Being known as a winning professional gambler with spare cash
on your hip is the ultimate betting ambition for ANY punter.

If you share the same dream, and you want to quickly transform your
financial future, exploit this opportunity and then you’ll be able to say…


“I make an easy £20,595
on-the-side from backing
just 9 bets a month.


And the icing on the cake is…

I only need a spare 15 minutes,
and all I have to do is simply
act like one of these…




… and COPY!”


EVEN BETTER… this zero stress shortcut comes with your very own 100%
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Hi budding pro gambler,

This weekend…

Why not take your partner out for a slap-up, gourmet meal at the fanciest restaurant in town?

As you keep peeling off £20 notes to pay for one of the best fillet steaks you’ve ever eaten, washed down with a vintage bottle of claret…

The waiter will be thinking, with a touch of jealousy…

“I wonder what this guy does for a living to be able to afford to dine like a king on a meal costing nearly £150?”

If he came right out and asked you, you’d quietly say…

“Yeah, I’m a builder” or “I’m a teacher” or “I’m a nurse” or “I work in an office.”

Whatever your regular job is, you’d be honest and tell him.

But what you wouldn’t just blurt out is the REAL REASON why you can be swanning around town, with cash bulging out of your wallet, whilst most people are stuck at home supping a cheap bottle of plonk from the supermarket.

You know. The reason you like to keep secret.

I’m talking about your new on-the-side status as a winning professional gambler.

You see, hand on heart, within the next few minutes…

“I GUARANTEE I can INSTANTLY turn you into a winning professional gambler and put you on the path to winning £20,595.”

If you don’t believe me, do yourself a huge favour and put the handbrake on your scepticism for just a minute.

With a mountain of proof staring you in the face right here, I’m deadly serious when I say I can INSTANTLY turn you into a winning professional gambler.

And what’s more, as you’ll see by the end of this eye-opening short story…


Now for you, there are a couple of
you’ll love about this opportunity


You’ll laugh at how little time and effort you need to start winning £20,595.

Put it this way…

With all the plates you’ve probably got spinning right now…

What with trying to make ends meet and family commitments…

Based on what I’ve actually seen since as far back as April 2011, you’ll be well chuffed you’re only going to need a spare 15 minutes.

And that’s not 15 minutes a day…

Or even a week.

More like 15 minutes… a MONTH!

And as I’ll show you when you keep reading on, the fully documented betting record proves you can personally quite easily bank £20,595.

So if you can spare a tiny fraction of your time over the next month, and you’re currently working as a builder…

Minutes from now you can also INSTANTLY become a winning professional gambler.

If you work in an office…

Minutes from now you can also INSTANTLY become a winning professional gambler.

If you’re a teacher…

Minutes from now you can also INSTANTLY become a winning professional gambler.

Or even if you’re a lion tamer (who knows!)…

Minutes from now you can also INSTANTLY become a winning professional gambler.

Your fast-track to becoming a winning professional gambler… and potentially
tucking away £20,595… also has


I’m giving you all the benefits of becoming a winning professional gambler, without any of the hard graft.

And you might even feel a teeny weeny bit guilty because it’s such a sit-back-and-relax shortcut for these 6 REASONS

line break

REASON #1 – You won’t need to spend the last 25 years paying your dues… like the expert you’re going to COPY.

REASON #2 – You won’t need to fine-tune your winning betting techniques… like the expert you’re going to COPY.

REASON #3 – You won’t need to burn the midnight oil 7 days a week studying tons of racing form… like the expert you’re going to COPY.

REASON #4 – You won’t need to understand the complicated maths of value betting… like the expert you’re going to COPY.

REASON #5 – You won’t need to develop a secret underground circle of confidantes and informants… like the expert you’re going to COPY.

REASON #6 – You won’t need any of the other experiences, tactics and mental nerve that goes into making a living from betting on horses… like the expert you’re going to COPY.

line break

In fact, all you have to do is just act like a photocopying machine…


For you to INSTANTLY become a winning professional gambler starting today, it’s such a doddle you won’t even need to break sweat.

