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Title: Start following Betting Wages on Twitter

Date: February 14th 2014

Nothing gets in the way of the betting world…

Not even Valentine’s Day. In fact, especially, Valentine’s Day!

So today, like any other day, I’ve been tweeting on my Betting Wages Twitter account.

This morning, my tweet said…

Matthew Walton‏@BettingWages: Feb 14
The magic of the #FACup..? A ‘tactical loss’ is now the go-to option for teams competing on all fronts or battling relegation..

Followed by…

Matthew Walton‏@BettingWages:Feb 14
Flipside is clubs viewing it as a chance to get some form/confidence.. #Sunderland in League Cup.. maybe #CardiffCity in the #FACup.

And if you already follow me, you might have seen it.

I reckon though, a lot of Betting Wages members opted-in to receive my regular emails, miss out on my tweets.

And if this applies to you, as long as you’ve already got a Twitter account, all you need to do is click on the link below to start following me…

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You see…

Sometimes what I’m tweeting about doesn’t really justify writing a full email, or I’m away from my office and a tweet is a lot easier and quicker, or I don’t actually have enough time to write a proper email.

And in situations like this, I like to fire out a quick tweet, like I did after Man City got beat by Chelsea last Monday…

Matthew Walton‏@BettingWages: Feb 4
Still struggling to see #MCFC as ‘value’ at 2.12 in @PremierLeague betting.. even more so after last night’s results vs. #CFC

And I followed this up, a few days later with…

Matthew Walton‏@BettingWages: Feb 8 .. check out my earlier post. And #MCFC already out to 2.63 to win #PremierLeague after 0-0 @NorwichCityFC.

The way those two tweets panned out, had you been following them, you could easily have opened up a lay bet on City on Betfair, and then backed them on Saturday at 2.63 for a quick, trading profit. Money for old rope really!

And there are other times when I spot one-off deals from bookies, like the Coral one from January 28th…

Matthew Walton‏@BettingWages: Jan 28
#LFC v #EFC. Enhanced odds from @Coral of 3/1 for #Suarez to score anytime. He’s currently 4/5 best. Click >>

So before I go and sprinkle rose petals all over the kitchen and cook the Mrs a meal to remember…

It is Valentine’s Day after all(!)…

This email was to remind you that if you’re not already following my Betting Wages Twitter account, you’re not getting the full betting picture.

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