Title: What’s so special about next Saturday?

Date: October 20th 2013

This date has been pencilled in for months…

And with exactly a week to go, I need to tell you what’s happening.

You see…

I’m lighting the blue touch paper next Saturday on a brand new betting syndicate I’m putting together, and I want you involved.

So what’s so special about Saturday, October 26th?

It’s the official start of the All-Weather racing season…

And it’s important for you because there’s a really solid opportunity for you to make some extra money.

Now I’ll give you a lot more info next week in the build-up to next Saturday. This email is just a quick heads up before I take my son to football this afternoon.

But what I can tell you right now is this…

Last year, between late October through to mid April 2013 – in other words, the 2012/13 All-Weather season – I monitored a professional who specializes in sand racing.

And my proposition to him was very simple.

I was happy for him to proof bets to me on these conditions…

A) He had to do it consistently for the full season.

B) He understood I had absolutely no intention of inviting any of my private members to get involved with the bets until I’d seen how he performed over a full season.

And the other condition, which is the reason I’m contacting you now, was…

C) I agreed if he hit specific winning strike rate and profit targets I’d laid down, I would sign a contract with him for the 2013/14 All-Weather season to supply his bets.


Having swapped emails recently, I spoke to him on Thursday and I can tell you the deal is done.

He’s primed to start firing over bets as soon as the new season starts.

As I’ve said, I need to shoot off soon but here’s a link so you can see last season’s bets in full…

Click here and take a look

85 bets, 37 winners, 43.53% winning strike rate. And 34.61 points profit at Betfair starting prices (or £6,922 staking £200 a bet).

Impressive I’m sure you agree.

OK. I’ll look to send you another email next Tuesday.

Enjoy your weekend.

Kind Regards,
Matthew Walton signature

P.S. Just so you know…

I’m looking to offer the first 20 new members a special subscription deal to join this new syndicate called the Elite All-Weather Circle.

So if you’re interested in potentially making £6,922 over the next few months, don’t hang around when I email you again next Tuesday.



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