Quite simply…

All you need to do is step into the expert shoes of a real-life professional gambler.

And then… just COPY him.

Now trust me…

The shrewdie I’m referring to has the betting game all sewn up.

I know for certain he’s made his living from betting on horses for the last 25 years, and I’ve personally known him for nearly two decades.

So he isn’t some fly-by-night chancer who plays at being a pro.

Morning, noon, night, Saturdays, Sundays, Bank Holidays… he’s on the betting coalface every single day.

Up at 6am. Bed at midnight.

His day is choc-a-bloc with hours and hours of form analysis, trawling through replays of past races, assessing breeding pedigrees and monitoring the betting markets like a hawk.

Whilst you’re at work, or out with friends or family on a Sunday, or on holiday, or just going about your normal day-to-day business…

This guy is sat in his nerve centre at home in the North of England, absorbed by a bank of computer monitors, with his fingers glued to the pulse of the racing world.

Mystery Pro

Mystery pro MUST keep a low profile at all times.

His name?

I’d love to be able to tell you but I’m sworn to secrecy.

You see, there’s a gagging clause in the confidential contract I have with him where I’m not allowed to reveal his real name.

If I did, it would blow his cover and ruin his special relationship with certain inside contacts if they found out he was supplying information directly to me.

But knowing his name doesn’t matter to you.

It’s the fact you can step into his shoes, and just COPY the same selective bets he strikes on horses primed to win.

And what’s more…

You can copy him for the next month without any obligation, risk or worry using something very special – your very own 100% RISK-FREE GUARANTEE TRIAL.

I’ll reveal more about your
in a moment. First though, let me
carry on with my story

I’ve been running a well organised, private advisory subscription service called the Pro Backer since April 2011. And the mystery man I’m talking about has been the professional supplying the bets.

Ever since then, he’s proven why he’s a genuine living, breathing, professional gambler, ONLY EVER betting to win money and not just for the sake of having a bet out of boredom, or for a bit of fun.

I’ve seen it with my own eyes…

And so have a clutch of ordinary punters recruited from my private database, who I’ve turned into winning professional gamblers after inviting them to become members of the Pro Backer.

Like Stephen from Yorkshire…

“When I started out I gave myself a notional betting bank of £1,250 and staked £50 per selection, increasing this stake by £10 for every £250 increase in my betting bank. I am pleased to say that my betting bank is now at £3,000 which means that I am currently staking £149 per selection. I haven’t decided yet where to draw the line if current trends continue, but £200 feels about right.”
Email received at 14:15 on September 24th 2013

Brian from Leeds…

“Another super result today, great stuff.”
Email received at 15:30 on September 12th 2013


“Great start to my Pro Backer membership with Forgotten Voice winning at 3/1. Better still I got the early price of 4/1. Highly delighted and look forward to more success in the future.”
Email received at 08:59 on August 4th 2013

Billy from Scotland…

“The main thing is to pass on my personal thanks to him and you for securing him. He is up there among the best that I have tried.”
Email received at 12:06 on June 28th 2013

Mark from Sussex…

“Matthew, another winner yesterday – this is very exciting! I am hugely impressed with your Pro Backer service. Many thanks.”
Email received at 08:10 on June 24th 2013

Julian from Norfolk…

“Recent selections have been gold. Really solid stuff. Thanks.”
Email received at 16:10 on September 12th 2013


“I’m in Austria skiing at the moment (actually paid for from pro backer profits)”
Email received at 16:44 on December 1st 2013

John from the Channel Islands…

“Just a quick note to say I am very happy with my subscription to the Pro Backer. You keep a record of his performance and the profits speak for themselves! I am totally committed to the Pro Backer and his highly selective, profitable source of bets – please, if possible, negotiate a permanent contract with him.”
Email received at 12:26 on November 19th 2012

Stuart from Glasgow…

“The service has been hugely beneficial to me personally. With my first child having been born a few weeks ago, this allowed me to buy items for the new arrival that would otherwise have been a struggle.”
Email received at 16:41 on December 1st 2012

And Roger from Hertfordshire…

“The results, as you say, speak for themselves and personally I have the confidence to bet more on Pro backer bets than any other tipster.”
Email received at 18:50 on November 23rd 2011

[NOTE: Data Protection rules prevent me from including the full names and email addresses of the
over-the-moon members featured above. Their original, unsolicited emails are held on file in my office.]

