Betting Wages – “The Scotsman” off to a winning start



Title: “The Scotsman” off to a winning start

Date: August 3rd 2015


I haven't issued an email update since July 3rd…

But with the new football season now up and running north of the border, and you already being a member of one of my other advisory services…

I want to tell you the latest news about "the Scotsman".

Firstly, let me just recap what's happened so far.

Our paths first crossed in late April, and since then I've gone back and forth with lots of emails, spoken to him many times on the phone, seen his past betting records, and I met him face-to-face for the first time in Glasgow on July 1st.

The upshot of that meeting was…

I was impressed with his staggering knowledge of Scottish football, which is no surprise really because it's his specific area of expertise. He lives and breathes it!

But he pointed out a "potential conflict of interest" should his betting know-how and skills be snapped up by a bookmaker or trading syndicate. His new employer 'might' insist he couldn't do any extracurricular activities like sharing his personal bets with you and me.

To put you in the picture…

At the end of last season he was involved with an Asian-based private investment operation.

And prior to that role, his glittering footballing CV included stints with IG Index and other fixed odds bookies.

Fast forward to now and the good news is…

He's confirmed to me that although he has started some part-time work on the SPL (Scottish Premier League) for a major bookmaking firm, it was, in his own words – "highly unlikely to affect us."

Now when he says "us" it means you and me, and if all goes according to plan over the next few weeks, I'll be able to start telling you about his bets soon.

You see…

There's a final piece of the jigsaw that needs to drop into place for me to give him a ringing endorsement.

Whilst this guy's background all looks spot on, the season was drawing to an end when I first got in touch with him in April, so he hasn't yet proved to me he can definitely cut the mustard.

He hasn't gone through the usual "real-time proofing procedure" I always insist on before I'm prepared to say to you, hand on heart, that I have a tried-and-tested new source of information I firmly believe can win your extra cash.

So that's why last Friday at 10:32am he sent me his bets for the weekend.

They were…

  • SPL - Kilmarnock to beat Dundee - 3 points win @ 2.63
  • SPL - Motherwell to beat Inverness - 1 point win @ 5
  • SPL - St Johnstone to beat Hearts - 1 point win @ 3.6
  • Scottish League Cup - Dunfermline to beat Cowdenbeath - 3 points win @ 2.15
  • From these 4 bets, Dunfermline and Motherwell were both winners, meaning a profit of 3.45 points was chalked up.

    And he'll carry on privately telling me his bets, in advance of matches being played, until I'm happy he's passed this final part of my due diligence.

    So it's going to be an ongoing story with this guy over the next few weeks, and I'll make sure you're involved every step of the way.

    Kind Regards,
    Matthew Walton signature
    Matthew Walton

    P.S. Now that's not the end of my football news this week.

    On Friday, look out for another email with the subject line 'Will my Maltese hot-shot buckle under pressure?'

    I'll be introducing you for the very first time to another new contact of mine - my "Maltese connection" - and as I'll explain…

    Having been very impressed so far, I've parted with my own cash to ratchet up the pressure on him so I can see how he reacts during his "extended real-time proofing procedure" starting from this weekend.