Betting Wages – A peep at their £85,399 profit before 7pm Tuesday



Title: A peep at their £85,399 profit before 7pm Tuesday

Date: August 10th 2014


Before I give you the link to get hold of my Asian Handicap Basics guide…

Graeme, John, Simon and Joe all sent me emails on Friday afternoon wanting to know more about the results for The Gibraltar Syndicate.

Now I've told you bits and pieces over the last few weeks about how Boris and his partners have been doing.

If you remember, during the World Cup, they came out £5,200 ahead from their 8 bets…

Chile (-1) to beat Australia
£4,000 @ 1.94
Columbia (-1) to beat Greece
£4,000 @ 1.91
England (-0.5) to beat Uruguay
£3,000 @ 2.1
Chile (+0.5) to beat Spain
£2,500 @ 1.925
Bosnia (-0.5) to beat Nigeria
£5,000 @ 1.9
Nigeria (+1.25) to beat Argentina
£3,500 @ 2.025
Algeria (+0.5) to beat Russia
£4,000 @ 1.975
Nigeria (+1.25) to beat France
£4,000 @ 1.75

And so far in August…

They're breezing along extremely nicely with a 90% winning strike rate and a cash haul of £24,330.

Their 9 winners from 10 bets break down as…

Mushuc Runa (+0.5) to beat Emelec
£4,000 @ 1.83
Audax Italiano (-1) to beat Barnachea
£4,000 @ 1.93
Cobreloa (-0.5) to beat San Marcos
£3,500 @ 1.73
Atletico Nacional (-0.5) to beat Rionegro
£3,000 @ 1.83
Dinamo Minsk (+0.5) to beat CFR Cluj
£4,000 @ 1.78
Depor Quindio (-0.25) to beat Fortelaza
£3,000 @ 1.93
Rosario Central (-0.5) to beat Quilmes
£3,500 @ 1.85
Aldovisi (-0.25) to beat Nueva Chicago
£3,000 @ 1.75
Tristan Suarez (-0.5) to beat Colegiales
£3,000 @ 2.3
Uni de Chile (-0.75) to beat Antofagasta
£3,000 @ 1.82

But although I'd describe Boris and the rest of his international betting crew as the ultimate Asian Handicap winning machine

A machine you can potentially become a key part of as one of the 35 FREE TRIAL members of The Gibraltar Syndicate

Don't get the impression they're winning all the time.

In fact, as you can see from their personal betting records below going back to the start of the year, they did lose £11,900 last month.


You can see though…

Including August so far, 5 of the 8 months this year have all been profitable, and overall they're ahead by a chunky £85,399.50.

[By the way, it's no trouble for me to email you the full bet-by-bet breakdown. Just get in touch. My email is, or call me on 01625 315654 or 07752 768094].

OK. Enough about all these winnings.

As I said on Friday, I've combined all my previous Asian Handicap lessons into one handy guide.

And you can get your copy of my Asian Handicap Basics guide by clicking here…

With this simple guide, even if you don't manage to sneak-in and become one of the 35 FREE TRIAL members of The Gibraltar Syndicate, you'll still be light years ahead of nearly all UK football punters

Finally, in answer to an email I had in from Mac yesterday morning who wanted to know…

"What time of the day do places become available?"

Set your alarm to 7pm on Tuesday.

This is when I'll be putting the 35 FREE TRIALS up for grabs, and as soon as they’re all snapped up (which could happen extremely quickly if the 114 who’ve already shown a positive interest all want to jump on board) then it’s game over.

Before then, check out my guide. Here's the link again…

With this simple guide, even if you don't manage to sneak-in and become one of the 35 FREE TRIAL members of The Gibraltar Syndicate, you'll still be light years ahead of nearly all UK football punters

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. I'll be in touch again no later than 7pm Tuesday evening.

Kind Regards,
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Matthew Walton

P.S. If you’re serious about winning money alongside Boris and his partners this season…

And you want to play a key part in The Gibraltar Syndicate as soon as it goes live next Saturday…

You won’t be able to rely on always betting with say, Ladbrokes, Coral or William Hill.

Many UK bookies not only refuse to promote Asian Handicaps, they actively avoid offering odds, especially on matches in obscure leagues on the other side of the world where they haven’t got a clue what’s going on… unlike Boris and his crew as you can see from the bets above!

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  They operate to ultra-tight margins meaning better odds for you.

  They have high staking limits (Pinnacle for instance, set sky-high limits, and even allow you to re-bet every few minutes to increase how much money you can get on).

  And generally they accept winning punters with open arms (which makes a refreshing change from how UK high street bookies handle winners).

I want you to get the maximum financial benefit from being involved with The Gibraltar Syndicate so make sure you get prepped up in advance.