Title: Why it’s back to Asian betting school for you

Date: July 24th 2014


It might be the summer holidays for the kids…

But as part of the build-up to what I've now decided to call The Gibraltar Syndicate - the brand new Asian Handicap football advisory service I'm launching on Saturday, August 9th

It's back to school for you!

Step-by-step over the next fortnight, I'm going to walk you through the different types of Asian Handicap bets so you're prepped up, and ready to be a key member of the syndicate when it goes live.

First of all though, if you didn't read all
of last Sunday's email, let me just remind
you of the basic concept

Asian Handicaps don't offer you the option of backing a draw.

So rather than having to choose from three 'standard' types of bet for a football game (home, draw or away), you simply decide which team you think is the best bet on the Asian Handicap - Team A or Team B.

And being football, the handicap is expressed in terms of goal(s) or part of a goal.

So all the different types of Asian Handicap bets…

•  Half Goal Handicaps (which is today's lesson)
•  Whole Goal Handicaps
•  And Split Handicaps

… well, they all boil down to the same thing - a straight win bet (either A to beat B or B to beat A). You don't have to consider the draw.

Lesson #1 - Half Goal Handicaps

Let's start off with a real-life example to help you understand.

During the group stage of the recent World Cup, Boris and his partners had a £4,000 bet on Algeria to beat Russia.

And the Half Goal Asian Handicap, priced up by bet365, read like this…

Russia (-0.5) 1.975 vs. Algeria (+0.5) 1.975

Let me explain what this all means.

Russia were the favourites to win the match, so they were given a handicap where they had to concede 0.5 of a goal (half a goal).

[I know half a goal sounds odd but bear with me for a second.]

And their price was 1.975 - a shade odds-on.

Algeria, on the other hand, were the underdogs, so on the Asian Handicap they were given a 0.5 goal headstart. Again, at the same odds of 1.975.

Now the final score of the match was 1-1.


Did Boris & Co collect on their £4k Asian handicap bet of Algeria (+0.5) to beat Russia?

Yes, they did.

As I said on Sunday, to settle an Asian Handicap bet, you apply the handicap to the 90-minute score.

You either add it to the team you backed (if, like Algeria, they were given a headstart) or take it away (if, like Russia, they had to concede a handicap).

Boris and his syndicate backed Algeria +0.5.

So the actual handicap result for settling purposes was…

Russia 1 Algeria 1.5

That's the 1-1 score with the Asian Handicap for Algeria added.

And this meant they pocketed a £3,900 profit.

Does that make sense?

And in case you're wondering, just to complete this example…

Had the bet been on Russia (-0.5), Boris & Co would have lost.

Why? Because the adjusted result would have been…

Russia 0.5 Algeria 1

0.5 of a goal would have been taken away from Russia's score when the final whistle blew.

Do you get it?

Read it through again if you don't because to start off with, Asian Handicaps can appear awkward to deal with.

They're actually not as you'll quickly start to realise when you become familiar with the format, and the way they're worked out.

It's just a matter of waiting for the final score, applying the handicap and seeing whether your bet has won.

And it's also worth noting…

With 0.5 goal handicaps, there can never be a draw. There will always be a winner and a loser.

What about Asian Handicaps of 1.5 or 2.5 goals, how do they work?

In exactly the same way!

Just apply the handicap (whether a plus or a minus) to the team you've backed when the referee has blown for full-time. And the bet is settled on this adjusted result.

Say, for example, the line was this…

Russia (-1.5) vs. Algeria (+1.5)

Algeria could have lost the match 2-1 and still won on the Asian Handicap. Why? Because the adjusted score would have been…

Russia 2 Algeria 2.5

You add the handicap of 1.5 on to Algeria's score (1 + 1.5 = 2.5)

That's another major advantage of this type of bet. Algeria lost the match but you would still wind up at the payout counter!

Right. I can hear the bell ringing so school's out! Lesson #1 is over.

I'll be back in touch next week with two more lessons in my 'Learning Asian Handicap Basics' mini-series. Next time I'll be covering…

•  Whole Goal Handicaps
•  And Split Handicaps

If you've got any questions at this stage, don't be afraid to stick your hand up and ask me.

You can get hold of me anytime on email (, at my office on 01625 315654, or on my mobile - 07752 768094.

Kind Regards,
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P.S. Back in May 2009, I wrote an article for Betfair explaining how Asian Handicaps work…

And ever since then I've been searching high and low to uncover a football betting alchemist who could turn lead into gold.

With Boris and his international crew, I haven't just unearthed one expert, I've ended up finding the ultimate Asian Handicap winning machine. My 5 years of waiting has definitely paid off.

Saturday, August 9th is when I switch the lights on for The Gibraltar Syndicate and I'll be giving you every opportunity to get involved before kick-off!

Watch out for Lesson's #2 and #3 next week.

P.P.S. In case you're wondering what a name like The Gibraltar Syndicate has got to do with Asian Handicaps…

I've come up with it because it's where Boris is based. Information floods into his bunker in the British outpost from his other betting partners and contacts in South America, Hong Kong and mainland Europe.

And as I said on Sunday…

During the coming season, he'll leak the bets to me and I'll then quickly pass them on to you when we go live from Saturday, August 9th.