Title: 150/1, 200/1, 300/1 – Punting dreamland on a plate

Date: February 18th 2015


Last week you could have landed a 150/1 winner-of-a-lifetime and pocketed £3,750.

A fortnight ago and you'd have been in punting dreamland again with a HUGE 50/1 PAYDAY giving you £1,250 on a plate.

The week before that?

Yet another jaw-dropping winner at 25/1 for even more tax-free pound notes - this time a cash haul of £781.25.

And this week, before the next
tournaments go live tomorrow?

Well, those members who thank their lucky stars they're already coining it in from this cash-generating operation with winners that are simply impossible to achieve on horse racing

All from simply copying the targeted bets shared by my insider…

They're already on a 200/1 live chance that could bank them £3,750 each (again!).

And over in India…

If you thought last week's 150/1 winner-of-a-lifetime was the biggest priced winner any punter could dream of backing, then how about doubling it?


Of the handful of bets current members have already struck for tomorrow's event, one of them was a massive 300/1.

And at the advised tenner each-way…

If this player finishes in the top 5, it's a GUARANTEED £740

And should he win, it's going to be upgrade the summer holidays to 5 star luxury time(!) because thousands of pounds of pure profit will pour in.

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