Title: Discover the scientific way to win…

Date: May 17th 2014


Whenever I talk to people about the subject of betting, and how to make money, there are 4 KEY FACTORS I tell them are vital to making long-term profits…

•  Getting value prices
•  Backing selectively
•  Staking sensibly
•  Being patient and disciplined

Now this isn’t rocket science. It’s just plain common sense.

But time-and-again punters (typically those who lose) don’t stick to this simple recipe for success.

They chop and change their betting style… constantly altering their stakes, adapting their strategy, dropping one advisory service for another.

That makes no sense to me, which is why I tell members of any service I operate, they should always commit for the medium to long-term. And not change like the weather.

Because this will not make you a winner.

It reminded me of an online article I read just last week on the BBC website (in fact, I’d already bookmarked it as I wanted to mention it to you).

The scientific way to win

The attached article – don’t click the link below just yet! – is about the well-known game “Rock, Paper, Scissors”.

You might already know the game. It’s played by making signs with your hands… rock blunts scissors, paper wraps stone, scissors cut paper.

It’s a playground classic or the ideal way of working out who buys the next round in the pub!

And what scientists found by studying a group of players in China was very interesting.

Now they started coming out with some fancy technical phrases… the “Nash equilibrium” and such like.

So to put it in simple terms…

People who lose keep changing their strategy. People who win don’t.

In other words, if you’re one of those people who react to every single loser, making knee-jerk decisions and constantly altering your methods, you’ll never get anywhere.

Reading this article…

It was funny that here we had a bunch of guys in lab coats and protective glasses who were proving that a simple game (which perfectly copies many punters way of thinking) actually shows us how we should bet… to win.

This is something I’ve come across many times over the years. Not just with tipsters, but with people who like a bet and join betting services.

There’s a natural instinct to want to change (drop out, join another service) at the first sign of trouble. When the first loser comes along.

Rather than understanding the fact that losers will happen all the time in betting, and you won’t win every single time you place a bet.

But if your fundamental strategy is right, any short-term drop in performance must eventually be outweighed over the long-term.

In other words… stick with it!

Anyway, have a look at the article and see what you think.

Click here to read what the scientists say

You might just learn something useful that you can apply to your own betting.

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