Title: Take this open door invitation to profit

Date: April 8th 2014

There weren’t too many backers celebrating at the end of the Grand National on Saturday.

In fact, watching the coverage on Channel 4…

The loudest cheers came from the bookmakers!

A 25/1 winner… and most of the well-backed market leaders out with the washing, leaving punters empty-handed.

So if you didn’t back Pineau De Re

How can you wipe the smile off the bookies faces starting at Thursday’s US Masters?

Ahead of the next major betting event…

The US Masters, starting this Thursday…

You have the chance to get one over on the layers.

In fact, much more than that… because I’m not offering you the chance to make a quick buck on some flash-in-the-pan 25/1 success.

This is an open door invitation to get on a money-making gravy train that has been taking the bookies to the cleaners year after year.

I’m talking about sustained profit-making on a regular basis.

So let me put you in the picture…

When the first tee shot is struck at Augusta in 48 hours time, you can be sitting pretty, holding strong positions about several golfers with live chances of winning the first golf major of 2014.

That’s if you act smart TODAY.

Because the source of these bets has been mopping up big profits at the major golf tournments for years.

I’m talking about the Masters, US Open… our own Open Championship and the USPGA.

The crown jewels of the golfing calender.

Targeting bets on just these blue riband events would have seen you pick up a cool £771.10 last year (to just £10 stakes).

And in the process you’d have bagged not just a 22/1 WINNER… but a HUGE 40/1 PAYDAY as well.

Go back a year to 2012 and the figure was £263.74.

Maybe not that impressive…

But in 2011 you’d have pocketed £534.90… and in 2010 a wallet-busting £1,004.40..!

That’s over £2,500 to £10 stakes in the past four years… with outright winners at 20/1, 22/1, 40/1 & 60/1.

And this is by betting only 4 weeks of the year!

Now that’s some return for a few small wagers.

So what do you need to do?

Well, you can clearly see the upside to this superb profit-generating deal.

Small stakes. Little time involved. Major profits.

So it’s going to take you seconds to figure out how good this opportunity really is (and if you’re on-the-ball and have worked it out already, then click here and grab yourself one of the 30 limited places right now).

But if you need more convincing…

What I’m also going to do, on top of presenting this proven money-making deal to you on a plate, is give you…

# BONUS No.1

I’m also throwing in a FREE factfile for each of the year’s four golf majors.

Stats, analysis and trends… all specially compiled to give you the heads-up and a headstart going into these marque golf events.

# BONUS No.2

This year is Ryder Cup year.

A fifth major tournament as Europe take on the USA at Gleneagles in September.

Remember the fightback by the Europeans at Medinah in 2012? When they came with a wet sail to win on the last day.

I’m throwing in full tournament coverage of this event as well. 100% free of charge.

Another opportunity to line your pockets with cash.

Does it get any better than that?

More tournament profits potentially laid at your feet. And enough free information to turn you into an instant golf betting encyclopaedia.

Now if you didn’t spot what I said above…

I’m only going to offer this MAJORS-ONLY PROFIT GENERATOR to a handful of people.

A total of 30.

And when you see the deal… you’ll realise these places will disappear FAST!

Act smart and get on this money-making gravy train

Remember, this service made £771.10 profit to just £10 stakes last year.

And it fired in winners at WON 22/1 and WON 40/1.

By the time the first tee-shot is struck at the Masters… and the clock is ticking… you’ll be sitting pretty, all-set to start winning.

But only if you grab one of these 30 LIMITED PLACES.

You’ll get expert betting advice at this Thursday’s US Masters…

Plus all the other major championships this year (including our very own Open Championship at Hoylake) and the Ryder Cup…

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Act smart and get on this money-making gravy train

Kind Regards,
Matthew Walton signature

P.S. Oh and before I forget…

This offer will be covered by a special 100% RISK-FREE, PEACE OF MIND GUARANTEE.

A GUARANTEE where if you’re not 100% SATISFIED at the start of the Masters, during the Masters, or at the end of the Masters…

Or at any other time during any other Major this year – the US Open, our very own Open Championship or the USPGA…

I personally guarantee I’ll refund in full, and without any questions, your MAJORS-ONLY PROFIT GENERATOR subscription.

Act smart and get on this money-making gravy train