Title: Football news from Donny!!

Date: July 10th 2014


I've just noticed…

Today at Donny…

A bookie called 188Bet are all over the card like a rash. They're sponsoring 7 of the 8 races.

Why am I flagging it up?

Because although they offer the usual mix of racing, casino, bingo and sports betting…

It's their football bets, particularly their Asian Handicaps, I want to give you the heads-up about.

If you remember…

The other week I asked you to stick your hand up.

For what?

Well, I wanted to know if you were interested in winning extra money from a brand new Asian Handicap syndicate I'm looking to launch with a betting kingpin based offshore called Boris.

I didn't actually hear back from you, but drop me an email now to if you want me to keep you in the loop about this exciting new venture.

I'm looking to complete the deal with Boris and his worldwide partners within the next fortnight, and obviously, I'd like you to be one of the first who gets the opportunity to be a key member of the new syndicate.

Now when it comes to Asian handicap betting, it's not enough to rely on betting with say, Ladbrokes, Corals and Hills.

There are other bookies who specialise in accepting Asian Handicap bets like Pinnacle, SBO Bet and also 188Bet.

These bookies operate to tight margins meaning better odds

Have high staking limits

And generally accept winning punters with open arms, which makes a refreshing change from how UK high street bookies handle winners.


Before I bring you the next breaking news about Boris & Co

Get yourself ready to start winning from Asian Handicap bets, and sign-up with 188Bet today.

Just click on the link below… PLUS you'll also bag a BONUS of up to £50.

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Kind Regards,
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