Title: How social media gives you free winning bets

Date: May 9th 2014


I was on the phone to a golf odds compiler last week.

We were talking about making money from golf betting and during the conversation he mentioned something in passing…

“A great help these days is social media… there’s just so much information out there. You can find out who’s playing well, who’s playing badly… who’s got an injury, who’s coming back into form. It provides so much detail… stuff that years ago you’d simply never get to hear about”.

Now social media isn’t for everyone.

I only do it for work-related stuff… there’s my Facebook page and I also post regular betting updates on Twitter.

But there’s no doubting the profit-making potential that can be found on these various media channels.

Here’s an example from yesterday…

It was on the Tennis Betting Service, a match bet on the Madrid Open. Nieminen to beat Sijsling.

The formbook said the Danish player (Nieminen) would win… but a concern was he’d not been playing too well of late.

So the clincher came with comments found on Nieminen’s personal blog, posted on his own website the day before – after he’d just won a match in the previous round…

“This victory felt very good after a poor performance in singles last week and overall not playing so well in the last tournaments. I like the conditions here but despite of that I have also felt that I now start to get my game back together. I played a really solid match today. It was mentally a strong performance, I played tactically very smart and I had lots of positive energy on the court.”

This really useful piece of information, that you couldn’t find anywhere else, was freely available… if you knew where to look.

And so using this information, along with all the usual form study, Nieminen was advised as a bet on the tennis service… and won the match comfortably (6-3 6-2).

Just one example to illustrate the profit-making power that social media channels possess.

So they’re always worth a check…

Here’s a few ways in which you can get hold of this extra information yourself.

Some handy tips on using social media

1. Just type a player’s name into Google. See if they have a personal website.
Is it updated regularly? Not always the case… but on there you can find out all sorts of stuff about their form, fitness and general well-being.

A useful starting point.

2. Also when the results appear on your Google search, check on the sub-category that’s headed “News for…”.

This can give you up-to-date information from around the world news channels (TV, radio, newspapers etc) about injuries, results and all manner of personal matters.

3. Get onto Twitter and search out relevant accounts… be careful as not every player/trainer/golfer etc will use their name exactly how you’d expect to find it. Sometimes they add in numbers, hyphens or under-scores, nicknames or put their details back-to-front.

And there’s a lot of fake accounts out there as well… so make sure you’re reading the comments of the ‘real’ person!

Talking of which, what did the Jarkko Nieminen post on his official Twitter feed (@NieminenJarkko) yesterday after his match?

“Third round in Madrid! I just played one of the best matches of my entire career. Everything felt easy, flow-mode.”


4. Also follow some establised information sources on Twitter…

Governing bodies e.g. @ATPWorldTour (tennis), @premierleague (football).

TV channels e.g. @RacingUK (horseracing), @SkySports (general)

And people themselves e.g. @RichardFahey (trainer), @McIlroyRory (golfer)

They often send out vital information that can be applied to your betting activities – team news, weather updates, upcoming plans.

5. You can use Facebook in the same way.

This might not be updated quite as frequently as the likes of Twitter, as it takes the user a bit more time, but it’s another useful avenue of investigation.

Players, trainers, sporting bodies… they all use social media and often they include little bits of additional information that can make a big difference to your betting.

6. And remember that social platforms are changing all the time… remember the likes of MySpace? Where’s that gone…

Today’s Twitter will soon become tomorrow’s Instagram, Snapchat or WhatsApp.

So move with the times and keep on top of the latest trends.

Now I don’t mind admitting…

I’m no IT expert.

I try to keep up with things, like we all do, but at 45, and with three kids, my priorities lie elsewhere… I simply don’t have time to post a comment about the cost of England’s World Cup strip or share my views with the world about the latest series of Top Gear.

But I do make the effort when technology can be used to help my betting interests… to make money. That’s when it comes in useful.

And by tapping into the ‘social network’ you too can improve your success at betting.

So log on and start winning.

In fact, you might already doing this…

If you’re currently following any good blogs, Twitter feeds or websites (or come across any in the future) do please drop me a line and tell me about your experiences. It’s good to hear about your success stories – click here

Ok… time to get surfing!

Kind Regards,
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