Betting Wages – Update on Scottish football expert



Title: Update on Scottish football expert

Date: July 3rd 2015


I sent you a quick email update early doors on Wednesday…

And if you read it, you'll know I jumped on a train to Glasgow to meet up with a new contact who specialises in Scottish football.

Having swapped plenty of emails with him since April, spoken on the phone a few times, and seen his betting track record, Wednesday was the first time I'd actually met him face-to-face.

How did it go?

Well, if you want to go into the new season in August with a professional by your side in the battle to empty the bookies pockets, this guy ticks a hell of a lot of boxes… and importantly, he's completely focused on his area of expertise - Scottish football.

[It wouldn't be fair to reveal his name at this stage.]

In fact, I'd be very confident…

Having now seen the whites of his eyes…

That 'if' I launched a SCOTTISH ONLY advisory service with him, and you were on board, we'd both be in very safe hands.

I say 'if' because…

There could be a slight fly-in-the-ointment on the horizon in terms of a "potential conflict of interest" where he wouldn't be able to share all his bets.

You see…

This guy is no mug!

Only recently he was involved with an Asian-based private investment syndicate.

And prior to that role, his glittering footballing CV includes stints with IG Index and other fixed odds bookies.

So he's on the radar for others to snap up his betting know-how and expertise.

If he were to be poached for a full-time role, say, with a leading spread betting firm, his new employer 'might' insist that he can't do any extracurricular activities - like sharing bets with you and me.

Anyway, I said I'd update you with how my meeting went and that's all I can tell you at this stage.

I'll know more as July moves along so I'll be in touch again over the next few weeks.

Enjoy your weekend.

Kind Regards,
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