Title: Only match-fixers should bet like this…

Date: July 20th 2014


This time last Sunday I bet you were looking forward to the World Cup final.

Your excitement though would have been nothing compared to UK bookies. Their hands must have been on fire from rubbing them in anticipation.

There was talk by Ladbrokes of £40 million being staked on the game by UK punters - a record amount, beating every other major football final ever.

And the staking figures for the whole tournament made eye-watering reading.

William Hill smashed their £200 million target, and industry figures talk of a billion pounds (yes, a billion!!) staked all told during the entire tournament.

Think about it. That's an awful lot of noughts… £1,000,000,000.

But here's the sad fact…

During the tournament UK punters squandered millions of pounds of their hard-earned cash on the wrong type of bets.

It's always the way.

Across this green and pleasant land of ours, there are tens of thousands of people who, when a big event is on the telly like the World Cup, or say, The Open Championship golf at the moment… they like to have a dabble just so they can cheer someone on.

But let's be clear - this is 'betting for fun'.

And when Ray Winstone comes on a bet365 advert at half-time tempting you to bet on Robben to score next, and the Dutch to win 3-1, at fancy odds of 22/1… it's only natural some punters got sucked in to having a go.

But I'm not in the have-a-go business
and I don't want you to be either

And that's why I want to tell you now, betting on football markets like…

  • 1-X-2 (home, draw, away)
  • 1st goalscorer or next goalscorer
  • Correct Score
  • Half-time/Full-time
  • Overs/Unders
  • Fancy accumulators
  • Well, they're all loaded in favour of bookies (some of them massively so)… and dare I say, unless you're a match-fixer, you shouldn't touch them with the proverbial bargepole.


    If you're seriously interested in making money from football when the new season starts in a few weeks, specialising in a type of bet UK bookies hate… that would be a great starting point wouldn't it?

    Because if millions had been staked on Asian Handicaps, UK bookies wouldn't have been grinning like Cheshire cats.

    As I said in an email to you last month…

    When I've spoken to the top betting brains in football, they've all told me exactly the same thing.

    Shrewdly-used consistently by big-hitting professionals, and high rolling organised syndicates in the Far East and Australia, but completely ignored, or misunderstood, by nearly all UK punters…

    Asian handicaps are a potential goldmine.

    I'll briefly explain why in a second. But before I do…

    It's now official

    I've already spoken to you about a new Asian Handicap betting syndicate I want you to be part of for the new season, and when I last got in touch, I still had to complete a deal with Boris.

    Well, I can tell you it's now official and we've pencilled in a start date of Saturday, August 9th for the new syndicate.

    I'll come back to you nearer the time about the specific subscription terms but so you know…

    I've agreed that as soon as Boris & Co get their bets on through their usual brokerage channels in the Far East, they'll leak the information to me and I'll then quickly pass it on to you.

    And to make it clear by the way…

    Boris is my contact man, and is part of a close-knit crew of football betting wizards controlled from Gibraltar with contacts in South America, Hong Kong and mainland Europe.

    Over the next couple of weeks, I'm sticking a mortarboard on my head and stepping-in to teacher mode

    And I hope you'll be a good pupil!

    I'm going to start off expecting that you know nothing about Asian Handicaps.

    If you do know a bit, or have even placed the odd bet in the past, so much the better.

    But if you haven't got a clue, don't worry.

    As long as you have an open mind, are willing to learn a little bit (and this isn't rocket science by the way), and you're ultimately not afraid to swim against the tide of most UK football punters, then I'll be giving you a gold star.

    Now what I'm not going to do is dump a load of information on you today. It is Sunday after all.

    I just want to finish off quickly explaining why Asian Handicaps give you an edge and not the bookies.

    Then, over the next couple of weeks, I'll steadily drip-feed a bit more info to help you understand the different types of bets that will feature, if, or should I say when(!), you sign-up to the new syndicate before Saturday, August 9th.

    So why are Asian's so damn good?

    Before I name the main advantages, let me take a step back and tell you the basic concept.

    Asian Handicaps don't offer you the option of backing the draw.

    So rather than having to choose from three 'standard' types of bet for a football game (home, draw or away), you simply decide which team you think is the best bet on the Asian Handicap - Team A or Team B.

    And being football, this handicap is expressed in terms of goal(s) or part of a goal.

