Title: I’d better come clean before 80/1 Open bet

Date: July 16th 2014


All this talk of an astonishing revelation

A cash-generating bookmaker's blind spot

An insider secretly on my payroll

And a MEGA tournament about to start.

Well, you must be wondering what's it all about?

And if you didn't click on this link in yesterday's email…

This is definitely the week to try this, especially with your NO-MONEY-DOWN, RISK-FREE TRIAL.

… then you're still in the dark.

So let me come clean, $Forename$, about how you can give your finances a shot in the arm starting first thing tomorrow morning

With only 8 places still up for grabs, and less than 24 hours to go before you're potentially shut out yet again…

It all boils down to you potentially winning £977 by tactically betting on a sport where bookies have a fundamental weakness - GOLF.

And what better tournament to kick-start your NO-MONEY-DOWN, RISK-FREE TRIAL than The Open Championship which officially tees-off at 6:25am tomorrow morning.

As I said yesterday…

By copying my 'insider' bet-for-bet, not only during The Open, but over the FULL 5 WEEKS of your NO-MONEY-DOWN, RISK-FREE TRIAL

I can prove you can bag yourself £977.

And NO-MONEY-DOWN means what it says. It won't cost you a penny to get your trial going in time for tomorrow's Open as I'll show you now…

Sneak-in right now before the FINAL 8 NO-MONEY-DOWN, RISK-FREE TRIALS are all taken

Kind Regards,
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Matthew Walton

P.S. My insider has personally backed an 80/1 player to win The Open, and stands to win £5,000 if he does.

So sign up for one of the FINAL 8 TRIAL PLACES and I'll tell you this player's name, plus the other strategic bets also advised.

Sneak-in right now before the FINAL 8 NO-MONEY-DOWN, RISK-FREE TRIALS are all taken