Title: This ‘good guy’ will turn your betting into a money-maker

Date: October 3rd 2013

I’ve just finished reading Pete’s latest monthly report…

And, as usual, he’s done another cracking job.

OK. Maybe I’m a bit biased because I’ve known him professionally for quite a while.

But the thing is…

He really is one of the good guys in the betting world.

So when he asked me if I’d be happy to tell you about the fantastic, long-running service he runs, I told him “no problem.”

Why wouldn’t I want to tell you about a genuine guy, offering you a genuine, professional way to turn your betting into a money-maker?

Now I’ll give you the special link in a second where you can find out more, and bag yourself a 10% discount that I’ve negotiated with Pete on your behalf.

First though, here’s a few more details to get you warmed up.

Pete Ling has been running The Secret Betting Club (SBC) for 8 years.

You might already have heard of SBC, and that wouldn’t surprise me, because its reputation is second to none.

As Pete describes it…

The Secret Betting Club is a 100% independent source for reporting, reviewing and monitoring the world of betting advice, whether through the use of tipsters, systems or strategies.”

I know it’s a well-worn phrase but membership to The Secret Betting Club really is a “one-stop-shop” if you’re looking to track down the best betting experts for making you money.

And it’s one helluva membership package you get…

SBC Magazines – Featuring independent reviews on all the latest and hottest tipsters, expert interviews, racing analysis and advice plus free betting systems and strategies for you to follow.

Tipster Profit Reports – Featuring the latest ratings and results on the 50+ best tipsters Pete has uncovered since 2006, including the ‘Hall of Fame’ recommendations, tipster league tables and insightful commentary.

Secret Betting System Guide – A powerful compendium of betting strategies and systems that really work and can make you money, including the much sought after 6 Football Value Systems with 5 years of proven profits. This whole guide is worth £200 but as an SBC member, it’s yours for FREE.

Plus the incredible value doesn’t stop there…

Access to the private forum, a copy of the Best Tipster Guide, The Professional Gambler Blueprint, entry to the SBC Discount Club and tons of other stuff.

Hang on…

Let me catch my breath.

Now if all that top quality information you get as a member of The Secret Betting Club isn’t enough…

Pete also gives you the added peace of mind of a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

And don’t forget…

You’ll be getting an even better deal than everyone else with the 10% discount I’ve negotiated – just make sure you enter the coupon code D638FA on the payment form.

I’ve only scratched the surface with this email introduction to SBC, so for all the juicy details, and to get signed up, just click here…

Secret Betting Club – Your guide to making money betting

Kind Regards,
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P.S. After you get signed up…

And you’ve seen how much of a boost membership to The Secret Betting Club can have on your wallet…

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on 01625 315654, to tell me what you think.



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