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Title: Join this Priority List before bet #50

Date: August 25th 2015


It's been 3 weeks since I last sent an email out about my Scottish football expert…

And judging by the constant stream of enquiries…

Including yet another one yesterday morning from Golf Insider member Robin

There's a big appetite to know how "the Scotsman" is getting on, and when I'll be ready to blow the whistle to invite you to set-up a trial subscription of his bets.

Now looking back at my August 3rd email…

I said he'd got off to a winning start after the first weekend of his "real-time proofing procedure". His first 4 bets produced 2 winners and a profit of 3.45 points.

Well, following another 5 winners from 6 bets over the weekend just gone (that's some tipping!)…

His early season form is confirming all the positive signs I've seen since first coming across him in April, and why I took the trouble to go and visit him in Glasgow on July 1st.

As you can see, he hasn't put a foot wrong…

•  21 bets - all straightforward home or away wins
•  11 winners
•  52.38% winning strike rate

And most importantly…

•  21.09 points profit to an average stake of 2 points

[At £50 per point that works out at over a grand up in just 3 weeks]

You can't argue that's a very impressive start, but is it enough for me to launch a new advisory service with "the Scotsman" right now?

Not quite.

I told him at the start that I'd need to see around 50 bets before I could offer him a deal, and based on the average number of weekly bets so far, that figure is looking like it will be reached towards the end of September.

But before then…

Why do you need to email me TODAY to be added to a Priority Notification List?

Well, as you can imagine, you're not the only person on my private database who has been sent this email. It's gone to thousands of others.

Present members of my current advisory services, plus past members and enquirers from the last few years, have all been told what's going on.

But as we tick towards this 50 bet mark, and I start to reveal more specific details about this opportunity within the next few weeks, there's no point in me keep sending thousands of emails out and telling too many people.

That might sound strange because my business is surely about selling profitable information?

Well, it is but in my very first email about "the Scotsman" I did give an early indication about what was going to happen.

I said…

"This guy’s information is only likely to be offered to a select few on an invitation-only basis."

And I went on…

"The reason for this, as I know from my experience over the last year running another football advisory service focused on South American bets, is that when you’re involved in leagues where the odds can move sharpish when too many members are privy to targeted, price-sensitive bets, I simply can’t open the floodgates to my whole private database."

Now if all "the Scotsman's" bets were in the SPL (Scottish Premier League) I'd probably have more scope to allow more members on board.

But that's not the case.

The 21 bets I've seen up to now are in different leagues as you can see…

9 bets
5 bets
League 1
2 bets
League 2
2 bets
Scottish Cup
1 bet

So the upshot is…

When I make the final decision to go live with a brand new, Scottish only advisory service (exact name to be confirmed)…

Which is very likely to be in around 3 to 4 weeks…

I'm going to be very careful about how many initial trial members I let in whilst I closely monitor what happens to the odds after bets are advised.

Professional betting, as you know, is all about striking bets at value prices and I want to make sure that every member who comes in on this is able to get on at the best possible odds.

So this email is the last general public broadcast I'll make.

From now on, all further information about this opportunity will only be made available to a controlled group of interested parties who have opted-in.

So if you can see the potential of winning yourself a tidy pile of extra money from shrewdly betting on Scottish football…

And you want to know all the precise details I'll be releasing before the end of September…

All you need to do right now is just REPLY to this email and hit send.

That's it. There's no need to type anything in the body of the email like your name or address because I'll know who you are from your email address.

Kind Regards,
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Matthew Walton