Title: A betting lesson in patience

Date: December 5th 2013

In today’s Betting Wages email…

I want to explain why I’m so keen on NOT rushing in to any new betting venture.

It’s tempting I know.

Someone gives you the nod on a few bets, you see the winners and your eyes light up.

But I can tell you… that’s a big mistake.

I know from 20 years experience of seeking out top-notch betting experts that, believe me, anyone can fluke it over the short-term.

What counts is consistency over many, many months.

Take yesterday for example…

I sent an email to 12 trusted members of my Pro Backer service telling them the trial they’d kindly agreed to help me with was being wrapped up.

Just to give you the quick background…

Since July last year, I’ve been in touch on and off with a racing professional I’d come across on the net.

In late May this year he started to proof bets to me – basically showing me how profitable his bets were by sending them to me on email each morning before racing started.

His results became quite interesting, so on August 14th I sent an email out to every Pro Backer member saying I had 12 slots open for a free trial.

My plan… as I do every now and then… was for others to watch with me in real-time to see how the bets carried on performing.

What happened?

Over the last three and a half months, the results have been flat. In fact, they’re a tiny bit down.

And by doing my diligence…

Acting professionally…

And showing lots and lots of patience…

Well, I now know a lot more about this racing pro and the pattern of his bets over many months.

Personally, I will keep in contact with him, and continue to monitor his bets for much longer… just as I’m currently doing as part of my ongoing R&D with a couple of other experts who specialise in football (something I’ll talk about another time).

Anyway, my advice to you is…

NEVER jump in with both feet!

Make sure you see the proof with your own eyes, or trust someone like me knowing that all the behind-the-scenes legwork has already been done for you.

Kind Regards,
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