Title: Will my Maltese hot-shot buckle under pressure?

Date: August 8th 2015


Last Thursday's transfer of euros to my "Maltese football connection" should be money well spent.

In fact, if his results over the next few weeks pan out like I saw them do for 6 weeks at the tail end of last season…

Then his second tranche of cash won't be too far behind, and I won't be hanging about getting him exclusively signed up to a contract.

The whole point of my initial investment is to ratchet up the pressure on him to see how he reacts.

It's all very well, you see, for him to have very successfully proofed his bets between April 11th and May 23rd when the atmosphere was all a bit more relaxed and he wasn't getting paid.

But if he has ambitions to officially join my team of professional advisors, and for me to launch a proper advisory service with him at the helm sharing his bets, then he'll have to keep producing the winners.

I've got to say though, from everything I've seen since he sent me his CV on February 18th, if I were a teacher, I'd give him a gold star report card.

So following a couple of Skype video calls in the last fortnight, I've agreed with him that from this weekend - the start of the English leagues – he needs to continue to impress me with this bets.

These Q & A's below will give you more of an insight about my "Maltese football connection"

Q. Who is he?

A. Well, I'm not in a position to reveal his real name (just like "the Scotsman" who I gave you an update about earlier in the week).

This happens a lot with the contacts I deal with because many of them are already involved in some way in the betting industry, and they don't want their cover blown.

For instance, my Golf Insider is an odds compiler for one of Britain's biggest High Street firms.

And it's a very similar situation with my Maltese man.

The reason he's based in Malta is because he was headhunted by an offshore bookmaker to be heavily involved in their risk analysis and football trading unit.

In the last 3 years, what this guy has actually done is to secure roles with bookies not for the fun of it, but to develop the football betting journey he started 10 years ago…

And being able to immerse himself in the inner workings of bookies trading rooms has helped him no end.

From what he told me on Skype, there's no love lost between him and his current employer, and the only reason he stays is so he can readily tap into their vast resources - stuff like advanced player profiles, possession statistics and in-depth odds market analysis.

A qualified engineer, he has a razor-sharp mind for maths, probability and software design…

All of which match perfectly to being able to make money for his current employer, whilst at the same time successfully betting for himself.

Apparently, the wages he gets from his job don't match what he rakes in from his own personal betting… and I can believe that from the bets he proofed to me at the end of last season.

Q. Why was I so impressed with the 111 bets he sent me between April 11th and May 23rd?

A. Well he must have been blowing very hot because they were too damn good!

•  His 111 bets produced 61 winners for a 54.95% winning strike rate.

•  His Return on Investment (ROI) was an incredible 61.40%.

•  And he won almost €4,000 in the space of 6 weeks.

Also, and this was a real eye-opener…

Of the 111 bets he sent me, he also indicated which of them he considered to be his "strongest".

There were only 29 of them but 23 won!

So even though I've seen 111 bets, and you might be thinking that's surely enough to go live with a proper service, I still want to see for myself how he gets on with the challenges of winning money early in the season.

Now in fairness to him, he's already told me that the end of a season is traditionally a purple patch for him, and he wouldn't expect to repeat it in the first few weeks of a new season.

So I'm going to find out over the next few weeks if his end of season staggering performance was merely a fluke.

Q. What leagues and types of bets does he specialise in?

A. He sticks to European football, and mainly the big 5 leagues…

Premiership (England)
Bundesliga (Germany)
La Liga (Spain)
Serie A (Italy)
Ligue 1 (France)

And most of the bets I've seen from him were straightforward home, draw or away bets - around 66% of them.

The rest were a combination of Asian Handicaps and Draw No Bets (DNB's).

Q. What's his strategy for picking winners?

A. He's a natural born information junkie…

And with no wife or kids, he has plenty of time to stockpile tons of betting intelligence.

Statistics, facts, figures, past results, team news, injuries, suspensions, social media postings…

And literally anything else he can get his hands on…

All go into the mix to provide the background knowledge for his bets.

And let me tell you about his "grabber!"

After constantly learning and refining his approach to football betting over the last decade, his strong computing skills and access to bookies tracking techniques led him to design a piece of software he calls the "grabber".

This allows him to record odds movements on the Asian Handicap and 1-X-2 (Home-Draw-Away) betting markets across different bookies and betting exchanges throughout Europe.

And by using this "grabber", he's built up a huge, specialised database going back years that he's interrogated to produce betting strategies where he's been able to identify certain odds movements that can affect match outcomes.

Right, that's about as much as I can tell you at this stage.

It's a case of "watch this space" with my Maltese man…

Closely monitor how he starts the new European seasons…

And let's see if the pressure of my money in his hands affects his performance now this is all starting to get a bit more serious.

I'll be in touch.

Kind Regards,
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Matthew Walton