They were all offered the very same opportunity I’m giving you today, and they haven’t looked back since they took advantage.

Now I’d have thought…

You’ll probably be more than happy to give your present income, whether from your main job or pension, a massive shot in the arm to the tune of £20,595… all tax-free of course… by following EXACTLY what the Pro Backer tells you to do.

COPY him and you win. From all the evidence I’ve seen over the last 44 months, it really is that simple.

But don’t just take my word for it…

Or the positive feedback from my bunch of cash-rich members.

Even third party experts in the betting industry agree that signing up to the Pro Backer is pretty much a one-way ticket to a lot of extra cash on your hip.

For instance…

Having independently monitored the bets since October 2012, one of the industry’s leading authorities on tipsters – the Secret Betting Club (SBC) – ran a fine tooth comb over the service when they wrote a comprehensive review in October this year.

Here are just a couple of their observations…
And the overall conclusion of SBC, after their in-depth study of the service…

But the Secret Betting Club aren’t the only ones to sing the praises of the Pro Backer.

Dave Morris, a noted authority on betting software and staking systems, who runs a site called The Staking Machine (TSM), independently analysed every advised Pro Backer bet between June 2011 and August 2013.

And in his 15 page article, he clearly stated…

TSM ragout
Bear in mind…

Betting shop punters hand over to the bookies something like 10p for every £1 they stake.

And see what happens if you stick a pound in the bank these days. You’d be looking to get about 1p interest at the end of a year!

So the opportunity I’m offering you here is genuine, proven, and safe.

And not forgetting as well…

You’ll only need a spare 15 minutes a month.

This is how your new ‘15 minutes a month’ life as a winning professional gambler can pan out

Imagine it’s Sunday.

No work. No DIY. And definitely no housework.

The sun’s shining (well, watery sunshine) and you drive out to the country with your family to enjoy a pub lunch.

pb_ragoutWith a pint or glass of wine, you polish off a damn good roast beef.

On the way back home, you stop off at the park to kick a football around with the kids then put your feet up and read the papers when you get home.

A perfect Sunday?

Not quite. Wind the clock back and it could have been even better.

What if… at 12:16…

Before you set off for the pub, a text had come through to your mobile (and you’d also been sent an email) telling you about a horse expected to win later in the afternoon.

Quick as a flash… I’m talking literally seconds… you placed your bet.

As you left the pub later to toddle off home, you couldn’t resist taking a peek at your mobile to check the result.

What happened?

Another winner had rolled in. This time at 3.25 (9/4).

And having built your staking up to £200 a bet, you’d just pocketed £450 for all of what?

The time it took you to glance at your text, hop over to a bookmaker’s website then confirm your bet.

Say, 50 to 100 seconds tops…

On your day off…

To make an easy £450.

And your Brucie Bonus

Your Mrs didn’t even notice.

Now as a Pro Backer member, when you’re sent a text, your mobile phone quickly turns into your own personal cash machine


You see how easy this is for you…

How you’re being spoonfed the EXACT bets a 25-year, professional betting veteran is placing himself.

I even alert you on your text and email to which bookmakers (or exchanges) have chalked up the best odds on the bets being advised.

With Monetaire – a bet advised on November 29th – it was 3.5 (or 5/2) with Sportingbet (SPB)

So if you have a mobile that can access the internet, or if you’re sat in front of your computer when a bet comes through (as I’ve said, all bets are also sent to you by email as well)…

The fact I’m telling you which bookies/exchanges have the best odds means within, say, 100 seconds of you knowing about a bet, it can be placed and you can carry on with your normal day, with the absolute minimum of inconvenience.

9 bets a month, 100 seconds a bet… that works out at 15 minutes.

And 15 minutes a month to potentially bank £20,595 could well go down as the highest paid on-the-side income you’re ever going to get!

