Title: The Gibraltar Syndicate – Your final lesson

Date: August 8th 2014


It's looking like it could be a tight squeeze!

With just 8 days to go before The Gibraltar Syndicate officially goes live next Saturday…

I've already got 114 people who've been in touch to say they're definitely interested in trying out my new Asian Handicap advisory service.

The trouble is…

There are bound to be a few long faces.


Because for certain reasons I'll tell you more about next week, I'm only prepared to kick-off the new syndicate with a limited number of FREE 6 WEEK TRIALS. In fact, I'll only be putting up 35 spots.

So I want to tell you exactly what's happening in the build-up to next Saturday, and then you can't blame me if you miss out.

Today I'm finishing off my 'Asian Handicap Basics' mini-series with the final Lesson #3 - Split Handicaps.

And judging by the email Tony from Dublin sent me last Friday…

"Thanks for the fascinating lesson number 2 (Asian Handicap Betting for Dummies?!). It is the best explanation I have seen of this type of betting"

… it looks like I'm doing a fair job of being a teacher!

Now on Sunday, I'm going to combine Lesson's 1, 2 and 3 into one handy guide so it's a lot easier for you to review everything I've tried to explain so far.

Originally, I was planning to only release my 'Asian Handicap Basics' reference guide if you managed to nail down one of the 35 FREE TRIALS

But even if you don't sneak-in (and you really should if you're seriously interested and move quickly before next Saturday)…

I still want you to have access to it so you know as much as possible about Asian Handicaps, their clear-cut benefits, and how they can transform your approach to winning at football betting.

Also in Sunday's email…

So you have the maximum opportunity to get on the bets Boris and his betting partners will be sharing with us, I'll be recommending you open new accounts with certain bookies who specialise in accepting Asian Handicap bets.

As I've already said, most UK bookies (other than bet365 and Betvictor) tend to shy away from offering Asian Handicap bets… especially in smaller leagues dotted around the world… so it's really important you have other options available to you.


And this is definitely an email you should watch out for…

Next Tuesday evening (the 12th), the 35 FREE TRIALS will go up for grabs, and as soon as they're all snapped up (which could happen extremely quickly if the 114 who've shown a positive interest all jump in) then it's game over.

Anyway, back to today…

Lesson #3 - Split Handicaps

In the previous lessons, I've always used actual bets passed on to me from Boris, and it's no different this time.

But before I run through a couple of examples, I need to explain a bit more about Split Handicaps (also known as Split Balls… which sounds like an unfortunate playground accident!)

Lesson #1 covered Half Goal Handicaps like -0.5/+0.5, or -1.5/+1.5, or -2.5/+2.5… or any other combination where there is half a goal.

Lesson #2 moved on to Whole Goal Handicaps like 0, or -1/+1, or -2/+2… or other full goal combinations.

So it's no surprise that Split Handicaps are a combination of the two, sitting between Half Goal and Whole Goal Handicaps.

-0.25/+0.25, or -0.75/+0.75, or -2.25/+2.25 are all types of Split Handicaps.

This graphic should make it clearer…

Asian handicap Split Balls

Why do bookies offer Split Handicaps?

In certain matches, bookies opinions of the strength of the teams can lie somewhere between Half Goal and Whole Goal Handicaps.

And this is where Split Handicaps come into play, allowing them to fine-tune their handicaps by making them more accurate.

How are Split Handicaps displayed?

There are two different ways bookies show them.

Like this…

Team A (-0.75) vs. Team B (+0.75).


Team A (-0.5, -1) vs. Team B (+0.5, +1).

If you look at this graphic again…

Asian handicap Split Balls

… you can see 0.75 is the midpoint between 0.5 and 1.

But why do some bookies show, say, -0.75 whilst others go for -0.5, -1?

Well, these bets from Boris will help to explain

On April 6th in the Chile Primera Division, Boris's crew put £3,000 on Colo Colo (-0.25) vs. Universidad Chile (+0.25) @ 2.02 (a shade over Evens).

Colo Colo (-0.25) is the same as saying Colo Colo (0, -0.5) because in a Split Handicap, there are two parts to the bet, and half your stake goes on each part.

The £3,000 staked on Colo Colo by Boris and his partners worked out as…

£1,500 on Colo Colo (0), and the other £1,500 on Colo Colo (-0.5).

Now Colo Colo won the match 1-0.

So when you apply these handicaps to the 90 minute result, it meant…

On the Colo Colo (0) bet… the actual handicap result was Colo Colo 1 Universidad Chile 0.

And on the second part of the bet – Colo Colo (-0.5)… the actual handicap result was Colo Colo 0.5 Universidad Chile 0.

This meant Boris & Co won on both their bets.

The £1,500 bet on Colo Colo (0) won at 2.02, and so did Colo Colo (-0.5), again paying out at odds of 2.02.

The total winnings of £3,060 based on 2 x £1,500 bets were just the same as placing one £3,000 bet.

And here's another Split Handicap bet
from the World Cup…

Boris sent me this bet on June 25th…

£3,500 on Nigeria (+1.25) vs. Argentina (-1.25) @ 2.025.

So again, there were two parts to the bet…

Nigeria (+1) and Nigeria (+1.5) which would have been displayed by some bookies as Nigeria (+1, +1.5).

Let's say you'd put £100 on this bet (and not the £3,500 Boris's syndicate did). Half your stake (£50) would have gone on Nigeria (+1), and the other half on Nigeria (+1.5).

Now the final scoreline was Nigeria 2, Argentina 3.

So Nigeria (+1) meant an actual handicap result of 3-3 (that's the 90-minute 2-3 score plus Nigeria's goal start).

As I said in Lesson #2

Whilst you don't have the option of backing a draw with all Asian Handicaps, the handicap result can turn out to be a draw as you can see above.

And when you get a draw on a handicap, you get your stakes returned.

So your £50 on Nigeria (+1) would have been winging its way back to you.

On the other half of your bet – Nigeria (+1.5) - well, the actual handicap result would have been Nigeria 3.5 Argentina 3.

And that would have been a winner. Your other £50 bet would have paid out at odds of 2.025.

This is an example of what I'd call a 'half' winner where you still make a profit.

In this match, you'd have won £51.25, which works out as £50 x 2.025 for your Nigeria (+1.5) bet, plus the £50 you'd get back on Nigeria (+1), giving a total return, including your £100 stake, of £151.25 - i.e. a profit of £51.25.

Of all the different types of Asian Handicaps we've covered in Lesson's 1, 2 and this one, it's the Split Handicaps that can make you a bit cross-eyed…

And rather than 'Split Balls', it can feel like you've had a kick in them!

But as I've said all along, don't be put off learning the basics because you'll end up being light years ahead of the majority of UK football punters.

Now watch out for Sunday's email, and especially the one I'll send you next Tuesday evening.

I'm not saying all 35 FREE TRIALS will disappear by 10pm next Tuesday, but from the 114 who've already stuck their hand up to show their interest, plus other feedback I've had, I wouldn't sit on the sidelines for too long before The Gibraltar Syndicate officially goes live next Saturday.

As usual…

Drop me an email ( or call me on 01625 315654 (office), or 07752 768094 (mobile), if you need any help understanding Asian Handicaps.

Kind Regards,
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