Title: Why I’m putting my neck on the line

Date: September 2nd 2015


It's a very bold headline statement I know…

And putting my neck on the line like this isn't something I do on a whim.

But as you'll see when you read this email, it's on the cards to happen within the next 3 months.

In fact tomorrow, I expect to move another step closer when I finally meet a guy whose unique speed ratings give him a significant edge over the bookies.

Before I tell you about him though…

And how his expertise (combined with another professional) could deliver you a new, extra source of income from racing…

The backstory to my future plans actually begins 20 years ago when I first started out in the betting industry.

Back in the early 1990's, I was involved with a business called The Winning Line which for well over a decade built up a legendary status as Britain's most feared racing operation.

Its success was built, not surprisingly, on solid betting performance.

A winning strike rate in the 35-40% range, average odds around 3/1, and approximately 25-30 bets per month, all provided the perfect winning recipe.

Sadly though, after years of poor health, the mastermind behind the syndicate died in 2007 and it soon withered away.

But ever since then, as you can imagine, I've constantly been trying to repeat the rock-solid results that made The Winning Line such a force to be reckoned with.

Enter the Pro Backer

Now in April 2011 a racing expert appeared on the scene with all the top-notch credentials and betting history to suggest I'd cracked it, and The Winning Line Mark II was about to flourish.

I launched a service with him in April 2011 called the Pro Backer and up to December of that year he hit an impressive 41.94% winning strike rate and recorded a profit of £4,122 based on £200 level stakes.

The next year - 2012 - was also successful…

A 41.41% winning strike rate and £8,626 in the black.

And in 2013, 2014 and so far this year, although the winning strike rate on his bets has softened a bit, he's still produced profits.

Now you heard that right…

The Pro Backer service is still going to this day, although the doors have been shut to new members for quite a while now.

Why haven't I been allowing anyone in?

Well, from the reaction of those who've tried the bets during the last 4 years, and subsequently dropped out of the service, a common theme has emerged…

"There aren't enough bets. It's boring!"

And this is where it differs dramatically from the days of The Winning Line.

The strike rate and profit figures bear out that the Pro Backer is a solid information source, but with 485 advised bets spread over the last 53 months, the average number of monthly bets is just 9.

Now personally…

I can wait all day long for bets if I know that over the long-term a profit is pretty much guaranteed, but sadly, boredom seems to kick-in with the vast majority of regular punters on my private database.

To put it bluntly…

Many of them are too impatient.

And this is one of the main reasons why I don't actively recruit any new members for the Pro Backer.

In fact, it's got to the point where the current low member numbers make it just about economically viable to keep the service alive.

Now this is where it all gets very interesting

The Pro Backer's ultra-cautious betting principles are set in concrete, and despite me asking him many times about upping the number of bets he advises, he's not the type of professional to compromise on quality (and I wouldn't expect him to).

But this is where my speed ratings man (the guy I'm meeting for the first time tomorrow) comes into play…

And why, as you keep reading on, my bold statement of launching "the most successful racing advisory service in the last 20 years!" doesn't seem far-fetched.

Up to now, I've never mentioned the speed ratings professional to you even though he first got in touch with me earlier this year on May 6th.

And that's because I've spent time seeing for myself whether he could deliver winning information.

As you can imagine…

I get lots of experts knocking on my door saying they make their living from betting, and my reaction is always the same…

"Go on then, prove to me what you can do."

And it's been no different with him which is why I've privately been putting him through a "real-time 3 months proofing procedure" that officially ended recently.

So how did he get on?

Well, as you can see below, if I was awarding martial arts belts for betting, his would definitely be black!

Here's an EXACT summary of what's happened since he started proofing his bets to me from May 14th…

•  Very targeted bets - 58 bets over 3 and a half months, working out at a monthly average of just under 17 bets

•  Granite-like winning strike rate - 37.93% is more than respectable

•  An eye-popping ROI (Return On Investment) - 30.26% really is impressive

And most importantly…

•  His 58 bets have returned a profit of 23.15 points from an average stake of 1.31 points per bet

And if you turn points into good old spending cash…

It means £2,315 profit has rolled in betting at £100 per point.

In fact, he's been incredibly consistent…

•  Profit all the way so far - the 2nd half of May from the 14th, plus June, July and August have ALL been in profit.

So with winning performance figures like these, it's no wonder I've taken the next obvious step

He hasn't put a foot wrong in all my dealings with him so far, and although I'm on a very tight rein about what I can divulge at this stage… including his real name…

I can assure you his background checks out…

I've seen enough evidence to confirm that he does bet for a living…

And I know the backbone for his personal betting is the tireless work he devotes to the compilation of his customised speed ratings.

Even so…

I've been tracking down betting experts for the last 20 years, and I'm a big fan of being patient and diligent.

It's very easy to get sucked into getting starry eyed when you see a string of winners, but you have to make sure you don't get too carried away.

So that's why recently I came to a new arrangement with him.

Previously, he was proofing his bets to me for free for his first 3 months.

Up to mid-November though, he's now getting paid and tomorrow is the first time I'll have met him face-to-face.

Speed ratings maestro + Pro Backer = Lots of ££££'s

You can probably guess where this is heading.

As I said right at the beginning, my aim for years now has been to try and recreate the long-term betting performance of The Winning Line

  A winning strike rate in the 35-40% range

  Average odds around 3/1

  Approximately 25-30 bets per month

  Plenty of profit

And from all the evidence I've seen since May 1st from the results of BOTH the Pro Backer and my speed ratings maestro, it looks like I've finally found the answer.

Because by matching up both experts…

It's a perfect marriage of dedicated old-school form analysis from the Pro Backer, and more 21st century computer-driven ratings and systems approaches from my speed guy.

And their COMBINED RESULTS speak volumes
as you can see from this summary table…


So with a total profit of £4,814 since May at £100 per point, and an average winning strike rate of nearly 39% every month, you're probably thinking…

What's stopping me from going live right now, and offering you a trial of their bets?

Well, I know what the Pro Backer is capable of because I've seen him consistently win money for members for the last 4 years…

But I can't say the same for 'Mr Speed Ratings' who, as I've said, has only been proofing bets to me for the last 16 weeks.

So meeting up with him tomorrow…

And continuing to see his bets unfold in real-time over the next few weeks…

Will then tell me 100% whether my intended plan to launch "the most successful racing advisory service in the last 20 years!" really is on the cards.

I'm incredibly excited about the potential, and how you could financially benefit, and I'll send you another update next week to tell you how tomorrow's meeting panned out.

Kind Regards,
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Matthew Walton