Now if you think the very best professional gamblers only bet very rarely… you’d be right

Throwing bets around like confetti leads you straight to one place… the poorhouse!

So it’s no surprise during your 100% RISK-FREE GUARANTEE TRIAL of the Pro Backer starting today, you should expect to hardly lift a finger.

In the history of the service from April 2011 up to December 1st (the last time I updated this page)…

Over 44 months…

The number of advised bets now stands at 384 bets with 95% being straight win singles.

This works out, on average, at 9 expertly targeted bets a month.

You see what I mean about NOT betting like a mug.

This is incredibly selective, no-nonsense, professional betting.

So you can now see why I reckon you only need a tiny amount of time – around 15 minutes I calculate – over the next month to see for yourself what it’s like to become a winning professional gambler.

The Pro Backer’s bets… the ones you’ll simply be copying… are as targeted as laser-guided missiles, but how many actually win?

Again, I’ll be upfront and tell you the proven figures.

149 winners have rolled in from 384 bets.

A winning strike rate of 38.8%.


Not every bet wins, but as you’ll probably already know, strike rate on its own is totally meaningless.

Hard-core professional betting…

The kind you’ll be getting during your 100% RISK-FREE GUARANTEE TRIAL

Where the bookies bite their nails worrying how much damage you’re steadily inflicting on them…

Well, it’s all about striking the right bets, at the right odds, frequently enough so you can be sat on a growing pile of extra, tax-free money.

And that brings me on to another point. How exactly does the Pro Backer come up with the bets you’ll be copying?

When the Pro Backer warms in on a potential money-making bet, he systematically works through his tried-and-tested, scientific checklist… as he’s always done over the last 25 years.

• He turns all the form upside down, inside and out and delves so deep it’s like he’s digging for gold (which is what he generally comes up with!)

• He opens his closely guarded contacts book, and speaks to as many behind-the-scenes insiders as he can muster.

• He sifts through tons of information, much of it not readily available to the betting public.

• He weighs up whether the odds are crucially in your favour and not the bookies (or other punters on the exchanges).

Betting when the value is in your favour is such a critical factor it really does separate the tiny percentage of winning professionals from have-a-go, losing punters.

• Then…

When nothing more can be done to check the form, check the well-being of the horse, check if connections have their own dough down…

And, as Bruce Forsyth would say…

Check the “price is right”

• Then, and only then, will the Pro Backer give me the green light to send you an email and text.

Although I’ll contact you daily by 12:15 to tell you if there’s a bet, on average, it will only be around 9 times a month that you’re actually aiming to scoop up extra cash.

Before I spill the beans on the details of your very own 100% RISK-FREE GUARANTEE TRIAL,
let me quickly recap

My promise to you is very simple.

“I GUARANTEE I can INSTANTLY turn you into a winning professional gambler by stepping into the expert shoes of a real-life, in-the-trenches professional gambler.”

And all the facts and evidence I’ve given you so far about the Pro Backer service prove I’m not messing around.

• ONLY 9 bets a month.

• Straightforward bets. 95% are win-only. The other 5% are each-way.

• All bets ALWAYS advised odds against.

• Average price 3.64 (just over 5/2).

38.8% winning strike rate.

Ask any expert who seriously knows about making money from betting, like Dave Morris who I mentioned earlier, and they’ll all tell you the same thing…

With these kind of rock-solid numbers, you personally can’t fail to make money.

So it’s no surprise I’ve already mentioned you only need a spare 15 minutes a month to potentially pocket £20,595.

The 15 minutes

Well, you already know how that has been worked out – 9 bets a month at 100 seconds a bet.

But where’s the proof you can
bank £20,595?

I want you to have absolutely no niggling doubts or hesitation about signing up to the Pro Backer today using your very own 100% RISK-FREE GUARANTEE TRIAL.

But I’m a firm believer in telling you everything… warts and all.

So I’ve included a full breakdown below of the performance of the service since it started back in late April 2011 up to December 1st this year.

Pro Backer Results

You can see it’s all there in black and white.

The bets, the winners and the monthly profits/losses.

The bottom line is…

384 bets.

149 winners.