    So all the different types of Asian Handicap bets (the ones I'll be revealing over the next fortnight)…

    They all boil down to the same thing - a straight win bet (either A to beat B or B to beat A). You don't have to consider the draw. That's Advantage #1 with Asian Handicaps.

    And it works like this…

    Say Team A is expected to win the match, they would be given a handicap where they have to concede a certain number of goals. An example might be (-1) meaning they start off from a goal behind.

    So come the end of the match, this (-1) handicap is applied to the 90-minute score to determine the Asian Handicap result.

    If the final scoreline was 2-0, to calculate the position on the handicap, you'd deduct the (-1) goal deficit meaning Team A would have effectively won 1-0.

    And if Team A is the favourite, this means their opponents (Team B) must be the underdogs.

    Their handicap is the opposite of Team A… so instead of (-1) it's (+1).

    And again, it's just a matter of waiting for the final score, applying the handicap and seeing whether they have won.


    What's the big deal about removing the draw?

    With the draw as a possible match outcome, bookies have a much bigger profit margin built-in to their 1-X-2 markets.

    Margins of around 10% are typical, but take the draw out of the equation, and this 10% plummets to more like 2 or 3%.

    That still works out as healthy profits over the course of a season for bookies. But you can see why the likes of bet365 don't have Ray Winstone banging on about you taking advantage of Asian Handicaps when they're giving away around 7% of their advantage.

    And this is where you can turn the tables on UK bookies…

    Partly because, as you'll see in the countdown to Saturday, August 9th, I'll actually be recommending you do most of your Asian Handicap betting elsewhere.

    Certainly by betting on Asians, the value will swing dramatically in your favour.

    And let me mention a few more benefits before I go.

    Advantage #2

    I'm sure it's happened to you where you fancy Man United, or Arsenal, or Chelsea at home to a weak team, but the odds in the 90 minutes market are ridiculously short.

    With Asian Handicaps though, you can end up being able to back heavily odds-on teams at a more acceptable price.

    Advantage #3

    With certain Asian Handicaps, your stakes can even be returned when results don't exactly go your way!

    I know. It sounds great. And it's true.

    It happened to Boris and his partners on Thursday just gone.

    Their bet was in the Europa League

    Botev Plovdiv (-1) to beat St. Polten - £3,000 win

    The 90-minute result was a 2-1 win for Plovdiv.

    So applying the (-1) handicap, the Asian Handicap result came out at 1-1… a draw.

    And a draw on an Asian Handicap means a void bet with ALL STAKES RETURNED. So Boris got his 3k back.

    Advantage #4

    My colleague, Steve, has experienced real trouble with British bookies trying to place racing bets, and I've heard so many horror stories from other members.

    But from what Boris has told me…

    And my own experience of putting my money on the bets he's passed on to me…

    Plus the homework I've already done…

    I'm expecting you getting on Asian Handicaps, especially with the bookies I'll be recommending you open accounts with, will be no problem.

    High staking limits and accepting winning punters with open arms are common amongst bookies who specialise in Asian Handicaps.

    Right. I'd better wrap this up now. My other half has just walked into my office and given me the look!

    You know. The one that says "why are you stuck in front of the computer again?! It's Sunday and I want you to get up off your backside rapido and help take the kids to the park with me."

    So I'd better keep the peace and shoot off.

    As I've already said…

    With the deal in the bag with Boris and his crew, the clock is now ticking down to Saturday, August 9th when the new Asian Handicap syndicate (which I haven't come up with an official name for yet) gets rolling.

    I'll be in touch again next week as I teach you more about the wonders of Asian Handicaps.

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

    Kind Regards,
    Matthew Walton signature


    P.S. Even though Boris & Co didn't take millions like the bookies, they still came out £5,200 ahead at the World Cup.

    Here are the 8 bets they had…

    Chile (-1) to beat Australia
    4k @ 1.94
    Columbia (-1) to beat Greece
    4k @ 1.91
    England (-0.5) to beat Uruguay
    3k @ 2.1
    Chile (+0.5) to beat Spain
    2.5k @ 1.925
    Bosnia (-0.5) to beat Nigeria
    5k @ 1.9
    Nigeria (+1.25) to beat Argentina
    3.5k @ 2.025
    Algeria (+0.5) to beat Russia
    4k @ 1.975
    Nigeria (+1.25) to beat France
    4k @ 1.75