Title: Why I’m opposing this 11/10 good thing

Date: April 18th 2014


I’ve just placed two £25 bets.

Bets which could return me £200 or £275.

These bets – both to win, at 9 and 12 on Betfair – are against what many consider to be a ‘good thing’ in the markets.

And I’ll tell you who I’ve backed in a moment.

Because probably like yourself…

I like an interest in the big sporting events.

And I’m talking here about the Snooker World Championships which start tomorrow at the Crucible in Sheffield…

Many already see Ronnie O’Sullivan as the nailed-on winner.

After all, the five-time winner of this tournament, and the double defending champion, is the overwhelming favourite with the bookies… as short as 11/10 with some firms.

But I prefer to take the value-betting route

Because that’s the way I bet… whether it’s on snooker, tennis or horseracing.

Following shrewd and selective betting advice that seeks out value.

Value that’s often found by opposing short-priced favourites.

And in terms of the world finals, the stats which my sports betting team have unearthed suggest Ronnie’s plenty short enough at the price.

In fact, from what I’ve just read, it looks like there’s money to be made elsewhere in the market.

Now if you fancy looking at these stats yourself…

I’ve put all the details in a FREE Betting Wages Crucible guide, full of money-making info about the World Championships.

It’ll give you plenty of facts and figures…

Loads of stats and snooker data… that after one look will have you as clued-up as TV pundits themselves.

Click here to get your FREE Betting Wages Crucible guide

You’ll have all the background information you need ahead of the 17-day marathon which starts tomorrow at 10am.

A heads-up on past form, current season winners and all the numbers you’ll want to know before placing a bet yourself on the world finals.

And if snooker isn’t for you… don’t worry.

I’ve already got my team working on the next high-profile sporting event…

When I’ll be back to give you another betting heads-up with more free facts, figures and money-making advice.

Kind Regards,
Matthew Walton signature

P.S. To see the two players I’ve backed at this year’s World Snooker Championships click here.