38.8% winning strike rate.

And £20,595 profit from staking £200 on every laser-guided bet.

There IS a potential downside though,
and I wouldn’t be telling you the whole
truth if I didn’t WARN YOU NOW

I’ll admit, it’s not all plain sailing.

Many current Pro Backer members have to stay under-the-radar to avoid having their betting accounts closed.

• Using multiple bookies accounts (some in the names of other family members)…

• Spreading bets around…

• And placing bets on the exchanges.

These are all essential tactics to keep your winnings flowing and the bookies on the back foot.

And you can see why when I get emails like these…

Julian from Norfolk…

“I tend to spread around my bets of up to £40/50 stake which means I have to occasionally compromise on odds – so with ten accounts the max I can get on is 400-500. I did this following a knock back from a bookie last year when I was staking £100 with them. I don’t know if I’m being overly cautious on this though.”
Email received at 16:10 on September 12th 2013

Gareth from Wales…

“I remember you asking a few months ago if members were having difficulty placing bets with bookmakers, or only able to place limited stakes. I thought I’d just let you know Sportingbet and Boylesports have been a problem for me for a couple of months.”
Email received at 13:11 on May 17th 2013

David from East Anglia…

“Without naming names, 10 of my bookmakers have either withdrawn ‘Best Offer Guaranteed’, restricted stakes to a maximum or have simply closed my account. I now exclusively use the exchanges instead.”
Email received at 20:32 on December 13th 2012

And John from Surrey…

“If I asked for a £500 bet from Betfred, they would offer me a bet of 22p, yes just 22p! They said I could always phone but that is hardly what you want from an internet account. I closed the account and also had the same with Victor Chandler. Nowadays I spread things around.”
Email received at 11:45 on December 11th 2012

What these authentic comments
prove is this…

Jump on board today with the Pro Backer using your very own 100% RISK-FREE GUARANTEE TRIAL, and you’ll be on the receiving end of rock-solid, professional bets that are likely to bring you to the attention of bookies.

Now I would point out…

At the high profile meetings, the door’s potentially wide open for you to fill your boots.


Because tons of mug punters all fall into the very same trap of betting like maniacs, so there’s a surge of money shovelled in by the bookies.

This makes the betting markets really strong, and liquidity on the exchanges is sky-high.

The result?


You’re very unlikely to have problems getting your Pro Backer bets down.

And 2

Ultra-competitive racing amongst the best horses means odds are much bigger than normal.

When it comes to average, run-of-the-mill meetings though…

It’s a slightly different story.

So be smart about how you operate… and don’t be afraid to open extra accounts in the name of your auntie, brother or daughter so you don’t come under too much heat from one particular bookie.

Actually, I’m currently drafting a special ‘Anti-detection’ document I’ll email over to you at some point during your new membership.

It will give you the lowdown on how to bet smart and operate like a true professional.

Is there anything else I need
to come clean about?

Yes. There is.

I want to make sure you know all the answers to a few key questions I regularly get asked.

This means you’re then in a position to make a properly informed decision about whether you want to become a winning professional gambler and rake in £20,595 over the coming months.



Q. Obviously Matthew, I’d really love to be a winning professional gambler. But I don’t know you from Adam so how can I trust what you’re saying here is true?

I understand your concerns.

When it comes to investing money you’ve worked hard to earn, I’d also be very careful who I dealt with.

So let me give you a few basic facts for your peace of mind:

• I have a near 20-year history of successfully running professional advisory services.

• I’ve worked with some of the very biggest names in the betting industry and racing world like Lester Piggott, Patrick Veitch, Dave Nevison and Nick Mordin.

Secret Betting Club (SBC) – who I’ve already mentioned – are sent the Pro Backer bets in advance of racing, as are a number of other independent third parties.

• All of the member feedback on this site is genuine, and records of emails are held on file at my office.

• Unlike a lot of here-today-gone-tomorrow operators, I don’t hide behind an email address. You can ALWAYS call me directly at my office (01625 315654) or on my personal mobile (07752 768094).

