

"I am going to cancel and then you can let someone else take my place. My work circumstances are such that I am missing all the bets, therefore it just doesn't work for me. Shame, because the results have been great."

And Martin emailed me on Monday night to say…

"I'll reluctantly have to pull out. Results have been excellent. But I cannot always get the bets on [because of work], so better to vacate my place to someone who can utilise this excellent service to maximum benefit."

As you can see from their reactions, and the bits I've stuck in bold, both of them have walked away with a heavy heart… and no doubt a much lighter wallet.

But Steven and Martin's exits aren't the only reason I'm giving you another opportunity

There's an even more important development I need to explain to you.

It's something I've been watching very closely, and from what I've seen recently, the great news is I can now slightly increase my trial intake by another 15 places, invite you back in, and make sure this time around you definitely snap up your NO-MONEY-DOWN, 6 WEEK RISK-FREE TRIAL.

Get off the subs bench quickly and don't let this second opportunity slip through your fingers

Now before The Gibraltar Syndicate officially went live, I explained on my website why I was only prepared to kick-off the new season with 35 trial spots.

If you remember, I said I wanted to…

  Check out odds availability.

  Monitor the impact of any price movements after bets were advised.

  And generally see how Asian Handicap friendly bookies like Pinnacle, SBO Bet, 188Bet, 18Bet and 12Bet reacted to the bets from Boris and his crew.

In hindsight, I was probably being overly cautious because as you'll see when you read on…

  I'm seeing plenty of bookies offering odds on the shrewd bets Boris leaks through to us.

  Odds are admittedly moving, but in no way are they collapsing.

  And there has been very little evidence of problems getting on… even when Boris passes on bets in minor South American leagues.

Take last Sunday for instance…

Boris emailed me just before 11:30am with 3 bets – a couple in Chile, and the other in Argentina.

The matches were being played in the evening UK time so there was plenty of time for everyone to get on.

Boris had an OVOM on the San Lorenzo (-0.5) bet of 1.85 which was comfortably available with at least half a dozen bookies (one of them was Betvictor) who all offered odds above 1.85. The best was actually 1.92 with Pinnacle.

I should explain…

The OVOM means Optimal Value Odds Marker. Boris includes it with every bet to give guidance so all members can bet just like a top-level, professional football gambler, and maximise their long-term winnings.

The OVOM has only been introduced recently, and it sums up to me how Boris is 100% dedicated to giving every member all the betting tools needed to win like a pro.

The other bet on Sunday…

Union La Calera (+0.5) in the Chile Primera league…

Well, you could have got on with any one of the 5 bookies I flagged up with the bet (and that also included UK bookie bet365).

And the final bet that kicked-off at 23:00 - Palestino (+0.5) - was a best priced 1.98 with Pinnacle and other bookies were…

1.97 12Bet, 1.96 SBO Bet and 18Bet, 1.95 188Bet, and 1.93 with Betvictor.

All these odds were comfortably equal to, or above, the OVOM of 1.93.

[2 of the 3 bets WON by the way, giving Boris and his partners a profit of £2,065, and current Gibraltar Syndicate trialists would have won a fair few quid as well].

Now let me just be crystal-clear…

I'm not saying the odds on the bets aren't moving at all.

Look at last Friday's bet for example.

At 15:12 when I emailed it out, the best odds available on Racing Club (0) to beat CA Tigre were 2.09 with Pinnacle (followed by 2.01 with 188Bet, 2.0 with Betvictor and 1.98 with bet365).

I then checked again at 4pm.

Pinnacle had moved their odds slightly to 2.04, 188Bet were 2.0 and it was 1.98 with Betvictor.

So even for those who hadn't managed to pick up my email exactly when I sent it out, the odds hardly moved a full 45 minutes afterwards… plus they were still above Boris's Optimal Value Odds Marker.

And here's another MAJOR PLUS POINT about getting on…

I reminded members that with certain bets, like the Racing Club one, they don't necessarily have to be backed as Asian Handicaps.

With a (0) handicap bet, you have the option of either placing it as an Asian Handicap…


Because it's exactly the same as 'Draw No bet' (DNB), you can also easily use the DNB market offered by bookies to widen your options of where you can get on.

Racing Club could have been backed DNB, rather than on the (0) handicap, and you would have got 2.0 (Evens) with Boylesports, Coral or Paddy Power.

And it's not just (0) handicap bets where you can take advantage of an alternative market.

With (-0.5) Half Goal handicaps, which I explained to you in Lesson #1 of my Asian Handicap Basics guide, you can't end up with a draw.

So when Boris gives a (-0.5) bet, you've got the extra option of backing it as a straight home win in the 1-X-2 market.

This opens up even more bookies where you can strike your bets, although you may find the odds might not be quite as good.

Despite all I've said, I won't be opening the floodgates

I'm in complete agreement with one of the current members, Henrik, who emailed me yesterday morning to say…

"Regarding the service I am very satisfied and I hope that you will hold this to a small group only since right now the obtained odds is good."

From everything I've seen, and the evidence I've given you in this email, I believe there's an extra bit of wiggle room to again invite you to see what you think of The Gibraltar Syndicate.

But I'm not just going to let all and sundry in to win money from this very special opportunity.

Because I want to make sure everyone involved has the best possible chance to turn Boris's red-hot information into extra cash, I'm still doing it in a controlled way.

So 15 EXTRA NO-MONEY-DOWN, 6 WEEK RISK-FREE TRIALS are now up for grabs…

And just like a couple of weeks ago…

When they're all taken, I'll again be stopping any further trial recruitment whilst I take stock and continue to monitor the betting markets.

Last Wednesday, I said someone else in the same position as you that if the opportunity again came up to try The Gibraltar Syndicate using a NO-MONEY-DOWN, 6 WEEK RISK-FREE TRIAL, they should make sure they get off the subs bench and take advantage.


It's game on! I've just emailed them, and I'm now giving you the early heads-up as well. So what are you waiting for?

Click on the link below right now, or call me on 01625 315654 or 07752 768094.

Get off the subs bench quickly and don't let this second opportunity slip through your fingers

Kind Regards,
Matthew Walton signature


P.S. Yesterday's Huachipato (+1) bet in the Copa Sudamericana was yet another example of odds being freely available… and it was yet another winner!

The bet went out just before 3pm when the best odds were 1.94 with Pinnacle.

I got my full stake on with Betfair, and at 16:10 - over an hour after the bet was known - my final £50 was matched at 1.93.

In fact…

I checked the odds again 15 minutes before the matched kicked-off at 9pm, and the bet could still be backed at 1.96 with 18Bet, and 1.95 with both SBO Bet and 188Bet.

So by simply copying Boris and making sure you have different bookies accounts, including possibly using Betfair as I do, there's no reason why your NO-MONEY-DOWN, 6 WEEK RISK-FREE TRIAL can't be a serious earner for you.

Here's the link you need to click on now to put your name down for one of the 15 EXTRA NO-MONEY-DOWN, 6 WEEK RISK-FREE TRIALS

Get off the subs bench quickly and don't let this second opportunity slip through your fingers