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Title: Here’s your first Betting Wages freebie

Date: September 11th 2013

One of the great benefits of being a member of my new Betting Wages email newsletter…

Is all the freebies I’ll be throwing your way over the coming months as I explained in yesterday’s email.

And hot-off-the-press is the latest FREE Race Trends Cheat Sheet covering this week’s Doncaster St. Leger meeting that I want you to get your hands on.

Now at nearly every major meeting this Summer, I’ve passed these Cheat Sheets on to take all the legwork out of you struggling to pick winners.

Written by Ben (one of the form boffin’s on my payroll), the idea behind them is to give you stats-based shortcuts to pinpointing winners at high profile meetings.


The proof’s in the pudding, and the results have certainly been worth tasting!!

In fact…

By simply backing the No.1-rated trend horse in all the Cheat Sheet races featured since Royal Ascot, you’d have tucked away as much as £4,688 backing to £200 on every bet.

And even if that kind of staking is too rich for your blood…

You’d no doubt still be smiling from making £1,172 to £50 stakes.

So what’s on the winner-finding menu for this week at Doncaster?

Well, as long as you make sure you sign up for your FREE MEMBERSHIP to Betting Wages right now by clicking the link below… and then checking your inbox for the second email I’ll automatically send you…

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Then your FREE Race Trends Cheat Sheet I’ll get across to you focuses on four specially selected non-handicap races.

For today…

You’ll discover the top-rated trend horses in the Scarborough Stakes at 3pm.


The Park Hill Stakes is under the microscope.


It’s the turn of the Doncaster Cup… and one horse stands out clear top-rated.

And Saturday’s finale is obviously, the St. Leger, where Ben has analysed 18 trends… and the stats say the winner can only come from these two horses.

But remember…

To get your hands on your FREE Race Trends Cheat Sheet before you miss the Scarborough Stakes at 3pm today, all you have to do is click on this link now…

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Kind Regards,

Matthew Walton



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