Title: No bookie will admit this

Date: July 2nd 2014


I've held off sharing this with you because the World Cup has been in full swing over the last couple of weeks.

But with no matches today and tomorrow…

It gives me a chance to move right away from football, and instead explain why there's a serious betting opportunity… some might even see it as a "loophole"… in a totally different sport.

If I asked you to name the sport you should definitely be winning money from right now,
what would you say?

Tennis? Horse racing? Football? Cricket? Formula 1?

It's actually none of them.

No. I'm talking about a sport where it has been confirmed to me by an industry insider – more about him in a second - where bookies don't really know what they're doing.

I know that sounds like nonsense because most punters think bookies are always totally clued-up.

But from what my insider told me on June 10th when I finally met him in London…

There are a catalogue of reasons why bookies don't have a grip on this sport, meaning it's ripe for you to cash-in.

These 4 reasons surprised me


Because they take less money on this sport than say, racing or football, bookies devote wafer-thin resources, and in some cases, only employ just one odds compiler.

A complier working on his own will get stretched to breaking point trying to accurately price up all the different markets. It's an impossible task to do accurately, and this means mistakes get made which gives you the chance to step-in.


Because of this under-staffed, under-resourced situation, many bookies resort to copying each other because they're scared of making glaring mistakes.


They don't have a proper handle on player form. They tend to only focus on player scores and ignore the more important key stats.


For players who aren't well-known favourites, it can be a case of plucking odds out of thin air, and then seeing if they get clobbered when their odds are totally wrong.

So what's this wonderful sport
where bookies are so in the dark?

It might surprise you to know it's golf.

And how do I know it's such a weak area for bookies, and one where you can do some serious damage to them?

Because since April 25th I've been in contact with an insider who knows for certain that one of the weakest sports for bookies is golf.

And even more importantly for you…

He's going to show you for FREE, starting with the Scottish Open in Europe next week (and the John Deere Classic in the States) how you can exploit this to the maximum.

What I'll say about him today is this…

With extensive experience as the former lead golf trader for a very well-known online bookie, he lives and breathes golf betting.

And over the last 10 weeks, he's explained the bookies incompetence and how he consistently takes advantage by pinpointing value bets.

These are bets where bookies have cocked-up and their odds are plain wrong.

In fact, so far he's proofed 190 bets to me before tournaments have started covering outright bets, Top 20 markets and Round 1 3-Balls.

And how has he performed?

Well, to his own personal stakes, he's made £2,486.64.

As I've said, I met him in London on June 10th, and the reason for the meeting was to finalise a deal to set-up a new golf advisory service before The Open starts in a couple of weeks.

Obviously, he'll be the main man sharing his professional bets, and he's well up for proving how it's easily possible for you to make money copying his personal bets… and catch the bookies napping!

"Loopholes" are never around for very long, so before the bookies wake up to the fact they're getting caught out, I'd strongly recommend you don't hang around when I email you again early next week.

I'll be offering you a simple way to try out my insider's bets for FREE starting with the Scottish Open and John Deere Classic, and then moving on to The Open the following week.

Kind Regards,
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