• My word is my bond and that’s why I’m more than happy to offer you a 100% RISK-FREE GUARANTEE TRIAL. Trust me. I will give you a no-questions-asked FULL REFUND at any time within the first month of your new subscription.

Q. Why is the Pro Backer any different from other tipping services I’ve tried before?

You’ll know from your own experience, pretty much every single service you’ve ever joined has lost you money.

The difference with the Pro Backer?

I’m 100% certain you can win as much as £20,595 in the future, and probably even more depending on your stakes.

There’s no reason to disagree with this because, as you’ve already seen, the service has a fully documented history stretching all the way back to April 2011.

Also, and this is important…

The explosion of the internet in recent years has meant a lot of wannabe tipsters cropping up. From what I know, a lot of these guys don’t even put their own money down on the bets they’re advising. Unbelievable!

The Pro Backer will ONLY EVER advise bets to you that he’s backing himself with his own money. His personal bets are your ticket to £20,595.

Q. I’ve seen these black-out images of so-called pro gamblers before. Why can’t you just tell me who the Pro Backer really is?

If I told you his name, you’d instantly recognise him.

Yes. He is a well-known figure amongst racing experts.

But as I’ve already explained…

One of the reasons he’s prepared to run a winning advisory service with me is the assurance I’ve given him to protect his real identity.

To be perfectly frank…

There is a potential conflict of interest in him providing top quality, selective bets disguised under the name of the Pro Backer whilst he’s also involved in other areas of the betting industry. But it’s a risk he’s willing to accept.

Q. How can you keep recruiting new members when you say existing ones struggle to get their money down? Surely that’s impossible?

First up…

Don’t think for a minute there are hundreds of members. There aren’t.

The service is surprisingly very low-key. It has never been advertised in the press, and visitors to this site generally only come from my private database.

So there is scope for me to continue selectively inviting people like you to take advantage of this opportunity. That might not always be the case so my strong advice is to step in now whilst the door is still open.

Now I admit…

There can be the odd niggling issue when it comes to placing bets.

But by acting prudently, following the advice in the ‘Anti-detection’ document I’m working on, and having the gumption to behave like a professional, you can still enjoy the benefits of making a hefty side income.

Q. My own experience with tipping services is that the odds advised on the bets can disappear quickly?

My email and text systems are set-up so that when a bet is advised, the betting markets are scanned and you’re informed of the current best odds, and whether it’s available with a bookmaker or on Betfair.

If you’re in pole position when a bet comes through, there is a good chance you’ll be able to match the best odds. And that almost turns into a certainty at big meetings where the markets are strong.

But whilst laziness never made anyone a fortune, it’s not the end of the world with this service.

If you want to put in zero effort, and are not bothered about maximising your winnings, you can just settle all your Pro Backer bets at Betfair Starting Prices (BSP). All you have to do is place them any time before the off.

And according to my recorded figures, the profit on all bets settled at BSP from April 2011 to December 1st is still a very respectable £14,640.


Q. The £20,595 made since April 2011 is based on staking £200 on every bet. Is it still worth me giving this a go if I can’t stretch to that?

It’s important to me that you join the Pro Backer with your eyes wide open, knowing exactly where you stand.

And you can’t expect to become a winning professional gambler without being serious from the start.

So if money is tight, and you can’t really afford to put a tenner on your first bet, never mind £200, I’d politely suggest this isn’t for you.

The blunt truth is…

You’re not going to achieve the rewards of winning £20,595 by winging it.

OK. So your first few bets might all win. That could easily happen. And you could have a free ride straight away courtesy of the bookies, without needing to dip your hand in your pocket other than for your first bet. This has certainly happened to other members before.

But equally…

The first bet after you join could lose. And so could the one after that.

And the last thing I want is you saying adios because you’re panicking you haven’t got any stake money for the next bet (which is bound to be a winner!)

So when it comes to money, there are three things to bear in mind.

1) You’ll need your first month’s subscription. Obviously, you can pop this on your credit card.

2) Pro Backer bets aren’t advised with specific stakes. You’re free to choose your own staking level.

But I do recommend having some kind of betting cushion early on whilst you build up confidence… and your winnings! This means setting aside an amount of money within your own comfort zone.

