Title: Why ‘Mr Speed Ratings’ still needs to prove himself

Date: September 8th 2015


Last Wednesday's email stunned a few members when I made the bold statement that within the next 3 months I expected to go live with…

"The most successful racing advisory service I've EVER launched in the last 20 years!"

It's a real put your neck on the chopping block comment I know…

But having met my speed ratings maestro in the North East of England last week, I've now definitely moved another step closer to making it all happen.

As you know, I can't divulge his name.

In fact, this was a point he stressed again to me last week. His anonymity MUST be protected.

What I can confirm though is that he's level-headed, ultra-professional, reliable and genuinely very, very clued-up about winning money from racing.


He's a real racing brainbox and outside-the-box thinker, and he's extremely IT literate (he showed me some fancy spreadsheets about the way he constructs his customised ratings and private value odds).

Now as I said last week about my grand plan for the most successful racing advisory service I've EVER launched in the last 20 years…

Is going to involve two separate sources of controlled, shrewd bets.

One is a professional called the Pro Backer who I've been running an advisory service with since April 2011.

He's incredibly consistent and proven for over 4 years.

But 'Mr Speed Ratings' has only been proofing bets to me (very successfully I might add) for the last 17 weeks.

So the whole point of meeting up with him last Thursday, and my continued monitoring of his bets over the next few weeks, is to see if I combine his undoubted talents for lasering in on winners with the equally successful Pro Backer.

What I really want to see more
than anything else is this…

How does 'Mr Speed Ratings' perform when racing switches codes next month to the jumps, and also what happens when the new All-Weather season kicks-in from early November?

Both are really critical actually because so far his 37.7% winning strike rate and £2,315 profit at £100 per point has come from Flat bets only.

The potential good news though is that he told me he expects his National Hunt bets to be even better.


Because there's less competitive races over the winter so the results of all his fancy analysis, number crunching and use of clever systems, should boost his already impressive performance statistics.

OK, that's the update I promised I'd send you.

There will be plenty more to come as the weeks tick on so keep reading my emails.

Kind Regards,
Matthew Walton signature
Matthew Walton

P.S. I know there are a lot of eager members on my private database who would instantly jump on board with a new racing advisory service where I combine a couple of tried-and-tested experts.

But I'm not going to rush this project. That's just not how I operate.

In fact, if it takes until, say, the start of December before I'm completely happy… well, then so be it.

When I press the button though, you can be assured I'll have done as much due diligence as I can muster…

And this should load the dice even more in your favour so you can financially benefit from what I believe is going to be…

"The most successful racing advisory service I've EVER launched in the last 20 years!"