Title: How the scientific way will make you a winner…

Date: May 23rd 2014

Last night I was reading through the email I sent you last week.

The one that talked about the “scientific way” to win at betting.

Do you remember?

It had one simple message…

People who lose keep changing their strategy. People who win don’t!

Now I sent you the email because just a few days earlier one of my racing experts – the Pro Backer – dropped me an email to explain why there hadn’t been many betting opportunities.

And this is what I wrote back to him. I’ve repeated it here word-for-word.

“Obviously, you can only give bets which meet the necessary criteria… and to invent anything would undermine not just this service but, I guess, your whole way of working.

Quality should always win out over quantity.

Members are perfectly happy to wait for bets as they understand the discipline involved in professional betting – well, they should do anyway!

At times it might feel as though there is commercial pressure to give bets (to deliver some action, as it were)… but if that undermines all the previous, good work that has gone before, it’s massively counter-productive and simply short-changes the members.

The service has made rock-solid profits over the past 3 years and will continue to do so, as long as you stick to the same principles that generated those results in the first place.”

And I left it with him.

So what has happened since?

We’ve had three winners in quick succession…

Handmaid   WON 2.88
Vulcanite   WON 3.25
Alderbrook Lad   WON 2.5

Each bet the result of the Pro Backer’s shrewd analysis, expert form study and selection process… which remains ultra-consistent.

Each bet a classic “value-driven” investment.

The type of bet which has been the hallmark of the service since it started in April 2011.

In fact… a perfect way to illustrate the point I was making in that email.

People who lose keep changing their strategy. People who win don’t!

And this is why I have never flinched in my opinion that the Pro Backer service is a long-term profit-maker.

Because the whole service is based upon rock-solid, never-changing principles.

The same principles which, I firmly believe, will see the service continue to make you money during this flat season, and beyond.

So do you want in?

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Kind Regards,
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