3) Ideally, you should stake in relation to the size of your betting cushion (or betting bank as it’s commonly known). I recommend 5% for each bet, although I do know members who feel this is too conservative based on the proven results.

When you sign up, I’ll give you as much help as possible when it comes to staking and risk management.


I’ve used this phrase a few times already so let me spell out the details.

The way I see it…

You’re taking the background and top-notch credentials of the pro himself…

The £20,595 PROFIT

And all the other proof I’ve given you so far on trust.

Well, I want to reward your trust by giving you a GUARANTEE where you can relax knowing nothing can go wrong.

In fact, this guarantee is so in your favour, it’s as rare as rocking horse doo dah in the betting advisory industry!

In a nutshell…

You can INSTANTLY step into the shoes of the Pro Backer and get on the very next bet he’ll be lumping on himself… the same bet he’ll also be advising you and other profit-hungry members of the Pro Backer advisory service.

This bet might well be today, and so you can start your new on-the-side career as a winning professional gambler, you’ll be able to use your very own 100% RISK-FREE GUARANTEE TRIAL.

This is like being given a set of stabilisers, where you know, with 100% CERTAINTY, you can give the Pro Backer service a go, starting today, for the monthly fee of £117+VAT (£140.40)…

And if you’re not 100% SATISFIED at any point within the first month of your subscription…

I personally GUARANTEE I’ll refund it in FULL and WITHOUT ANY QUESTIONS.

So if you’re not happy with the laser-guided style of betting…

No problem.

You can have your subscription back.

If you’re not happy with how much easy money you’re dragging in…

No problem.

You can have your subscription back.

If you’re not totally convinced you’ve gone from amateur punter to winning professional gambler

No problem.

You can have your subscription back.

It all boils down to this

Within the first month of your subscription, you can contact me by email or phone and ask for a refund, and you don’t even need to give me a reason why you’re quitting.

Your 100% RISK-FREE GUARANTEE TRIAL is TOTALLY rock-solid so you can sign up to the Pro Backer today with MAXIMUM CONFIDENCE.


And get this…

You could even win, say, £1,200 during your first month’s subscription, and still decide to walk away…

And I’d STILL give you back your subscription.

But from the real-life evidence I’ve seen since April 2011, steadily taking money off bookies is one of the most addictive drugs around…

And I’m certain when you get a taste for it, you’ll be desperate to stay on board way beyond your first month.


The longer you simply COPY the Pro Backer, selectively backing horses primed to win, the more likely you are to crank up your winnings to as much as £20,595… and maybe a lot more.

As I’ve said, winning this much extra, tax-free money for ONLY 15 minutes of your spare time each month is like a cash drug!

So even though I’m confident you’re savvy enough to still be involved way beyond your month’s trial…

I still believe in giving you TOTAL CONTROL of your subscription.

Forcing you to sign up to a long-term membership just isn’t fair in my book so, as I’ve said, you can test-drive the Pro Backer service for the next month… just like you would a brand new car.

At the end of your month’s trial, if you like what you see, and you finally feel like you’re operating… and winning… like a proper, winning professional gambler, your monthly £117+VAT (£140.40) subscription will just keep rolling on.

And with it operating month-to-month, you’re always in charge of your subscription all the way along.

So go on. Let your scepticism melt away and prove to yourself that I can INSTANTLY turn you into a winning professional gambler starting today.

You could easily pick up more spare cash this week, and over the next month, than working for a living.

And don’t forget…

You can even try your new, on-the-side career as a winning professional gambler using your very own 100% RISK-FREE GUARANTEE TRIAL.

So you can see how this not-to-be-missed opportunity fits in nicely with your regular job and lifestyle for a FULL MONTH starting today…

And you’ll be under no obligation, risk or worry.

Don’t hang around. You’ve got three easy options to choose from to get your 100% RISK-FREE GUARANTEE TRIAL started right now.

• Use your Credit / Debit card by clicking on this button…

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• Or if you prefer, just call my office now on 01625 315654 or catch me on my personal mobile – 07752 768094.

Kind Regards,

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