Title: A 5 horse gift from Paul Ferguson

Date: December 11th 2013

I’ve been sat on Paul Ferguson’s book for a while.


Not literally ‘sat on it’ but you know what I mean.

It’s been on my bookshelf for a few weeks now after Paul kindly sent me a free copy.

Paul’s a top man.

He writes for Racing Ahead magazine and his Jumpers To Follow book is now in its 7th year.

Jumpers To Follow

Filled with 40 “leading prospects” (a lot of them lesser-known horses as well) that Paul has cherry-picked, his book is certainly one I’d recommend.

So earlier this week I was a man with a plan!

I wanted to try and get hold of a few more free copies to give away to you and other Betting Wages followers.

But when I got in touch with Paul, he told me on email…

“I can’t believe how well sales have gone this year.”


That means I can’t get my hands on a copy for you. But I don’t give up easily.


Give Paul a round of applause because he’s gone out of his way to give us his 4 top rated horses from the 40 featured in his book… plus… he’s even thrown in an extra dark horse who hasn’t even run yet.

I told you he was a good’un.


To get your mitts on these five horses, simply click the link right below and they’re yours…

CLICK HERE for Paul Ferguson's 5 horses to follow

Kind Regards,
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