Title: Your World Cup gift from top soccer tipster

Date: June 11th 2014


You don’t hear much from me about soccer…

But this week is no ordinary week!

For a start…

Keep a very close eye on another email I’ll send you tonight about something very, very special that I’ve always been on the lookout for since I wrote about it for Betfair on May 13th 2009.

I know. 5 years of waiting!

As you’ll see in tonight’s email, all I’m looking for at this stage is for you to put your hand up to say you’re interested… and if you and a few others give it the thumbs up at this stage… it really could be game on!

But before all that…

On the eve of the biggest football tournament on the planet, I’ve got my friend and leading soccer tipster – Matt Love of Football Elite – to give me the lowdown on the next four weeks of footballing heaven.

It’s certainly worth reading before tomorrow night’s opening game, and all you need to do is click here…

Your Free World Cup Betting Guide

[NOTE: Your 15-page report is in pdf format. Click here to download Adobe if you don’t have it on your computer]

Kind Regards,
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P.S. Watch out for tonight’s email. I should have it over to you by 7.15pm.