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Do you make money from betting?

Or let me put it another way…

Do you actually make money from placing your own bets?

If you do…

And you can prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt…

There could be a serious opportunity for you to become part of my team of winning professionals.

Whether you win at horse racing or sports betting… or even make money from the financial markets… it doesn’t matter. I’d be interested to hear from you.


I’m ONLY interested in potentially partnering up if you’re the real-deal and not some fly-by-night chancer.

If you’ve had a recent lucky run on the horses…

Or you think you might be pretty good at picking football winners…

Thanks but no thanks.

I’m ONLY on the lookout for top-class, professional operators who have the patience to prove to me they can cut the mustard.

If you think you’ve got what it takes after reading my 7 Point “Seal of Approval” Checklist

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“I am very impressed by your diligence in proofing and seeking reliable sources of information for your members.”


“Yes, I can completely understand your reservations and I am glad you have the attention to detail which we also pride ourselves upon.”


“You have to be sure we can supply what you need (your integrity is refreshing).”

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